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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 R95 Alberta Family Histories Society Apperly-Ball tree 
2 R46 Alliston Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
3 R26 Ball-Hedman family tree 
4 R1 Apperly-Ball tree 
5 R3 Archives of Ontario Apperly-Ball tree 
6 R6 Archives of Ontario Ball-Hedman family tree 
7 R56 Arran (Whitebeech) Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
8 R68 BC Local News Apperly-Ball tree 
9 R69 Bridgwater Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
10 R78 Bridgwater Mercury Apperly-Ball tree 
11 R4 British Columbia Archives Apperly-Ball tree 
12 R19 British Columbia Archives Ball-Hedman family tree 
13 R24 Brooks Bulletin Online Ball-Hedman family tree 
14 R8 Buena Vista County Recorder / Registrar Apperly-Ball tree 
15 R61 Campbell River Mirror Apperly-Ball tree 
16 R20 Apperly-Ball tree 
17 R15 Cass County Auditor-Treasurer Apperly-Ball tree 
18 R22 Cheshire BMD Apperly-Ball tree 
19 R96 City of Regina Apperly-Ball tree 
20 R18 CityArk Ball-Hedman family tree 
21 R12 Clay County Recorder Apperly-Ball tree 
22 R43 Cookstown Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
23 R14 Crow Wing County Treasurer Apperly-Ball tree 
24 R77 DL-Online Apperly-Ball tree 
25 R93 Family Announcements Apperly-Ball tree 
26 R9 FamilySearch Ball-Hedman family tree 
27 R72 FamilySearch Apperly-Ball tree 
28 R74 Find A Grave Apperly-Ball tree 
29 R11 Findmypast Apperly-Ball tree 
30 R10 Findmypast Ball-Hedman family tree 
31 R94 Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
32 R100 Apperly-Ball tree 
33 R36 Genealogical Society of Finland Ball-Hedman family tree 
34 R80 GenealogyBank Apperly-Ball tree 
35 R29 GenealogyBank Ball-Hedman family tree 
36 R2 General Register Office Ball-Hedman family tree 
37 R5 General Register Office Apperly-Ball tree 
38 R23 Genesee County Clerk Apperly-Ball tree 
39 R33 Gerald Apperly Apperly-Ball tree 
40 R101 Gone but not Forgotten Apperly-Ball tree 
41 R28 Google News Ball-Hedman family tree 
42 R71 Google News Apperly-Ball tree 
43 R38 GOV.UK Ball-Hedman family tree 
44 R28 IBID Apperly-Ball tree 
45 R25 Illinois State Archives Apperly-Ball tree 
46 R67 Apperly-Ball tree 
47 R39 Internet Archive Ball-Hedman family tree 
48 R34 Kent Archaeological Society Ball-Hedman family tree 
49 R11 Kent On Line Parish Clerks Ball-Hedman family tree 
50 R39 Kipling Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
51 R25 Ball-Hedman family tree 
52 R63 Apperly-Ball tree 
53 R21 Legion Magazine Apperly-Ball tree 
54 R16 Library and Archives Canada Ball-Hedman family tree 
55 R2 Library and Archives Canada Apperly-Ball tree 
56 R53 Magnolia Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
57 R37 Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency Ball-Hedman family tree 
58 R9 Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency Apperly-Ball tree 
59 R49 Meadow Lake Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
60 R51 Melfort Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
61 R97 Minnesota Historical Society Apperly-Ball tree 
62 R12 Minnesota Historical Society Ball-Hedman family tree 
63 R65 Minnesota Official Marriage System Apperly-Ball tree 
64 R23 Minnesota Official Marriage System Ball-Hedman family tree 
65 R89 MyHeritage Apperly-Ball tree 
66 R60 New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs Apperly-Ball tree 
67 R91 NewsBank Apperly-Ball tree 
68 R15 Ball-Hedman family tree 
69 R24 Apperly-Ball tree 
70 R14 NewspaperARCHIVE Ball-Hedman family tree 
71 R79 NewspaperARCHIVE Apperly-Ball tree 
72 R87 Apperly-Ball tree 
73 R32 Ball-Hedman family tree 
74 R54 Ninette Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
75 R45 Norquay Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
76 R58 North Dakota Public Death Index Apperly-Ball tree 
77 R64 NovaNewsNow Apperly-Ball tree 
78 R50 Nut Mountain Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
79 R88 Old Fulton NY Post Cards Apperly-Ball tree 
80 R31 Our Roots Apperly-Ball tree 
81 R86 Apperly-Ball tree 
82 R52 Owatonna Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
83 R82 Peel's Prairie Provinces Apperly-Ball tree 
84 R41 Pilot Mound Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
85 R48 Prongua Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
86 R31 ProQuest Ball-Hedman family tree 
87 R81 ProQuest Apperly-Ball tree 
88 R38 Regina Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
89 R36 Regina Public Library Apperly-Ball tree 
90 R62 Apperly-Ball tree 
91 R32 Restigouche Net Apperly-Ball tree 
92 R35 Rootsweb Ball-Hedman family tree 
93 R18 RootsWeb Apperly-Ball tree 
94 R44 San Diego Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
95 R57 Saskatchewan Archives Apperly-Ball tree 
96 R66 Saskatchewan Legislative Library Apperly-Ball tree 
97 R3 Saskatchewan Vital Statistics Ball-Hedman family tree 
98 R7 Saskatchewan Vital Statistics Apperly-Ball tree 
99 R30 Saskatoon Public Library Apperly-Ball tree 
100 R22 Saskatoon Public Library Ball-Hedman family tree 
101 R17 Apperly-Ball tree 
102 R27 ScotlandsPeople Apperly-Ball tree 
103 R29 South Dakota Department of Health Apperly-Ball tree 
104 R55 Spencer Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
105 R13 Spencer Public Library Apperly-Ball tree 
106 R102 Sussex OPC Apperly-Ball tree 
107 R40 Swan River (Birchwood) Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
108 R73 Thunder Bay Public Library Apperly-Ball tree 
109 R7 Thunder Bay Public Library Ball-Hedman family tree 
110 R85 Toledo-Lucas County Public Library Apperly-Ball tree 
111 R30 Toronto Star Archives Ball-Hedman family tree 
112 R19 Toronto Star Archives Apperly-Ball tree 
113 R92 Apperly-Ball tree 
114 R84 UK National Archives Apperly-Ball tree 
115 R83 University of Manitoba digital collections Apperly-Ball tree 
116 R90 Apperly-Ball tree 
117 R42 Wapella Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
118 R37 Whitewood Cemetery Apperly-Ball tree 
119 R35 Wisconsin Historical Society Apperly-Ball tree 
120 R59 World Vital Records Apperly-Ball tree 
121 R76 Your Life Moments Apperly-Ball tree 

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