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Matches 1 to 4378 of 4,378 for Tree equals Apperly-Ball family

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F3530
 Dudfield, Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
2 F3565
 Farmer, Emma   Apperly-Ball family 
3 F3616
 Apperley, Beatrice Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
4 F1666
 White, Beulah   Apperly-Ball family 
5 F5987
 Williams, Emily   Apperly-Ball family 
6 F6133
 Niblett, Gladys Violet   Apperly-Ball family 
7 F3799
 Bolton, Rosina Minnie   Apperly-Ball family 
8 F2778
 Apperley, Edna Muriel   Apperly-Ball family 
9 F6073
 Phelps, Wilhelmina Alice   Apperly-Ball family 
10 F4447
 Arkley, Matilda Lillian   Apperly-Ball family 
11 F4488
 Shufflebottom, Martha Kathleen   Apperly-Ball family 
12 F4544
 Saunders, Sarah Ann   Apperly-Ball family 
13 F4980
 Delcour, Mary Adele   Apperly-Ball family 
14 F5055
 Mundy, Ann   Apperly-Ball family 
15 F5087
 Yates, Sallie   Apperly-Ball family 
16 F5017
 Valle, Ella S   Apperly-Ball family 
17 F5002
 Bienvenue, Eudosia   Apperly-Ball family 
18 F1192
 Apperley, Gladys   Apperly-Ball family 
19 F5109
 Trigg, Adelade   Apperly-Ball family 
20 F5113
 Trigg, Lizzy Maria   Apperly-Ball family 
21 F5122
 Trigg, Charlotte   Apperly-Ball family 
22 F5338
 Brigance, Margaret   Apperly-Ball family 
23 F5339
 Grace Lee   Apperly-Ball family 
24 F5362
 Villmere, Mary Stella   Apperly-Ball family 
25 F5368
 Beulah   Apperly-Ball family 
26 F5395
 Missey, Bertha   Apperly-Ball family 
27 F542
 Ball, Jane   Apperly-Ball family 
28 F5425
 Cain, Lula   Apperly-Ball family 
29 F2014
 Weedon, Eliza   Apperly-Ball family 
30 F5709
 Sansoucie, Isabelle Elisabeth   Apperly-Ball family 
31 F5401
 Sansoucie, Isabelle Elisabeth   Apperly-Ball family 
32 F5711
 Sansoucie, Emma   Apperly-Ball family 
33 F5715
 Davis, Altha   Apperly-Ball family 
34 F5767
 Lachance, Esther Mae   Apperly-Ball family 
35 F5812
 Matkin, Lolita   Apperly-Ball family 
36 F807
 Gardner, Jenny Agnes   Apperly-Ball family 
37 F633
 Gardner, Mary Anne   Apperly-Ball family 
38 F2088
 Kelso, Bridget Agnes   Apperly-Ball family 
39 F2872
 Gardner, Ethel Annie May   Apperly-Ball family 
40 F1217
 Barnett, Martha   Apperly-Ball family 
41 F1767
 Barnett, Ann   Apperly-Ball family 
42 F3145
 Barnett, Sarah   Apperly-Ball family 
43 F1835
 Belhumeur, Mary-Ann   Apperly-Ball family 
44 F3741
 Griffin, Harriet Anna   Apperly-Ball family 
45 F1665
 Peachey, Ethel Georgina   Apperly-Ball family 
46 F1584
 Peachey, Rose Annie   Apperly-Ball family 
47 F501
 Windmill, Hannah   Apperly-Ball family 
48 F2156
 Abbey, Beatrice Ida   Apperly-Ball family 
49 F3767
 Cooper, Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
50 F3122
 Tranter, Susannah   Apperly-Ball family 
51 F2293
 Tranter, Susannah   Apperly-Ball family 
52 F2499
 Pantol, Charlotte   Apperly-Ball family 
53 F2501
 Willoughby, Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
54 F3636
 Haines, Valerie Easson   Apperly-Ball family 
55 F3389
 Apperley, Anne   Apperly-Ball family 
56 F3388
 Apperley, Elizabeth   Apperly-Ball family 
57 F467
 Preston, Catherine   Apperly-Ball family 
58 F3651
 Apperley, Eudora Margaret   Apperly-Ball family 
59 F3410
 Phillips, Rebecca   Apperly-Ball family 
60 F3404
 Allen, Hannah   Apperly-Ball family 
61 F3406
 Apperley, Esther   Apperly-Ball family 
62 F3500
 Apperley, Eliza Catherine   Apperly-Ball family 
63 F3411
 Apperley, Jane   Apperly-Ball family 
64 F3412
 Apperley, Esther Jane   Apperly-Ball family 
65 F3143
 Ellis, Clara   Apperly-Ball family 
66 F5624
Shook Coleman, Maud   Apperly-Ball family 
67 F2100
Abbey, Ira Ross Devine, Mary Agnes 8 Mar 1919 Barre, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
68 F4508
Abbey, John Reed, Sarah 27 May 1871 West Hyde, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
69 F1506
Ackerman, Cyril Arthur Griffin, Ursula Marjorie 13 Apr 1940 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
70 F1560
Adam, William Theodore Bennett, Mary Ann 24 Dec 1906 Foley, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
71 F680
Adams, Charles White, Mary Bessie   Apperly-Ball family 
72 F2593
Adams, James Howard Hill, Amy Katherine 12 Feb 1972 Stark, Ohio, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
73 F4656
Adams, Oliver Prosser, Sarah Ann 18 Apr 1891 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
74 F326
Adolph, Frederick Philp Apperley, Eudora Margaret 17 Jun 1946 Calgary, Alberta, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
75 F1926
Agnew, Ewen Howard McCullough, Margaret Helen 22 Jan 1927 Walkerville, Essex, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
76 F2645
Ahles, Donald Matthew DalCollo, Amelia 14 Feb 1942 Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
77 F2638
Ahles, Frank M Kelso, Lucille 1919  Apperly-Ball family 
78 F3486
Aldridge, Thomas Apperley, Emily Louisa 18 May 1929 Whitminster, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
79 F3751
Aldridge, William Henry Hatton, Amy Louise 23 Aug 1897 Croydon, Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
80 F1289
Alexander, Robert William Skinner, Florence Augusta 1899 New Zealand  Apperly-Ball family 
81 F2082
Allan Rachel   Apperly-Ball family 
82 F4227
Allaway, Gwylfa James Bolter, Bronwen Hilary 1954 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
83 F2358
Allen, George Ernest Hatton, Alice Blanch 24 May 1876 Reigate, Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
84 F6190
Allen, Percy Reginald Apperley, Martha 2 Apr 1927 Llanover, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
85 F2091
Alley, Samuel Hammitt, Anna R   Apperly-Ball family 
86 F5336
Allison, John A    Apperly-Ball family 
87 F5335
Allison, John A Poe, Alta Sarah   Apperly-Ball family 
88 F6242
Anderson Bates, Leta   Apperly-Ball family 
89 F3038
Anderson, Frederick Neelands, Amelia Irene   Apperly-Ball family 
90 F4337
Anderson, Gustave Ernest Jackson, Annie 1898 New Zealand  Apperly-Ball family 
91 F5287
Anderson, Percy Meesey, Estelle   Apperly-Ball family 
92 F320
Anderson, Stanley David Apperley, Evelyn May 30 Aug 1940 Calgary, Alberta, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
93 F3658
Andison, John Vernon McCullough, Mary 12 Oct 1921 Essex, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
94 F2919
Andrew, William Carbutt Rowlands, Annie Maria 22 Oct 1923 Mold, Flintshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
95 F5046
Andrews, John Henry Sheppard, Jane 29 Dec 1884 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
96 F502
Andrews, William Ball, Mary 1 Feb 1838 Glastonbury, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
97 F5004
Ankershiel, Evan Valentine Helen 1 Jun 1931  Apperly-Ball family 
98 F5003
Ankershiel, Samuel Grenon, Daisy 19 Jan 1898 Randolph, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
99 F4434
Ansell, Thomas Gardner, Sarah 1 Aug 1853 Hackney, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
100 F2795
Antal Cummings, June Elinor   Apperly-Ball family 
101 F4552
Apperley, Adolphus George Gough, Gwenllian 21 Apr 1924 Cadoxton juxta Barry, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
102 F3569
Apperley, Adolphus William Kerslake, Emma 26 Dec 1896 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
103 F18
Apperley, Adrian H Westhaver, Edith Blanche 12 May 1904 Whitewood, Assiniboia, Northwest Territories, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
104 F3419
Apperley, Albert Cole, Rose Anne 15 Aug 1882 Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
105 F516
Apperley, Aldwin Margaret  Calgary, Alberta, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
106 F318
Apperley, Aldwin McKay, Annie May 29 Jun 1912 Calgary, Alberta, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
107 F3514
Apperley, Alfred William Thomas, Margaret Elizabeth 6 May 1895 Dowlais, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
108 F35
Apperley, Alva Edgar, Agnes Elizabeth 11 Nov 1929 Avonlea, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
109 F1834
Apperley, Arthur McKay Nash, Daphne   Apperly-Ball family 
110 F167
Apperley, Arthur McNeil Ewing, Elizabeth 24 May 1882 Shelburne, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
111 F170
Apperley, Arthur McNeil Smith, Emily Terresa 3 Apr 1896 Alliston, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
112 F38
Apperley, Arthur Samuel Everett, Rita Kathleen 27 Jul 1935  Apperly-Ball family 
113 F53
Apperley, Bert Apperley, Gladys Elizabeth Earline 7 Apr 1943 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
114 F319
Apperley, Beverly Vincent Bremner, Geraldine Barbara Joyce   Apperly-Ball family 
115 F517
Apperley, Cecil Ewing Johnson, Patricia Gwendolyn 8 Mar 1946 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
116 F3489
Apperley, Charles Sands, Emma Catharine 26 Feb 1883 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
117 F4486
Apperley, Charles Harry Harris, Margaret Ellen 5 Jun 1911 Trevethin, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
118 F3423
Apperley, Charles Henry Ellis, Clara 26 Nov 1900 Longney, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
119 F3330
Apperley, Cornelius William Smith, Sarah Jane 1898 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
120 F6130
Apperley, Donald Valance Tricker, Betty 1942 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
121 F347
Apperley, Edward Ernest Nicol, Georgina Adams 25 Jun 1927 Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
122 F323
Apperley, Edward William Harper, Muriel Agnes   Apperly-Ball family 
123 F4597
Apperley, Ernest John Edward Vines, Edna M 1931 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
124 F3492
Apperley, Ernest Reginald Pegler, Selina Annie 1 May 1917 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
125 F2
Apperley, Eugene Francis Clark, Mary Ellen   Apperly-Ball family 
126 F7
Apperley, Eugene Francis Tomlinson, Mary Ellen 4 Mar 1896 Alexander, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
127 F166
Apperley, Francis Hatton Bowerman, Mary Elizabeth 28 Mar 1877 Alliston, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
128 F15
Apperley, Francis James Tweedy, Agnes 13 Jul 1903 Calgary, Alberta, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
129 F3487
Apperley, Francis John Brazington, Hilda Agnes 1932 Wheatenhurst, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
130 F317
Apperley, Francis Muir MacMillan, Flora 24 Dec 1939 Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
131 F324
Apperley, Francis Muir Blair, Marguerite Constance Bef 1957  Apperly-Ball family 
132 F6215
Apperley, Frederick Charles Lavender, Maud 1924 Dudley, Worcestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
133 F4409
Apperley, Frederick George Gregory, Hilda Mary 1920 Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
134 F198
Apperley, Frederick George Nutter, Eldora Catherine 4 Jun 1921 Faribault, Minnesota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
135 F24
Apperley, Frederick Hatton Burns, Roberta Florence 22 Oct 1937 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
136 F4335
Apperley, Frederick John Simon, Evelina Edith 20 Oct 1914 New Zealand  Apperly-Ball family 
137 F3307
Apperley, George Colwell, Hannah 16 Apr 1818 Aston Ingham, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
138 F3309
Apperley, George Harper, Patience 5 Jul 1856 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
139 F3338
Apperley, George Phelps, Anne Jemima 30 Jun 1861 Aston Ingham, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
140 F3416
Apperley, George Browning, Delilah 27 Feb 1870 Standish, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
141 F3519
Apperley, George Scriven, Christina 21 Nov 1891 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
142 F3346
Apperley, George Burdis, Margaret Ann 29 Aug 1899 Gateshead, Durham, England  Apperly-Ball family 
143 F4241
Apperley, George Jones, Clara G 1921 Knighton, Radnorshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
144 F4229
Apperley, George Alfred Lloyd, Edith 21 Jan 1920 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
145 F3465
Apperley, George Burdis Richardson, Doris 1926 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England  Apperly-Ball family 
146 F3340
Apperley, George Hiram Blakemore, Kate 30 Sep 1885 Gorsley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
147 F4375
Apperley, Gilbert Walter Maule, Elsie 1919 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
148 F222
Apperley, Gordon Clarkson Deitz, Margaret Louise   Apperly-Ball family 
149 F22
Apperley, Gordon Freeman Krause, Clara Caroline 15 Oct 1935 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
150 F172
Apperley, Gordon Sneath Snider, Elizabeth Margaret 16 Aug 1924 Elia, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
151 F3467
Apperley, Harold Hiram Hyett, Margaret 19 Jul 1915 Huntley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
152 F3515
Apperley, Harold Hiram Cresswell, Alice 14 Oct 1919 Griffithstown, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
153 F3399
Apperley, Henry Phillips, Rebecca 20 Dec 1847 Longney, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
154 F3431
Apperley, Henry Charles James, Elizabeth Emma 1897 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
155 F3345
Apperley, Henry Hiram Smith, Annie 13 Oct 1901 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England  Apperly-Ball family 
156 F6187
Apperley, Henry Hiram Hunt, Gladys 1939 Romford, Essex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
157 F3482
Apperley, Herbert Orlando Henry Martin, Mary Annie 28 Mar 1895 Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
158 F3508
Apperley, Herbert Roy Burford, Nora 1941 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
159 F3394
Apperley, Hollis William Shipway, Lilian Rose 9 Aug 1923 Amberley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
160 F3488
Apperley, Hollis William Boucher, Lillian Catherine Esther 1933 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
161 F3299
Apperley, James Hill, Eliza 21 Nov 1833 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
162 F3326
Apperley, James Innes, Rebecca 22 Sep 1850 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
163 F3763
Apperley, James Playsted, Harriett 27 Dec 1869 Littledean, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
164 F3517
Apperley, James Watkins, Mary 1875 Weobley, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
165 F3381
Apperley, James Mason, Mary Jane 22 Oct 1883 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
166 F3341
Apperley, James Kedward, Susannah Elizabeth 1891 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
167 F171
Apperley, James Harry Peace, Edith Gladys 18 Jun 1919 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
168 F4376
Apperley, John Annie   Apperly-Ball family 
169 F3339
Apperley, John Phillips, Elizabeth 7 Nov 1849 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
170 F3414
Apperley, John Little, Harriet 3 May 1863 Upton St. Leonards, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
171 F3518
Apperley, John Spencer, Emma Elizabeth 1888 Crickhowell, Breconshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
172 F126
Apperley, John Clark Mooney, Elizabeth 29 Nov 1865 Simcoe, Canada West  Apperly-Ball family 
173 F3491
Apperley, John Edward Rogers, Mabel 10 Jul 1910 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
174 F6131
Apperley, John Ira James Rogers, Elizabeth 1917 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
175 F366
Apperley, John McNeil Winegarden, Marguerite Kathleen 12 Feb 1930 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
176 F305
Apperley, John McNeil Law, Anna Marie Abt 1942 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
177 F16
Apperley, John William Arthur Rousay, Jennie 22 Dec 1897 Whitewood, Assiniboia, Northwest Territories, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
178 F17
Apperley, John William Arthur Steele, Martha Jane 1902  Apperly-Ball family 
179 F3336
Apperley, Jonathan Preddith, Mary 22 Feb 1726 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
180 F3315
Apperley, Jonathan Holder, Ann 28 Nov 1766 Pauntley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
181 F3322
Apperley, Jonathan Lissiman, Elizabeth 21 Oct 1800 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
182 F3325
Apperley, Joseph Davis, Amey 20 Dec 1814 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
183 F3313
Apperley, Joseph Brookes, Elizabeth 25 Nov 1824 Aston Ingham, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
184 F3316
Apperley, Joseph Beard, Susanna 14 Oct 1849 Dymock, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
185 F3328
Apperley, Joseph Williams, Eliza 5 Nov 1854 Upton Bishop, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
186 F3516
Apperley, Joseph Townsend, Eliza 1877 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
187 F3334
Apperley, Joseph Apperley, Elizabeth Georgina 5 Nov 1877 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
188 F3522
Apperley, Joseph Goode, Sarah Elizabeth 1904 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
189 F3396
Apperley, Joseph Pyart, Fanny 8 Jun 1908 Aston Ingham, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
190 F3391
Apperley, Joseph Clark, Elizabeth Martha 1909 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
191 F3335
Apperley, Joseph Dennis Mills, Zoe Annie Wilhelmina 7 Sep 1904 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
192 F4334
Apperley, Leonard Percival Burdan, Anne Mavis 1928 New Zealand  Apperly-Ball family 
193 F3344
Apperley, Leonard Percival Foley, Doris Margaret 1940  Apperly-Ball family 
194 F3415
Apperley, Lewis Buckle, Edith Amy 6 Feb 1899 Moreton Valence, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
195 F773
Apperley, Lorne William Frank Brooks, Doris Noreen   Apperly-Ball family 
196 F3485
Apperley, Orlando Henry Hudd, Lucy Frances 4 Jun 1921 Framilode, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
197 F3298
Apperley, Paul Morgan, Ann 29 Dec 1791 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
198 F345
Apperley, Paul Bernard Menzies, Mary Elizabeth Oct 1948 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
199 F4600
Apperley, Percy Francis Gilbey, Elsie May 26 Dec 1934 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
200 F6132
Apperley, Reginald Reynolds, Dorothy May 1932 Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
201 F3472
Apperley, Reginald Norman Allen, Edith Millicent May 18 Jun 1923 Gorsley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
202 F3333
Apperley, Richard Jane   Apperly-Ball family 
203 F3310
Apperley, Richard Harper, Patience 1 Apr 1830 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
204 F4550
Apperley, Richard John Jones, Eliza 1874 Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
205 F4551
Apperley, Richard John Williams, Ann 1881 Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
206 F184
Apperley, Rudolph Miller Rever, Rose Margaret 27 Oct 1947  Apperly-Ball family 
207 F3402
Apperley, Samuel Little, Caroline 15 Nov 1858 Longney, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
208 F33
Apperley, Stephen Edward Tomlinson Rackham, Ruby 31 Jul 1943 Guildford, Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
209 F10
Apperley, Thomas Hatton, Hannah   Apperly-Ball family 
210 F3314
Apperley, Thomas Cooper, Elizabeth 16 Apr 1801 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
211 F3398
Apperley, Thomas Summers, Anne 14 Nov 1819 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
212 F8
Apperley, Thomas White, Sarah 4 Nov 1868 Simcoe, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
213 F3570
Apperley, Thomas Thomas, Lucy 28 Feb 1904 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
214 F5851
Apperley, Thomas Brain, Doris Alexandra Victoria 1930 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
215 F3521
Apperley, Thomas Albert Townsend Powell, Lucy 1909 Leominster, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
216 F187
Apperley, Thomas James Poitras, Olive Marie   Apperly-Ball family 
217 F41
Apperley, Thomas Raymond Holm, Helga Emilia 25 Nov 1927 Pelly, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
218 F3417
Apperley, Tom Taylor, Ada Maria 9 Aug 1884 Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
219 F57
Apperley, Vernon Godfrey Pady, Ina Emeline 22 Jul 1919 Zehner, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
220 F3091
Apperley, William Davis, Anne   Apperly-Ball family 
221 F3337
Apperley, William Robinson, Hester 19 Feb 1772 Dymock, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
222 F3312
Apperley, William Child, Anne 24 Dec 1820 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
223 F3401
Apperley, William Allen, Hannah 11 Aug 1850 Longney, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
224 F3383
Apperley, William Porter, Elizabeth 25 Dec 1850 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
225 F3386
Apperley, William Wood, Charlotte 21 Oct 1852 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
226 F165
Apperley, William White, Rebecca 30 Jan 1872 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
227 F34
Apperley, William Flanagan, Ann Catherine 20 Dec 1876 Nottawasaga, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
228 F3716
Apperley, William Albert Rule, Honor 1886 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
229 F3732
Apperley, William Albert Henry Hargreaves, Eunice Theresa 22 Dec 1912 Caerphilly, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
230 F169
Apperley, William Alfred Cooper, Annie Matilda 20 Sep 1911 Innisfil, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
231 F4602
Apperley, William Bert Bagwell, Ella Gwendoline 16 Apr 1938 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
232 F5862
Apperley, William Edward Wilkins, Hilda 1947 Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
233 F73
Apperley, William Edway Freedy, Morna Pearl 16 Jul 1913 Mariapolis, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
234 F4231
Apperley, William Ernest Bufton, Alice Jane 30 Apr 1924 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
235 F5850
Apperley, William John Crowther, Elsie Madeline 11 Apr 1936 Whaddon, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
236 F3382
Apperley, William Joseph Clinton, Dorothy Sarah 27 Jun 1923 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
237 F3614
Apperley, William Joseph Howells, Gladys M 1944 Ross, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
238 F6214
Apperley, William Martin Hinds, Elizabeth 2 Feb 1920 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
239 F5937
Apperly, Joseph Dennis Gerald Blake, Mabel Florence 1931 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
240 F5938
Apperly, Norman Jack Guest, Amy Maud K H 1937 LLanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
241 F1
Apperly, Victor Clark Ball, Frances Elizabeth 17 Oct 1947 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
242 F2943
Appleby, Henry Edward Hall, Dorothy Kimble 1926 West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
243 F5517
Archambo, Eli Mecey, Ida 20 Apr 1904 Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
244 F3140
Archibald, William White, Hanorah Margaret Philomina   Apperly-Ball family 
245 F49
Armstrong, Andrew John Apperley, Irene Vera 12 Dec 1935 Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
246 F2762
Armstrong, Gordon Joseph Earl    Apperly-Ball family 
247 F1441
Ash, George Apperley, Lottie Marie Aft 1985  Apperly-Ball family 
248 F5809
Asher, Irving Laplante, Laura 19 Jun 1934 Paris, France  Apperly-Ball family 
249 F1516
Ashill, Wyndham Frederick Cook, Annie 25 Dec 1903 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
250 F1971
Astles, Charles Potter, Margaret Grace 29 Jun 1920 London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
251 F54
Astrope, William Thomas Apperley, Dorothy Helen 22 Dec 1944  Apperly-Ball family 
252 F6146
Atkins, William Arthur Reed, Florence Beatrice 1923 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
253 F4318
Atkinson White, Hanorah Margaret Philomina   Apperly-Ball family 
254 F3854
Attewell, William James, Edna Victoria   Apperly-Ball family 
255 F6220
Attryde, Charles R Darby, Cecilia 1934 Hammersmith, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
256 F6128
Attwood, James Byard, Catherine Mary 4 Dec 1920 Pontnewynydd, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
257 F5658
Aubuchon, Harry Coleman, Mary Alma 27 May 1950 Tiff, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
258 F5659
Aubuchon, Howard Joseph Coleman, Corine Marie 26 Oct 1941 Tiff, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
259 F4914
Auguste, Jacob Bourk, Marie Ann 20 Feb 1844 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
260 F4565
Austin, Duane Brown, Edith 5 May 1948 Angola, Steuben, Indiana, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
261 F4582
Avery, Horace R Bell, Betty Jane   Apperly-Ball family 
262 F2977
Axtell, Ernest Arthur Weller, Marie Constance 1947 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
263 F1047
Ayers, William Hoehn, Gertrude Jun 1968  Apperly-Ball family 
264 F4458
Ayres, Albert Edward Owen, Vera Muriel 1932 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
265 F4459
Ayres, Brian Albert Simmonds, Hilary 1955 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
266 F4456
Ayres, Edward Rickett, Alice 1911 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
267 F3227
Ayres, George Neville, Alice 1895 Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
268 F3229
Ayres, George Crane, Beatrice Minnie 21 Apr 1923 Plaistow, Essex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
269 F3100
Ayres, Henry Alexander, Dorothy May 1922 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
270 F1402
Ayres, Joseph Gardner, Angelina 3 Jun 1883 Stepney, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
271 F3933
Ayres, Maurice Gilbert Woods, Audrey Eleanor 1952 Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
272 F3934
Ayres, Maurice Gilbert Mapperson, Marion Marguerite 1995 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
273 F3226
Ayres, Richard Gardner, Jane 1862 Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
274 F4462
Ayres, William Streeter, Vera Gertrude 1936 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
275 F1127
Babcock, Timothy Clark, Nettie 11 May 1881 Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
276 F4312
Baber, Austin Henry Benjamin Jenner, Doris 28 Feb 1922 Awre, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
277 F4309
Baber, Francis Harvey, Agnes Mary 5 May 1886 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
278 F4325
Baber, Frank Cecil Harvey Christine C   Apperly-Ball family 
279 F4313
Baber, Frederick Lionel Jenner, Margery Lilian 28 Feb 1922 Awre, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
280 F2119
Bacigalupo, George Louis Abbey, Caroline Anne 9 May 1970 Barre, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
281 F4710
Bacon, Frank H Apperley, Amy Isabel 1913 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
282 F4924
Badeau, David L Reed, Eleonora 2 Nov 1887 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
283 F4910
Badeau, Henri Lachapelle, Melanie Virginie 11 Jan 1844 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
284 F4923
Badeau, Henri Cyr, Mary St. 19 Mar 1862 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
285 F4689
Badham, Edgar Lawrence Dudfield, Betty Louisa 6 Feb 1931 Bromsberrow, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
286 F3533
Badham, George Dudfield, Emily 1 Jun 1903 Dymock, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
287 F5915
Badham, George Richard Balchin, Lilian 1932 Petersfield, Hampshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
288 F3534
Badham, Richard    Apperly-Ball family 
289 F5920
Badham, Walter John Harris, Edith J 1940 Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
290 F5917
Badham, Wilfred Henry Winchester, Minnie B 1938 Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
291 F3531
Badham, William Frederick Dudfield, Esther 23 Jan 1892 Dymock, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
292 F5474
Baebler, Walter Meesey, Stella   Apperly-Ball family 
293 F5473
Bahr, William F Meesey, Eleanor   Apperly-Ball family 
294 F1531
Bailey, James Tomlinson, Leah Abt 1858  Apperly-Ball family 
295 F1609
Bailey, John Edward Kingston, Maggie 7 Nov 1886 Watford, Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
296 F1618
Bailey, Samuel Platt, Anna Hattie   Apperly-Ball family 
297 F3610
Baker, Albert George Ridley, Harriet 25 Jun 1888 Attercliffe, Yorkshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
298 F3611
Baker, Alfred Alan Cooper, Beatrice Eveline 1909 Thanet, Kent, England  Apperly-Ball family 
299 F5886
Baker, Douglas Allen Head, Gwendoline Olive 1935 Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
300 F56
Baker, Frederick Apperley, Gladys 22 Jul 1908 Whitewood, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
301 F1629
Baker, Garth Lindsay, Helen   Apperly-Ball family 
302 F3609
Baker, George William Apperley, Martha 21 Jul 1864 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
303 F1503
Baker, Henry John Robert Griffin, Lily 22 Jul 1906 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
304 F4239
Baker, Leo Thomas Apperley, Ethel May 6 Aug 1919 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
305 F4740
Baker, William Ralph Elizabeth   Apperly-Ball family 
306 F3473
Baldaro, John Leonard Apperley, Augusta 1896 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
307 F3474
Baldaro, John Leonard Biggs, Alexandra Frances May 1919 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
308 F6158
Baldwin, Alfred George Bolton, Mabel Alice 1909 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
309 F4326
Baldwin, Ivor H Baber, Jean G 1944 Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
310 F4466
Baldwin, Jonah Swain, Emma Maria 1895 Hendon, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
311 F3112
Baldwin, Leslie Charles Smart, Gladys Irene 11 Mar 1933 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
312 F4384
Baldwin, William McKenzie, Florence Winifred 1937 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
313 F523
Ball, Albert Harry Billinger, Elizabeth 1913 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
314 F2853
Ball, Albert Harry Darby, Hilda M 1939 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
315 F1362
Ball, Alfred Gillingham, Gladys May 1927 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
316 F3078
Ball, Bertie Grist Rice, Amy Mary 1933 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
317 F526
Ball, Charles Edmund Barrett, Winifred Alice 1920 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
318 F6032
Ball, Claude Coles, Evelyn 1933 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
319 F3069
Ball, Clement George Giblett, Catherine 24 Dec 1918 Marylebone, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
320 F1279
Ball, Clifford Henry Storey, Lena 16 Apr 1908 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
321 F1460
Ball, Colin Frank Joseph Smith, June Grace 1958 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
322 F4278
Ball, Cyril Hutchinson, Dorothy Deborah 7 Apr 1931 Los Angeles, California, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
323 F2859
Ball, Egbert Rudolph Alfonso Gibbs, Lilian May 1931 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
324 F1280
Ball, Egbert William Hewitt Fouracre, Elsie Gibson 1 Nov 1908 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
325 F543
Ball, Frank Edwards, Sarah 22 May 1860 Street, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
326 F1349
Ball, Frank Chamberlain, Lily 1901 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
327 F3
Ball, Frank Gardner, Emily 27 Mar 1916 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
328 F4279
Ball, Frank Chamberlain Johnson, Ruth Bernice 20 Jul 1932 Los Angeles, California, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
329 F4280
Ball, Frank Chamberlain Mueller, Alma Evelyn 29 Jun 1946 Chesterfield, St. Louis, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
330 F544
Ball, Frederick Fowles, Henrietta 24 Dec 1868 Street, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
331 F4276
Ball, Frederick Charles Masters, Doris Margaret 1928 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
332 F614
Ball, George Edwards Smart, Leah 1884 Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
333 F2851
Ball, Harold Rainey, Rosina 1920 Croydon, Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
334 F1913
Ball, Harold Victor Carter, Olive Kate 1932 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
335 F82
Ball, Harry Brecht, Stella   Apperly-Ball family 
336 F545
Ball, Harry Hooper, Harriet 1873 Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
337 F97
Ball, Harry Westlake, Ethel Theresa 3 Mar 1913 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
338 F81
Ball, Harry Mycock, Velma 26 Jun 1940 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
339 F1411
Ball, Harry Clifford Barrow, Mary Irene 26 Oct 1929 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
340 F1409
Ball, Hector Joseph Willshire, Dorothy Bessie 14 Jul 1928 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
341 F76
Ball, James Ball, Elizabeth 15 Oct 1864 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
342 F137
Ball, James Blake, Martha Lily 29 May 1887 Bedminster, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
343 F84
Ball, James Nelson, Dorothy Helen 10 Jun 1942 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
344 F755
Ball, Jesse Grist, Jane Laretta 1897 Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
345 F412
Ball, John Tutton, Elizabeth 10 Aug 1807 Glastonbury, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
346 F6102
Ball, John Broughton, Agnes 1924 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
347 F5044
Ball, Joseph Sarah   Apperly-Ball family 
348 F1211
Ball, Joseph Packer, Jane 3 Sep 1788 Catcott, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
349 F500
Ball, Joseph Perry, Mary 8 May 1811 Glastonbury, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
350 F411
Ball, Joseph Marsh, Sarah 14 Aug 1816 Glastonbury, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
351 F413
Ball, Joseph Ball, Martha 23 Nov 1844 Street, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
352 F1209
Ball, Joseph Court, Sarah 5 Nov 1845 Glastonbury, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
353 F414
Ball, Joseph Reed, Ellen 5 Jun 1876 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
354 F95
Ball, Joseph Albert Trapnell, Eliza Elizabeth 22 Nov 1902 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
355 F790
Ball, Joseph George Parker, Elizabeth Jane 28 Jan 1904 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
356 F4347
Ball, Leonard George Trunks, Enid Irene 1940 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
357 F6031
Ball, Reginald Frank Seaward, Florence May 1930 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
358 F789
Ball, Stephen Webb, Eva 26 Dec 1902 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
359 F2860
Ball, Stephen Joseph Clifford Chilcott, Fanny Dorothy 1931 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
360 F613
Ball, Thomas Griffin, Mary Ann 2 Jun 1887 Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
361 F6103
Ball, Thomas Bartlett, Myrtle Eileen 1931 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
362 F2861
Ball, Victor Egbird Lott, Olive Beatrice Lexie 1934 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
363 F547
Ball, William Louisa   Apperly-Ball family 
364 F495
Ball, William Down, Ann 7 Jun 1836 Glastonbury, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
365 F364
Ball, William Windmill, Jane 3 Sep 1839 Glastonbury, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
366 F753
Ball, William Burridge, Jane 1894 Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
367 F3121
Ball, William James Roman, Lilian 1919 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
368 F5325
Ballard, James McManus, Sarah 27 Nov 1881 Crawford, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
369 F5105
Ballinger, John Hatton, Hester 5 May 1801 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
370 F5392
Baltzell, Daniel L Missey, Mary Elizabeth   Apperly-Ball family 
371 F4934
Bambrick, Patrick Labadie, Mary Louisa   Apperly-Ball family 
372 F841
Bannerman, Donald Samuel Jewison, Laura Elva 25 Oct 1893 Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
373 F1731
Bannerman, Harold Ira Hugh McCaig, Kathleen 28 Sep 1929 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
374 F3020
Bannerman, Melville Donald Weir, Ruth Isabel 7 Oct 1934 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
375 F3107
Barber, Bertram Charles Membery, Madge Louise 1930 Bath, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
376 F2738
Barber, Henry Samuel Watkins, Fanny   Apperly-Ball family 
377 F1551
Barkley, Jack Davidson, Marjory Lavina 2 Nov 1914 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
378 F3538
Barlow, James Dean, Lucy 1927 Leek, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
379 F2339
Barnes, Edward Hatton, Sarah 24 Jul 1786 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
380 F2438
Barnes, John Henry Tetley, Dorothy Lucy Victoria 15 Dec 1956 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  Apperly-Ball family 
381 F2439
Barnes, John Henry Stevens, Beverley 11 Apr 1972 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  Apperly-Ball family 
382 F2432
Barnes, Lindsay Strover Eggers, Deirdre Margaret  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  Apperly-Ball family 
383 F2431
Barnes, Lindsay Strover Gordon, Stephanie Ruth 19 Jun 1948 Somerville, Victoria, Australia  Apperly-Ball family 
384 F2422
Barnes, Thomas H Hatton, Mary Anne 1884 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  Apperly-Ball family 
385 F2426
Barnes, Walter Henry Strover, Violet Elaine 8 Dec 1923 North Carlton, Victoria, Australia  Apperly-Ball family 
386 F4796
Barnes, William W Devine, Eleanor Irene   Apperly-Ball family 
387 F102
Barnett, Abraham Rees, Elizabeth 10 Jul 1848 Malpas, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
388 F1009
Barnett, Abraham Wilshaw, Hannah 4 Aug 1872 Tunstall, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
389 F3120
Barnett, Ernest Frank Drew, Rose 1924 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
390 F3737
Barnett, George Elizabeth   Apperly-Ball family 
391 F1003
Barnett, George Twiss, Martha 8 Jan 1852 Malpas, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
392 F1119
Barnett, George Pye, Mary 23 Sep 1872 Acton, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
393 F1013
Barnett, Hugh Williamson, Martha 2 Mar 1851 Liverpool, Lancashire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
394 F1011
Barnett, Hugh Kettle, Ellen 28 Dec 1870 Acton, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
395 F1008
Barnett, John Bennett, Elizabeth 31 Dec 1872 Acton, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
396 F1122
Barnett, John Richard Allen, Lucinda 1881 Droitwich, Worcestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
397 F2020
Barnett, John Richard Munn, Alice 1910 Worcester, Worcestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
398 F1004
Barnett, Levi Twiss Davies, Annie 1889 Tushingham, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
399 F1124
Barnett, Robert Mercer, Florence 24 Dec 1877 Chester, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
400 F2022
Barnett, Robert Richard Westall, Effie 1909 Plymouth, Devon, England  Apperly-Ball family 
401 F1016
Barnett, Thomas Bennett, Anne 26 Jun 1844 Acton, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
402 F1120
Barnett, Thomas Jones, Elizabeth 1880 Nantwich, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
403 F497
Barnett, William Dykes, Elizabeth 8 May 1809 Acton, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
404 F1123
Barnett, William Edward Walton, Rose A   Apperly-Ball family 
405 F6184
Barngrover, Preston Morgan Harrington, Winifred Emily 30 May 1931 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
406 F4117
Barnwell, Gabriel Henry Johnson, Dorothy   Apperly-Ball family 
407 F44
Barrow, Edward Apperley, Esther Mary 8 Nov 1939 Swan River, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
408 F4645
Bartlett, Eugene Ray Wallington, Mildred May 6 Jul 1940 Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
409 F5515
Bartlow, Robert A Myracle, Beatrice Marie 7 Oct 1937 Perryville, Perry, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
410 F4465
Barton, James Walter Waterman, Esther Lilian 1932 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
411 F129
Barwise, Jesse Harold Clarkson, Leila Irene 18 Dec 1940 Didsbury, Alberta, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
412 F4663
Base, Alfred Pockett, Martha Rebecca 18 Apr 1895 Longney, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
413 F4864
Batek, Aloiysius Arthur Beauchamp, Callie Mae   Apperly-Ball family 
414 F4865
Batek, Jerome Allyn Sandidge, Dorothy Mae   Apperly-Ball family 
415 F6118
Bateman, Alfred Joseph Goscombe, Dorothy K   Apperly-Ball family 
416 F6119
Bateman, Gilbert Charles Goscombe, Annie Elizabeth 10 Jul 1937 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
417 F6236
Bates, Austin Conoway, Bessie 12 Sep 1909 Dry Creek, Crawford, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
418 F6237
Bates, Ernest Aaron Hall, Iva Etta 5 Mar 1913 Ironton, Iron, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
419 F6254
Bates, Ewell Landon Logan, Emma Anna   Apperly-Ball family 
420 F6255
Bates, Ewell Landon Bates, Raymonda 10 Mar 1973 Ironton, Iron, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
421 F5155
Bates, Granville Preston Waggenor, Donie 27 Apr 1909 Mineral Point, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
422 F6239
Bates, Harland Cisemore Jinkerson, Emma Lee 1901  Apperly-Ball family 
423 F6238
Bates, Leslie Lushion Dunlap, Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
424 F6241
Bates, Leslie Lushion Hall, Mable   Apperly-Ball family 
425 F6240
Bates, Oscar McKeethen, Myrtle 11 May 1902 Crawford, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
426 F6248
Bates, Theodore Lyman Barnes, Nellie Daisy 22 Nov 1924 Pilot Knob, Iron, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
427 F5154
Bates, William C Missé, Martha 30 Jun 1872 Crawford, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
428 F5432
Bauer, John Missey, Mary Ethel 8 Aug 1923 Clayton, St. Louis, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
429 F4787
Baugh, Wallace Henry Underwood, Leona 14 Mar 1959  Apperly-Ball family 
430 F689
Baumann, Samuel Frederick White, Hattie Dugan 10 Dec 1904 Clarion, Wright, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
431 F1525
Baverstock, Simon Henry Wallington, Jane 13 Apr 1894 Wyoming, Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
432 F1520
Baxter, Donald Tomlinson, Elizabeth 29 Dec 1883 Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
433 F4307
Bayley, Leslie William Harvey, Margaret Helen 16 Sep 1920 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
434 F5861
Baylis, Edgar Frederick Robinson, Edna Dorothy   Apperly-Ball family 
435 F2353
Baylis, Henry Hatton, Elizabeth 9 May 1831 Eldersfield, Worcestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
436 F3886
Bayliss, John George Parm, Charlotte 21 Dec 1923 Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
437 F2823
Beacom, Cecil Bell, Lyle Annette M   Apperly-Ball family 
438 F4705
Beaden, William Francis Smith, Annie Bryan 30 Jul 1913 Greenwich, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
439 F4708
Beaden, William Ralph Easton, Christina 10 Jul 1940 Croydon, Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
440 F124
Beake, Mervyn Salter, Norah Elizabeth 1942 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
441 F4471
Beaman, Joseph Henry Shakespeare, Lily 1928 Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
442 F4470
Beaman, Samuel Pearson, Mary Eliza 1895 Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
443 F1261
Bean, Ralph D Hull, Jennie M 14 Dec 1899 Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
444 F5522
Beard, Kennett Leonard, Dorothy Mae   Apperly-Ball family 
445 F342
Beasley, William White, Vanquilla Anetta 8 Feb 1882 King, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
446 F997
Beasley, William McGill, Annie 20 Apr 1887 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
447 F2693
Beaubien, Joseph Paul Wallington, Mildred May 6 May 1950 Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
448 F4863
Beauchamp, Ezra Festus Zita May   Apperly-Ball family 
449 F5010
Beauchamp, Felix Vallé, Pelagie 14 Aug 1861 Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
450 F4860
Beauchamp, Francis Xavier Crump, Sophia   Apperly-Ball family 
451 F4811
Beauchamp, Jean Baptiste Missé, Eugenie 17 May 1825 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
452 F4861
Beauchamp, John August Cora   Apperly-Ball family 
453 F4862
Beauchamp, John August Minks, Frances Lucinda   Apperly-Ball family 
454 F5231
Beauchamp, Michael Henry Berry, Mary Genevieve 16 Sep 1879 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
455 F5232
Beauchamp, Roger Evans Delphine   Apperly-Ball family 
456 F4859
Beauchamp, Thomas Michael Bequette, Mary 15 May 1854 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
457 F2399
Beauman Smith, Ann   Apperly-Ball family 
458 F2400
Beauman, John Lord, Susan   Apperly-Ball family 
459 F5974
Beaver, Donald R Cother, Nonda Arlene 14 Sep 1946 Spencer, Clay, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
460 F5835
Beck, George Schremp, Corine Alice   Apperly-Ball family 
461 F4389
Beckley, William Henry White, Rebecca Nellie 1922 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
462 F5923
Bedford, George Edgar Gardner, Olive Irene 1938 Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
463 F797
Beeson, John Hiram Morris, Eliza 1884 Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
464 F627
Beeson, Joseph Gardner, Hannah 12 Apr 1845 Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
465 F3861
Begent, Albert Lane, Mabel Olive 21 Sep 1913 Street, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
466 F3869
Begent, Charles William Skellett, Kathleen M 1942 Bourne, Lincolnshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
467 F695
Behrends, Joseph Frederick Fischer, Laura 8 Jun 1893 Osceola, Franklin, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
468 F5173
Belcher, William C Mesey, Sarah Dora   Apperly-Ball family 
469 F1571
Bell, Adam Joshua Richmond, Mary Jane 26 Jun 1872 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
470 F2248
Bell, George Henry Olson, Anna Sabina 30 Sep 1908 Marquette, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
471 F3551
Bell, John Harold Brown, Edith   Apperly-Ball family 
472 F6042
Bell, John Thomas Roberts, Mabel 19 Dec 1936 Hounslow, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
473 F2256
Bell, Walter George T Hoover, June Margaret 22 Nov 1940 Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
474 F4391
Bellamy, Arthur William Preece, Elizabeth Annie 2 Oct 1894 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
475 F2381
Bellamy, Edmund John Wigmore, Emily Hester Louisa 1873  Apperly-Ball family 
476 F2504
Bellamy, Herbert John Wigmore Gould, Emmeline 28 Oct 1905 Camberwell, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
477 F4394
Bellamy, Howard Shacklock, Ada 1913 Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
478 F2378
Bellamy, Joseph Webb, Mary Ann 1865  Apperly-Ball family 
479 F2380
Bellamy, Thomas Henry Webb, Emily Louisa 18 Aug 1868 Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
480 F2377
Bellamy, William Barnes, Hannah 21 Mar 1833 Churcham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
481 F2379
Bellamy, William Alfred Wigmore, Emma Mary 1870  Apperly-Ball family 
482 F5760
Bellovich, Joseph Boyer, Rachel   Apperly-Ball family 
483 F5505
Benham, Andrew J Mecey, Marguerite   Apperly-Ball family 
484 F5509
Benham, Andrew J Mecey, Runa Ethel 14 Sep 1971 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
485 F6192
Bennett, Arthur Edward Newton, Emma Jane 26 Dec 1906 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
486 F1559
Bennett, Charles Henry Good, Bertha Alice 24 Dec 1914 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
487 F3186
Bennett, Christie Fowler, Milly Grace 11 Oct 1911 Walla Walla, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
488 F1557
Bennett, George Edmond McGuire, Sarah Melissa 13 Sep 1883 McDougall, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
489 F1558
Bennett, John Hodge, Mary Ann   Apperly-Ball family 
490 F5246
Bennett, Thomas Maness, Viola E 5 Apr 1882 Bonne Terre, St. Francois, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
491 F1542
Bennett, William John McGuire, Charlotte Jane 9 Aug 1878 Foley, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
492 F5808
Benson, Charles Laplante, Violet Virginia 8 Sep 1934  Apperly-Ball family 
493 F5919
Benstead, William Henry Badham, Florence Margaret 1938 Hendon, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
494 F4660
Bent, Bertram Frederick Prosser, Nora Gladys March 20 Jan 1917 Newnham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
495 F5062
Bequette Vallé, Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
496 F4889
Bequette, Anthony Vallé, Marie Marianne 11 Feb 1866 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
497 F4824
Bequette, Jean Baptiste André Grenon, Marie Louise 12 Jul 1831 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
498 F5091
Bequette, Joseph Timon Missey, Mary Marguerite 13 Dec 1914 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
499 F2269
Berlinghoff, Joseph White, Cora 18 Sep 1918 Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
500 F3882
Berlinghoff, Stanley McLeod, Margaret   Apperly-Ball family 
501 F818
Bernhardt, Adam Webber, Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
502 F460
Bernhardt, Philip Macey, Alice Muriel 1 Dec 1939 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
503 F839
Best, William Edward Apperley, Charlotte Irene 23 Aug 1910 Baldur, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
504 F2683
Betrus, James Elias Tomlinson, Lauretta Elizabeth 1 Dec 1934 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
505 F5128
Betteridge, William G Young, Gladys Lilian Ann 1917 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
506 F5830
Beyatt, Felix Charles Laplante, Susan Mary 17 Jul 1888 River aux Vases, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
507 F2065
Beyer, Donald Louis Hammen, Marjorie Anne 27 Jan 1945 Kinsman, Grundy, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
508 F3132
Bick, Ernest Leonard Cole, Hilda Annie 18 Apr 1927 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
509 F43
Bickford, Harvey Dean Apperley, Sarah Gladys 20 Nov 1929 Alpine, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
510 F637
Biggs, Frederick Blundell, Maria 1857 London, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
511 F631
Biggs, Frederick Gardner, Emma 25 Jun 1872 Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
512 F3305
Binfield, Thomas H Duckers, Joan E 1947 Bilston, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
513 F2391
Bird, John Colman, Ellen   Apperly-Ball family 
514 F3969
Birkin, Percival Harold Teagles, Phyllis Maud 1939 Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
515 F4832
Bischoff, Francis Guenette, Elmire 8 Jan 1849 St. Louis, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
516 F4807
Bischoff, François Joseph Missé, Marie Louise 21 Nov 1820 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
517 F196
Blachford, John Maitland William Easson, Muriel Evelyn 14 Apr 1924 Zelma, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
518 F2569
Blakesley, William Henry Wallington, Cora Estella 7 Sep 1916 Oroville, Butte, California, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
519 F5437
Blalock, John Thomas Missey, Grace M 14 Oct 1923 Bliss, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
520 F4230
Blanch, Harold Beresford Conrad Davies, Marion Vera 1946 Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
521 F68
Blanchard, Richard Dugan, Mary Etta 4 Nov 1961 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
522 F1249
Blanchard, Wilfred Joseph Kelso, Agnes Lauretta 27 Feb 1922 Cavalier, Pembina, North Dakota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
523 F5050
Blewett, William Henry Sheppard, Florence Annie 10 Jun 1925 Highland Park, Wayne, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
524 F3320
Blinkhorn, John Apperley, Emily   Apperly-Ball family 
525 F1340
Bliss, Charles Frederick Martin, Alice Maud 1905 Dover, Kent, England  Apperly-Ball family 
526 F798
Bliss, Daniel Gardner, Elizabeth 8 Oct 1878 Tring, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
527 F163
Blommaert, Henri Robert McNichol, Mildred Ruth   Apperly-Ball family 
528 F80
Blommaert, Henri Robert Ball, Margaret Doris 17 Jan 1970 Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
529 F3293
Bloomer, Claude Arthur Frederick Colmer, Alice Beatrice 1913 Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
530 F6048
Bloor, Walter Lawrance, Ethel Annie 1934 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
531 F2144
Bobar, Harold Lee Crede, Susan Flora 10 Sep 1983 Bolton, Chittenden, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
532 F2138
Bobar, Harold Wade Kilby, Catherine Agnes 15 Jun 1946 Waterbury, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
533 F632
Boddy, Henry Gardner, Ann 18 May 1881 Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
534 F4446
Boddy, Walter Edwin Arkley, Matilda Lillian 26 Mar 1919 Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
535 F6151
Bodger, Albert Edward Rees, Ellen 17 Apr 1933 Broughton, Denbighshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
536 F5791
Boehm, Andrew Courtois, Mary Stella   Apperly-Ball family 
537 F2772
Boettcher, Ferdinand Glenn Wilson, Marian Kathleen 7 Sep 1946 Kenmare, Ward, North Dakota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
538 F4563
Boggs, Samuel Davies Bundy, Jean 1 Jun 1941 Evanston, Cook, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
539 F1029
Bohnert, Bernhard Mettlewsky, Brunhilde   Apperly-Ball family 
540 F4225
Bolter, George Thomas Pugsley, Gladys May 3 Jan 1916 Fleur-de-lis, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
541 F3719
Bolter, John Apperley, Eva 1885 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
542 F3792
Bolton, Elijah Perry, Esther 25 Dec 1893 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
543 F3794
Bolton, Francis Ewers, Ann Elizabeth 24 Dec 1904 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
544 F3775
Bolton, Frederick William Oliver, Alice   Apperly-Ball family 
545 F6160
Bolton, Frederick William Edwards, Amelia 1920 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
546 F3774
Bolton, George Davies, Margaret Butterfield 1876 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
547 F3773
Bolton, Henry Clark, Mary Ann 1857 Axbridge, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
548 F3788
Bolton, Henry John Bullingham, Susan Maria 28 Jan 1883 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
549 F3772
Bolton, John Ball, Sarah   Apperly-Ball family 
550 F4208
Bolton, John Johnson, Clara 1909 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
551 F3797
Bolton, Joseph Baker, Sarah 4 Jul 1874 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
552 F3789
Bolton, Joseph Wakefield, Sarah Ann 6 Aug 1882 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
553 F5853
Bolton, Robert Joseph Evans, Gwen 1933 LLanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
554 F6152
Bolton, Sidney Francis Allen Kirby, Phyllis G 1934 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
555 F6162
Bolton, Thomas John Locke, Blodwen 1931 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
556 F6161
Bolton, Walter Henry Bloomer, Helen Winifred 1919 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
557 F4211
Bolton, William Burley, Sarah Mary 1934 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
558 F6193
Bond, Sidney Wilfred Newton, Charity Ann 25 Dec 1911 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
559 F5636
Bone, Andrew Deyoung, Marguerite   Apperly-Ball family 
560 F5794
Bone, Bernis Courtois, Louise Rose   Apperly-Ball family 
561 F5059
Bone, Charles Boyer, Mary Emma 27 Apr 1884 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
562 F5642
Bone, David Rosiello, Nunziata   Apperly-Ball family 
563 F5637
Bone, Joseph Earl Keathley, Ozell Leona 20 Oct 1939 Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
564 F5634
Bone, Joseph Jacob Justin, Alpha Anna 22 Jan 1914 Festus, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
565 F5616
Bone, Louis Jacob Govero, Mary Lucy 2 Jan 1887 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
566 F4925
Bonneau, François Bequette, Julia 15 Sep 1859 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
567 F5000
Bonneau, Napoleon Armand Brown, Eleonora 27 Nov 1884 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
568 F1901
Bonsteel, William Robinson, Mary Jane 7 Mar 1888 Widdifield, Nipissing, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
569 F3441
Boote, Howard Lancelot Browning, Marion Ellen 1923 Dudley, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
570 F5956
Borchard, Edward Albert Ehler, Martha   Apperly-Ball family 
571 F5955
Borchard, Edward Albert Cother, Mabel Elaine 1 Mar 1908 Dickinson, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
572 F3766
Boughton, Tom Brain, Bertha 15 Apr 1891 Drybrook, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
573 F2326
Boulter, William Hatton, Hannah 19 Aug 1760 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
574 F3813
Boulter, William Bolton, Nora 16 Aug 1946 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
575 F5604
Bourbon, Archie Theodore Geist, Grace Estelle   Apperly-Ball family 
576 F5595
Bourbon, Homer Joseph Miller, Barbara 4 Apr 1916 Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
577 F5597
Bourbon, Howard Coleman, Gertrude Mary 21 Nov 1936 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
578 F5594
Bourbon, Melvin Sanders, Gertrude   Apperly-Ball family 
579 F5600
Bourbon, Raymond Dean, Margaret 4 Apr 1932 Cadet, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
580 F5593
Bourbon, Timon W Vallé, Mary Ann 3 Jul 1894 Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
581 F5605
Bourbon, Walter Kuch, Wilma Mae   Apperly-Ball family 
582 F4874
Bourbon, Walter Vallé, Josephine 25 Nov 1899 Richwoods, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
583 F3457
Bourchier, Ronald Frederick Disdale, Joan Lilian 1948 Harrow, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
584 F5547
Bourisaw, James Paul Valle, Susie Alice 15 Nov 1921 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
585 F5754
Bourisaw, Joseph Chester Boyer, Mary Louise 24 Sep 1924 Tiff, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
586 F5107
Bourne, Joseph James Trigg, Esther 17 Apr 1860 Upton St. Leonards, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
587 F3016
Bowley, William Henry Ball, Ivy May 1935 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
588 F5501
Bowman Mecey, Bessie   Apperly-Ball family 
589 F5039
Bown, Robert Treloggen Packer, Louisa 19 Feb 1848 Walton, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
590 F5040
Bown, Robert Bacon, Louisa 1859 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
591 F4706
Boxer, Reginald Smith, Kathleen Jane 31 Aug 1918 Lewisham, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
592 F3684
Boyce, George Francis Rew, Sarah Ellamita 23 Sep 1924 Cochrane, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
593 F4629
Boyd, James Cameron Bell, Mary Martha 15 May 1905 Carlshend, Marquette, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
594 F4631
Boyd, Walter Richmond Nathenson, Miriam R 17 Mar 1933 Marquette, Marquette, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
595 F5264
Boyer Boyer, Agnes Victoria   Apperly-Ball family 
596 F5444
Boyer, Abner Lee Courtois, Mary Susan 28 Jun 1910 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
597 F5729
Boyer, Andrew Cecil Courtway, Mary Grace 18 Jan 1917 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
598 F5747
Boyer, Clarence Joseph Portell, Grace Mary 10 Feb 1934 Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
599 F5724
Boyer, Daley Joseph Boyer Courtway, Ella Sarah 14 Nov 1933 Tiff, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
600 F5529
Boyer, Ernest Joseph Osia, Mary Margaret 17 Oct 1923 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
601 F5220
Boyer, Floyd Courtway, Etta Letitia 28 May 1938 Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
602 F5734
Boyer, Francis Herman Missey, Mary Philomine 10 Nov 1925 Tiff, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
603 F5258
Boyer, Francis Marion Hood, Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
604 F5745
Boyer, Francis R Coleman, Annie 13 Feb 1901 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
605 F5742
Boyer, John Frederick Coleman, Mary Martha 10 Sep 1901 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
606 F5733
Boyer, John J Osia, Mary Louise 30 Nov 1917 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
607 F5744
Boyer, Joseph Lennis Coleman, Rosina Mary 4 May 1915 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
608 F5078
Boyer, Joseph William Courtway, Sarah Anne 29 Oct 1895 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
609 F5212
Boyer, Kyle Joseph Missey, Mary Helen 24 Sep 1907 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
610 F5730
Boyer, Leo Joseph Miller, Eula 15 Aug 1937 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
611 F5755
Boyer, Lucian Thomas Villmer, Mary Rose 8 Feb 1932 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
612 F4886
Boyer, Paschal Mundy, Bridget 5 Jul 1857 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
613 F4825
Boyer, Paschal Joseph Paul Missé, Marie Louise Therese Adelaide 6 Sep 1853 Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
614 F5783
Boyer, Raymond Declue, Susie Julia 24 Apr 1923 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
615 F5746
Boyer, Samuel Thomas Pashia, Lucy Julia 2 Oct 1930 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
616 F5706
Boyer, Thomas Sansoucie, Lucy   Apperly-Ball family 
617 F5228
Boyer, Thomas Carter Cora   Apperly-Ball family 
618 F5762
Boyer, Thomas William Valley, Lorene 12 Sep 1934 Tiff, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
619 F3060
Boyington, Edgar Andrew Addison, Janet Russell   Apperly-Ball family 
620 F1458
Boyles, Charles W White, Clara Sylvina 1 Sep 1913 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
621 F3842
Boynton, Frank W Devine, Ellen 8 Nov 1892 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
622 F5610
Boyster, Amos Langley, Gladys Viola 17 Jul 1935 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
623 F6010
Brace, Henry John Hassall, Violet A 1931 Blaby, Leicestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
624 F3750
Brace, Henry Thomas Gardiner, Annie Elizabeth 1899 Linton, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
625 F3327
Brace, John Herbert, Ann 4 Dec 1832 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
626 F3744
Brace, William Bennett Presdee, Caroline 23 Oct 1864 Linton, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
627 F6011
Brace, William James Pendery, Kate F 1932 Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
628 F2505
Brackett, Walter Henry Edwards, Mabel Josephine   Apperly-Ball family 
629 F4699
Bradley, George Mann, Dorothy Gertrude 16 Jul 1932 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
630 F5554
Bradley, Roy Valle, Blanche   Apperly-Ball family 
631 F4892
Brady, John Mundy, Helene 1 Mar 1870 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
632 F1635
Bragg, William Alfred Neal Grant, Enid Llewella 19 Sep 1932 Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
633 F3762
Brain, Charles Apperley, Mary 3 Jul 1864 Drybrook, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
634 F4235
Brain, Jesse Rogers, Maude Jane 1916 Westbury on Severn, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
635 F3847
Brandstetter Grant, Laurabell   Apperly-Ball family 
636 F2862
Branin, Wilbur H Wallington, Neoma Edith   Apperly-Ball family 
637 F3400
Brasington, Samuel Apperley, Elizabeth 20 May 1849 Longney, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
638 F6058
Breeze, John Routliff, Christina May 1925 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
639 F1311
Breland, Steven Scribner, Laurie Grace   Apperly-Ball family 
640 F691
Brenn, Vernon Turner Dugan, Hollis Lulu 10 Oct 1918 Lostant, LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
641 F3468
Brewer, Henry Apperley, Hannah Maria 27 Nov 1900 Gorsley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
642 F4678
Brewer, Herbert William Phelps, Rose 19 Dec 1923 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
643 F3477
Brewer, Wallace Henry Mayo, Ivy Matilda Rose 8 Jun 1935 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
644 F2416
Brewster, John Gwatkin, Loys Irene   Apperly-Ball family 
645 F1271
Brichta, Louis C Faircloth, Lauretta I Jun 1940 Bernalillo, Sandoval, New Mexico, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
646 F4298
Bridge, Herbert W Ball, Minnie Winnifred Sarah 1923 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
647 F5653
Bridges, Howard Ross Courtway, Dorothy Pearl   Apperly-Ball family 
648 F5480
Bridges, Ross Meesey, Sarah Josephine   Apperly-Ball family 
649 F5439
Bridwell, Nathaniel Columbus King, Adeline   Apperly-Ball family 
650 F5071
Bridwell, Nathaniel Columbus Missey, Josephine 27 Jun 1893 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
651 F4972
Bridwell, William H Missé, Josephine Clementine 27 Sep 1867 Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
652 F3862
Brimble, Albert Edward Lane, Rose Amelia 15 Nov 1911 Street, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
653 F3865
Brimble, Leslie Ernest England, Ethel Rosina 1946 Yeovil, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
654 F3866
Brimble, Louis William Albert Margetts, Freda M 1936 Yeovil, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
655 F3707
Briske, William Weise, Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
656 F893
Brister, Daniel Keen Gardner, Minnie Ann 8 Nov 1875 Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
657 F1699
Bristo, Francis William Miller, Lydia Jane 10 Dec 1902 Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
658 F1702
Bristo, Wilfred Fredrick Fulcher, Margaret Arilla 1931  Apperly-Ball family 
659 F6213
Broadbridge, Harold G Edwards, Norah Hatton 1931 Warwick, Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
660 F5930
Brooks, Arthur H Way, Dilys M 1943 Caerleon, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
661 F557
Brooks, Chester Wellington Shobe, Earlyn Eliza 12 Feb 1931  Apperly-Ball family 
662 F1085
Brooks, Chester Wellington Neilson, Elizabeth Marie 1949 Wadena, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
663 F1080
Brooks, Edward Ellis Neilson, Frances Isabel 18 Dec 1950  Apperly-Ball family 
664 F555
Brooks, Henry Elmer Nightingale, Frances 1926 Okla, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
665 F1715
Brooks, Jay Sue   Apperly-Ball family 
666 F552
Brooks, Leonard Clement Ruston, Theresa Ann Selina 25 Apr 1917 Cypress River, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
667 F4133
Brooks, Matthew William Hodgson, Jennie Gertrude 1942 Lintlaw, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
668 F1096
Brooks, Norman Victor Henderson, Lila Dell 1930  Apperly-Ball family 
669 F1181
Brooks, Norman Victor Welsch, Isola Neomi 14 Jul 1952  Apperly-Ball family 
670 F1054
Brooks, Ray Edward Roy, Donna May   Apperly-Ball family 
671 F556
Brooks, Robert Lynnford Isaac, Sally   Apperly-Ball family 
672 F1097
Brooks, Robert Lynnford Ellison, Pearl Annette 2 Feb 1927 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
673 F1713
Brooks, Robert P Kelso, Joan Maxine 11 Jan 1941 Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
674 F5184
Brooks, Walter Sanders, Rose S 28 May 1921 Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
675 F550
Brooks, William Glenmore Ferguson, Abbie 23 Aug 1917 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
676 F551
Brooks, William Glenmore Wicker, Marguerite Vivian 1926 Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
677 F548
Brooks, William Henry White, Margaret Priscilla 20 Oct 1886 Bolton, Peel, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
678 F403
Brown Baker, Alice Marjory   Apperly-Ball family 
679 F2057
Brown Imler, Inez Pauline   Apperly-Ball family 
680 F2879
Brown, Albert James Cole, Lorraine   Apperly-Ball family 
681 F3544
Brown, Alonzo Bundy, Emily 6 Jun 1898 Streator, LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
682 F4573
Brown, Alvin E Roman, Anna 1 Feb 1922 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
683 F362
Brown, Charles Bassett Seyler, Irene Augusta 18 Sep 1923 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
684 F4529
Brown, Durward Hartle Mulcock, Kathleen Nora Oliva   Apperly-Ball family 
685 F810
Brown, George Morrison Elizabeth   Apperly-Ball family 
686 F3670
Brown, Harry James King, Vera Mary 31 Oct 1936 Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
687 F2878
Brown, Heber Thomas Scribner, Cora Amanda   Apperly-Ball family 
688 F1251
Brown, Michael Kelso, Matilda   Apperly-Ball family 
689 F5826
Brown, Oscar Mead, Blanche 20 Jan 1937 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
690 F5508
Brown, Thomas Edward Wright, Regina Mae 20 Apr 1940 Maricopa, Arizona, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
691 F759
Brown, William McCamish, Mary Abt 1787 England  Apperly-Ball family 
692 F3428
Browning, Adolphus Apperley, Sarah Ann 29 Jun 1879 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
693 F3360
Browning, Alfred Hill, Annie Ellen 9 Apr 1890 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
694 F3440
Browning, Benjamin Edward Richards, Gertrude 1916 Dudley, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
695 F6006
Browning, Henry Ellis, Kathleen Marjorie 19 Dec 1936 Longney, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
696 F4405
Browning, Henry Adolphus Griffin, Charlotte Elizabeth 16 Apr 1906 Framilode, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
697 F4669
Browning, William Stanley Clarke, Alice Ellen 30 Oct 1937 Elmore, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
698 F2093
Bruce, Garnet W Lettie   Apperly-Ball family 
699 F341
Bruce, John B White, Elizabeth Ann 8 May 1877 Essa, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
700 F2787
Bruce, Sydney Stewart Setzer, Dorothy J   Apperly-Ball family 
701 F2784
Bruce, Sydney Stuart Adler, Katharine 21 Aug 1911 Fort Erie, Welland, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
702 F4983
Bruff Cornwall, Lucy   Apperly-Ball family 
703 F4833
Brugere, Antoine David Bischoff, Elizabeth 26 Sep 1846 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
704 F5678
Brunk, George W Courtois, Alice   Apperly-Ball family 
705 F4697
Brunsdon, Henry Lewis Apperley, Iris Gwendolen 8 Oct 1938 Cainscross, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
706 F1230
Bryant, Alexander G Bruce, Olive Marion 30 Sep 1916 Cook, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
707 F3451
Bryder, William J Webb, Jane Annie Phyllis 1940 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
708 F3188
Bubb, Henry Fowler, Martha Maud 5 Aug 1908 Hartpury, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
709 F1963
Buchan, Kenneth Richard Yelland, Barbara Joan   Apperly-Ball family 
710 F5277
Bucher Levrard, Anna E   Apperly-Ball family 
711 F2225
Buckland, Alan Henry Henry, Doris Marie 26 Nov 1955 Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
712 F5869
Buckner, Charles Donald Leahy, May N 1923 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
713 F5873
Buckner, Douglas Malcolm Warrender, Iris M 1937 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
714 F5874
Buckner, Douglas Malcolm O'Keefe, Sheila P 1951 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
715 F5870
Buckner, Hector George Patrick Baker, Gladys M V 1919 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
716 F5872
Buckner, Herbert Walford Joyce, Gladys Evelyn 1936 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
717 F2733
Buckner, John Smith, Kate 18 Jan 1893 Portskewett, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
718 F3079
Buckner, John William Milne Leigh, Nancy Josephine 1922 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
719 F5687
Buckner, Wesley Courtois, Helen 24 Jun 1923 Herculaneum, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
720 F4963
Buel, Richard Hall Myerson, Julia Maria 7 Jul 1917 Bozeman, Gallatin, Montana, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
721 F2371
Bullock, Edmund Smith, Anne 4 Dec 1856 Churcham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
722 F2319
Bullock, John Coxe, Elizabeth   Apperly-Ball family 
723 F6246
Bunch, Buck Bates, Mildred 1944  Apperly-Ball family 
724 F3561
Bundy, Alfred Payne, Martha Ann 1883 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
725 F4556
Bundy, Alfred George Vorban, Theresa Irene 31 Aug 1904 Laporte, Indiana, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
726 F6179
Bundy, Archibald Williams, Margaret Harriet 1940 Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
727 F4585
Bundy, Donavon J Negray, Emma 26 Jan 1946 Glendale, Los Angeles, California, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
728 F4561
Bundy, Edgar James Semans, Vera E 15 Sep 1926 Streator, LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
729 F6218
Bundy, Frank Williams, Nansi 1930 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
730 F6216
Bundy, Garfield Jenkins, Katie 1923 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
731 F3559
Bundy, George Tebbett, Jane 1887 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
732 F3560
Bundy, George Burford, Sarah Jane 7 Aug 1899 Penmaen, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
733 F6217
Bundy, Gilbert Nicolson, Alexandrina MM 1928 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
734 F6181
Bundy, Harold Davies, Lucretia Maude 1925 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
735 F4558
Bundy, Herbert John Cunliffe, Della Irene 26 Jan 1914 Streator, LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
736 F4554
Bundy, John Evans, Sarah 24 Oct 1881 Streator, LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
737 F4559
Bundy, Lincoln Evans Helffrich, Margaret 25 May 1920 Ottawa, LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
738 F4228
Bundy, Oscar Evans, Winifred 1913 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
739 F4595
Bundy, Robert Louis Foose, Edith   Apperly-Ball family 
740 F3379
Bundy, Samuel Apperley, Emma 9 Nov 1845 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
741 F3543
Bundy, Samuel West, Mary Ann 19 Feb 1876 Machen, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
742 F3528
Bundy, Thomas Dudfield, Esther 1877 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
743 F3548
Bundy, Thomas Harris, Margaret 19 Jun 1920 Livingston, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
744 F6178
Bundy, Wallace Samuel Jones, Marian M 1916 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
745 F4588
Bundy, Wilfred John Boston, Marguerite B   Apperly-Ball family 
746 F4232
Bundy, Wilfred John Blake, Mary Ann 1911 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
747 F4593
Bundy, Wilfred John Orsick, Mildred N 1971  Apperly-Ball family 
748 F3562
Bundy, William Harris, Miriam 1887 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
749 F4240
Bundy, William Ewart Llewellyn, Gwladys 1927 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
750 F4562
Bundy, William George Hunter, Jessie 12 Aug 1903 Streator, LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
751 F6180
Bundy, William Payne Williams, Ann 1938 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
752 F4040
Bunston, Frederick Edwards, Elizabeth M 1926 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
753 F4253
Bunston, Ronald Taylor, Grace D 1946 Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
754 F4026
Bunston, Tom Davies, Emma Jane 1903 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
755 F4408
Bunting, Harold Scott, Fanny 1927 Manchester, Lancashire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
756 F5878
Burford, Edward George Lundberry, Doris Evelyn 28 Feb 1934 Tidenham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
757 F3563
Burford, George Joseph Farmer, Mary Jane 21 Oct 1903 Edge, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
758 F3378
Burford, Joseph Apperley, Sarah 30 Nov 1857 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
759 F2931
Burge, Clifford William Wood Ball, Lena May 1937 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
760 F1125
Burgess, Leonard Herbert Barnett, Martha Williamson 1884 Worcester, Worcestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
761 F3273
Burkhardt, Frederick LeRoy Cornwell, Helen Lauretta   Apperly-Ball family 
762 F3594
Burleigh, Timothy A Weaver, Elizabeth E 25 Apr 1916 Seattle, King, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
763 F4516
Burrows, Robert William Adam Haynes, Hilda Marguerite 1928 Victoria, Australia  Apperly-Ball family 
764 F5133
Burt, John Stewart Cheston, Helen Ada 10 Jul 1909 Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
765 F4242
Burton, Albert A Cummings, Julia 1947 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
766 F4039
Burton, Frederick S Bunston, Thelma May 1941 Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
767 F1117
Busby, Thomas Barnett, Elizabeth 2 Feb 1893 Acton, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
768 F1534
Bush, John Albert Samis, Grace G 1 Nov 1902 Blue Lake, Humboldt, California, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
769 F3790
Butler, Henry William Bolton, Emma Jane 30 Oct 1892 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
770 F4805
Butler, Joseph Missé, Susanne 13 Nov 1824 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
771 F5899
Butler, Sidney Rees, Dorothy Margaret 1938 Aled, Denbighshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
772 F6201
Butler, William Henry Bundy, Ethel Jane 19 Sep 1925 Gelligaer, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
773 F417
Butt, James Parker, Martha Anne 15 Feb 1846 London, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
774 F418
Butt, John    Apperly-Ball family 
775 F4414
Buxton, Sydney Gilbert Byard, Olive Theresa 1950 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
776 F3393
Byard, Alfred Healey, Jane 1899 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
777 F3375
Byard, George Phillips, Martha 30 Nov 1865 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
778 F4406
Byard, George Milsom Peddle, Ellen Louisa 9 Mar 1902 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
779 F4415
Byard, Harold Milsom Greenham, Catherine 6 Oct 1934 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
780 F3373
Byard, Henry Keyse, Mary Ann 22 Nov 1856 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
781 F3370
Byard, John Herbert, Mary 8 Dec 1823 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
782 F3372
Byard, John Baker, Ann Maria 16 Feb 1854 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
783 F3353
Byard, Walter Gorin, Florence 20 Jul 1903 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
784 F3371
Byard, William Byard, Hannah 23 May 1850 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
785 F6037
Byard, William George Thyer, Evelyn Kate 1926 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
786 F5494
Bye Thurman, Eva Mae   Apperly-Ball family 
787 F1188
Byers, Albert Merle Braconier, Yvonne 1960  Apperly-Ball family 
788 F1092
Byers, William Frankland Brooks, Edith May   Apperly-Ball family 
789 F5929
Byrne, Clifford Morgan Sullivan, Mary 1923 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
790 F3513
Byrne, John Joseph Pitt, Sarah Rebecca 5 Jul 1899 Portskewett, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
791 F2347
Cadle, Samuel Albert Ford, Caroline Ann 24 Nov 1875 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
792 F2318
Cadle, William Hatton, Elizabeth 6 Dec 1831 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
793 F363
Cain, Everett Edward Peters Brown, Joyce Irene 8 Apr 1950 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
794 F5422
Cain, Marion Campbell, Rebecca   Apperly-Ball family 
795 F1417
Cairnes, James Ervin Cason, Beatrice Anne 14 Oct 1949 Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
796 F926
Cairnes, Thomas James Clegg, Vera Mildred 14 Jul 1920 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
797 F1426
Cairnes, William Garvin Roberts, Barbara Joan 28 Nov 1957  Apperly-Ball family 
798 F6020
Cale, Henry John Nicholls, Bessie Ellen 1933 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
799 F4868
Call, Howard Lee Coleman, Aurelia Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
800 F315
Callaway, Bertram Cyril Apperley, Clarice Jean 16 Apr 1941 Calgary, Alberta, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
801 F4619
Campbell, Reuben Hughie Robinson, Cecilia Ann 20 Oct 1937 North Bay, Nipissing, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
802 F4996
Campbell, Samuel    Apperly-Ball family 
803 F4994
Campbell, Samuel Courtois, Celeste Clothilde 15 Feb 1864 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
804 F2101
Canales, Jose Devine, Ida Ellen 7 Feb 1925 Barre, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
805 F3224
Canales, Joseph Thomas Deaton, Roberta Maxine 5 Jan 1952 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
806 F5563
Cappelli, Anthony Flieg, Mary E   Apperly-Ball family 
807 F5540
Cardwell, Lawson Vest, Ethel M 26 Sep 1930 Richwoods, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
808 F2941
Carey, George William Edward Hall, Ida Mary 1916 West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
809 F2974
Carey, George William Edward Hodges, Beatrice E 1950 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
810 F6173
Carey, Henry Thomas Thomas, Emma 1 Oct 1885 Matson, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
811 F5108
Carey, James Trigg, Adelade 6 Aug 1855 Ross, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
812 F6174
Carey, Lionel James Gay, Lily Stevens 1917 Melksham, Wiltshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
813 F1255
Carey, William Kelso, Margaret Bridget 10 May 1911 Independence, Buchanan, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
814 F2013
Carlile, George William Griffin, Ellen Rose 28 Nov 1892 Easton, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
815 F5271
Carrow, Joseph Louis Cook, Birdie Mae   Apperly-Ball family 
816 F5244
Carrow, Narcisse Levrard, Julia   Apperly-Ball family 
817 F3407
Carter Grant, Leah Lorraine   Apperly-Ball family 
818 F1157
Carter, Albert Maul, Eliza 25 Jun 1898 Glastonbury, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
819 F4973
Carter, Grover Cleveland Missey, Mary Elizabeth 24 Sep 1910 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
820 F3571
Carter, John William Apperley, Winifred Ann 1902 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
821 F6125
Carter, John William Evans, Dorothy Lydia 1919 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
822 F1018
Carver, Edwin Ernest Ervin, Mary Ellen Elizabeth 11 Feb 1885 Cookstown, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
823 F1162
Carver, Edwin Ernest Thompson, Margaret Jane 5 Jan 1891 Teston, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
824 F1998
Carver, Edwin Ernest Daniel, Sarah Jane 9 Jul 1902 Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
825 F2774
Carver, Edwin Ernest Briske, Lydia Maria 10 Nov 1939 Watson, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
826 F2614
Carver, Frederick Jane   Apperly-Ball family 
827 F2615
Carver, Frederick Nixon, Sophia 5 Mar 1884 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
828 F2769
Carver, John William Mark Briske, Claire Lois   Apperly-Ball family 
829 F2767
Carver, William James Lund, Margaret Ann   Apperly-Ball family 
830 F2768
Carver, William James Pederson, Gena Theolina 9 Aug 1919 Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
831 F2094
Casey, Patrick Francis Devine, Maria Agnes 15 Jun 1903 Bolton, Chittenden, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
832 F5315
Cayou, George Anna   Apperly-Ball family 
833 F4944
Cayou, Joseph Hart, Emily 16 Nov 1880 St. Louis, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
834 F1603
Celusta, Frank Martin McEachen, Gladys Louise 20 Nov 1924 Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
835 F5468
Center, Howard Tracy Missey, Mabel M 30 Nov 1923 Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
836 F2184
Chamberlin, Burton Bailey, Bernice Ellen 1926 Northfield, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
837 F3183
Chandler, John Fowler, Ada Edith 17 Jun 1901 Spokane, Spokane, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
838 F3202
Chandler, Joseph Albert Barlow, Marie S 3 Jul 1928 Seattle, King, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
839 F3198
Chandler, Theodore Walter Romine, Helen Louise 17 Sep 1935 Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
840 F5672
Chandler, Vernie Courtois, Edna   Apperly-Ball family 
841 F3194
Chandler, William Wilkie, Mary Elizabeth 7 May 1896 Whitman, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
842 F3184
Chandler, William Fowler, Frances Mary 1 Jan 1907 Hartpury, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
843 F3201
Chandler, William Wilkie Valentine, Etta Burnett 20 Sep 1922 Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
844 F4756
Chapman, George Hatton, Georgeanna 20 May 1871 Chelsea, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
845 F1904
Chappell, Arthur John Downer, Bessie Mary 1935 Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
846 F450
Chappell, George Chorley, Rose 1896 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
847 F4752
Charly, Harry Theodore Whitby, Phillida W   Apperly-Ball family 
848 F1591
Chase, Alfred Edward Nelson, Alice Matilda 11 Oct 1922 Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
849 F1640
Chase, Edward Nelson Andrews, Anne Beverley 21 Jun 1957  Apperly-Ball family 
850 F1790
Chaykowski, John H Scribner, Rachel Sarah   Apperly-Ball family 
851 F4055
Cheesman, George Smith Rowlingson, Elizabeth 29 Aug 1858 Hackney, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
852 F5134
Cheston, Henry Samuel Faillettaz, Marie Louise 1902 Tamworth, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
853 F5136
Cheston, Laurance Frederick Meier, Gertrude 17 Aug 1935 Boswell, British Columbia, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
854 F5135
Cheston, Norman Harry Wallwork, Amy Georgina 18 Jun 1935 Fernie, British Columbia, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
855 F4106
Cheston, Thomas Charles Wintle, Eliza Ada 19 Aug 1863 Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
856 F2839
Chilcott, Ernest Haysham, Lucy 1903 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
857 F5912
Chilcott, William Ernest Vining, Gertrude Eliza 1929 Weymouth, Dorset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
858 F3311
Child, George Harper, Patience 16 Jan 1839 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
859 F1434
Childs, Alfred Gilbert Stockwell, Winifred Ann 1949 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
860 F1414
Childs, Archie E Cairnes, Hazel Dean 3 Oct 1951 Grandview, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
861 F1433
Childs, David Albert Ayres, Angelina 1910 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
862 F2024
Childs, David Edward Wade, Hannah 1938 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
863 F2023
Childs, James George Osborn, Doris Mildred Osdish 1939 Honiton, Devon, England  Apperly-Ball family 
864 F1678
Childs, Percy Wilfred Devonald, Margaret Doreen 1940 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
865 F2025
Childs, Stanley McCarthy, Violet M 1944 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
866 F1094
Chivers Brooks, Edith May   Apperly-Ball family 
867 F2932
Chorley, Arthur George Jakeman, Josephine May 1932 Lewisham, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
868 F453
Chorley, George Millican, Edith Sarah 13 Aug 1898 London, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
869 F448
Chorley, Thomas Ball, Martha 23 Jul 1870 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
870 F4950
Chouteau, Gabriel Sylvestre Mall, Marie Louise   Apperly-Ball family 
871 F2885
Christensen, Lloyd George Baker, Alice Marjory   Apperly-Ball family 
872 F5691
Christopher, Henry Courtois, Mary Emma   Apperly-Ball family 
873 F6251
Christopher, Luther Bates, Esther   Apperly-Ball family 
874 F3119
Churchill, Harry Bertram Drew, Alice 27 Nov 1916 Preston, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
875 F235
Clapperton, Clarence Ross Apperley, Mildred Emily 1946  Apperly-Ball family 
876 F4080
Clapton, Thomas Henry Palmer, Isabella Jane 4 Aug 1864 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
877 F5894
Clare, Arthur William Butler, Mabel Emma 16 Sep 1918 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
878 F2673
Clark, Arthur Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
879 F190
Clark, Eugene L Morrow, Betsey Teressa 11 Aug 1892 Storm Lake, Buena Vista, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
880 F5947
Clark, Frank Stephen Cother, Hannah Harriet 7 Sep 1881 Spirit Lake, Dickinson, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
881 F4025
Clark, George H    Apperly-Ball family 
882 F309
Clark, George H Lachapelle, Marie Antoinette Salomé   Apperly-Ball family 
883 F3815
Clark, James Morrow McGrath, Helen Johanna 11 Apr 1942 Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
884 F2309
Clark, John Elizabeth   Apperly-Ball family 
885 F314
Clark, Louis Edward Cornwell, Helen Lauretta 4 Jul 1948 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
886 F2955
Clark, Norman Wilson Gardner, Nellie Stone 1937 Southampton, Hampshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
887 F2355
Clarke, Adam Clarke, Emma   Apperly-Ball family 
888 F2500
Clarke, Adam Willoughby, Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
889 F6117
Clarke, Cyril Douglas Goscombe, Christine Florence 2 Nov 1938 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
890 F3497
Clarke, James Apperley, Hilda Rose Kathleen 1952 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
891 F2354
Clarke, John Hatton, Mary Ann 31 Mar 1818 Forthampton, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
892 F2983
Clarke, Reginald Swain, Vera Marjorie 1932 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
893 F72
Clarkson, Lorne Potter Apperley, Cora Leila 15 Feb 1906 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
894 F4628
Clasen, Fred Dodd, Sharron   Apperly-Ball family 
895 F3961
Cleaveley, Stanley Richard Coggins, Violet Ivy 16 Apr 1932 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
896 F6071
Cleaver, William H Phelps, Wilhelmina Alice 1924 London, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
897 F2616
Clegg, Clarence Andrew Howson, Helen Irene   Apperly-Ball family 
898 F925
Clegg, William Ervin, Rebecca Margaret 7 Feb 1883 Bradford, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
899 F928
Clegg, William Richard Ervin Taylor, Grace Eliza 4 Sep 1912 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
900 F3901
Clement, Thomas Samuel Routliff, Elizabeth 7 May 1910 Aberavon, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
901 F3384
Clifford, John Apperley, Anne 21 Apr 1850 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
902 F3343
Clifford, Phillip William Colwell, Harriet 15 Jun 1879 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
903 F4533
Clifford, Silas Edmund Hathway, Alice 1886 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
904 F3390
Clifford, William    Apperly-Ball family 
905 F3331
Clifford, William Apperley, Sarah 4 Oct 1841 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
906 F6108
Clifford, William Richard B Jones, Gertrude Alice 1921 Ross, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
907 F1679
Clifton, Norman Herbert Childs, Nellie Elizabeth 1935 London Colney, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
908 F2095
Clossey, Leonard Joseph Devine, Catherine T 21 Oct 1901 Montpelier, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
909 F2808
Closson, Arleigh M Ellen   Apperly-Ball family 
910 F732
Closson, Murray Emory Scribner, Rose Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
911 F3061
Closson, Murray Emory Crabtree, Eva   Apperly-Ball family 
912 F146
Clutton, Charles Barnett, Emily 18 Aug 1891 Tilston, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
913 F149
Clutton, Herbert Thomas Fleming, Isabelle   Apperly-Ball family 
914 F2915
Clutton, William Henry Jarvis, Jessie 19 Feb 1919 Plymouth, Devon, England  Apperly-Ball family 
915 F2283
Coates, Daniel Christopher Shea, Margaret Rubena 13 Nov 1934 Englehart, Timiskaming, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
916 F4316
Coates, Jack L White, Hanorah Margaret Philomina 29 Jun 1935 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
917 F3825
Cochrane, John Douglas Elson, Madge 22 Apr 1942 Andover, Victoria, New Brunswick, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
918 F2476
Coffey, Alan Mack, Mary Despard   Apperly-Ball family 
919 F4696
Coggins, Arthur Leslie Yates, Florence Irene 23 Jul 1938 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
920 F3801
Coggins, Arthur Robert Bolton, Violet Mabel 1907 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
921 F1989
Colbey, V Gillham, Vera   Apperly-Ball family 
922 F6089
Cole, Edward Onslow Phelps, Dorothy 29 Dec 1928 Sutton, Norfolk, England  Apperly-Ball family 
923 F4085
Cole, Edwin Francis James, Helen Sarah 20 May 1893 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
924 F3812
Cole, Frederick G Bolton, Nora 1942 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
925 F4667
Cole, James Frederick Morse, Lavinia Mary 12 Jun 1905 Hardwicke, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
926 F4081
Cole, James Wood Palmer, Rosina Sophia 9 Nov 1868 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
927 F3129
Cole, Sidney Smart, Florence Emily 24 Mar 1894 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
928 F4869
Coleman, Anthony Thomas Schanafelt, Rebecca   Apperly-Ball family 
929 F5394
Coleman, Edmond Joseph Missey, Myrtle 13 Oct 1938 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
930 F5699
Coleman, Francis Courtois, Susan Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
931 F5057
Coleman, Francis Nerius Troquet, Aspasia 1 Jun 1879 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
932 F5655
Coleman, Frank Courtway, Mary Cora 8 Jan 1906 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
933 F5743
Coleman, George Wallace Bequette, Mary Theresa 26 Apr 1915 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
934 F4826
Coleman, Gregoire Missé, Marie Françoise Elisabeth 8 Jun 1852 Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
935 F5620
Coleman, Henry Elmer Govero, Mary Effie 17 May 1908 Tiff, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
936 F5771
Coleman, Joseph Valley, Mary Rose 25 Sep 1909 St. Francois, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
937 F5065
Coleman, Joseph Amadeus Courtois, Julia 29 Oct 1889 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
938 F5656
Coleman, Joseph Melvin Boyer, Cecilia Victoria 11 Jan 1936 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
939 F5628
Coleman, Leo Herbert Boyer, Alma 29 Nov 1941 Tiff, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
940 F4867
Coleman, Martin Ronquest, Julia 10 Mar 1916 Festus, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
941 F5674
Coleman, Roy Courtois, Alice   Apperly-Ball family 
942 F5622
Coleman, Samuel Edward Pashia, Goldie Agnes 1 Oct 1933 Herculaneum, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
943 F4866
Coleman, Thomas Courtois, Maria Louisa Aspasia   Apperly-Ball family 
944 F5757
Coleman, Vincent Thomas Recar, Sarah 28 Aug 1940 Richwoods, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
945 F5562
Colin, John Harvey Addison Flieg, Hazel Catherine   Apperly-Ball family 
946 F3768
Collard, Edmund James Chorley, Lucy 10 Mar 1910 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
947 F4686
Collard, Edward Victor Nicholls, Annie Gwendoline 3 Aug 1927 Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
948 F3111
Collier, Harry Charles Smart, Gertrude Ellen 6 Aug 1923 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
949 F2887
Collins, James Gould, Margaret Evelyn   Apperly-Ball family 
950 F2127
Collins, William Frank Murray, Florence Margaret 15 May 1948 Montpelier, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
951 F3682
Colliss, Frank Reginald Rew, Rosey May 11 Sep 1915 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
952 F2389
Colman Smith, Hannah   Apperly-Ball family 
953 F3290
Colmer, Benjamin Avent Mallett, Emma Sophia 1869 Stoke Damerel, Devon, England  Apperly-Ball family 
954 F3287
Colmer, Benjamin Avent Harrington, Elizabeth Ann 1879 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
955 F3292
Colmer, William Charles Ford, Caroline 1915 Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
956 F1491
Coltman, Leslie Ferens Griffin, Ida Elizabeth 14 May 1927 Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
957 F4768
Colwell, Edward Gardner, Letitia 15 Mar 1881 Chelsea, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
958 F3306
Colwell, John Apperley, Anne 24 Apr 1816 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
959 F3308
Colwell, Richard Betty   Apperly-Ball family 
960 F5418
Compton, Neely M Missey, Elsie M 10 Aug 1932 Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
961 F3800
Constantine, Cornelius Adam Butler, Mabel Emma 25 Feb 1911 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
962 F4188
Constantine, Hector Cornelius Cunnington, Ethel May 1936 Worthing, Sussex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
963 F5804
Contini, Dominic Courtway, Caroline 8 Jun 1927 St. Louis, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
964 F5172
Cook, Allen J Whaley, Mary Helena 24 Nov 1915 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
965 F4683
Cook, Charles William Wood, Louisa Jane 18 Aug 1925 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
966 F6139
Cook, Charles William Wood, Margaret Elizabeth 1938 Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
967 F5759
Cook, George Whaley, Mary Helena 29 Nov 1917 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
968 F4674
Cook, Stanley Harvey, Edith Annie 11 Jul 1921 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
969 F1485
Cook, Valentine Griffin, Sarah Amelia Harriett 1880 Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
970 F4644
Cooley, Albert Bruce Hahnke, Lillian 28 Nov 1942 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
971 F2603
Cooley, Everett Jerome Paige, Ernestine K 9 Jul 1927 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
972 F2602
Cooley, Fred Arthur Farrell, Bessie Margaret 26 Nov 1936 River Rouge, Wayne, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
973 F1607
Cooley, Frederick Orlando McEachen, Caroline 2 May 1900 Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
974 F5011
Cooper, Charles Missey, Mary Margaret 21 Jan 1906 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
975 F1265
Cooper, George Burnie Faircloth, Anna Cecelia   Apperly-Ball family 
976 F5278
Cooper, William J Effie   Apperly-Ball family 
977 F5541
Cordia, Robert Vest, Elbie Ella 10 Apr 1937 Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
978 F3730
Corner, Christopher G Teagles, Rose Telfer 1911 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
979 F5952
Cother, Albert Henry Pease, Lucy Hannah 6 Sep 1896 Palo Alto, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
980 F5962
Cother, Clinton Elwood Kenison, Rena Mae 8 Mar 1937 Spirit Lake, Dickinson, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
981 F5975
Cother, Donald Ural Wedeking, Doris J 11 Sep 1946 Jackson, Jackson, Minnesota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
982 F5982
Cother, Elwyn H Margaret M   Apperly-Ball family 
983 F5973
Cother, James Ernest Lombard, Marietta 31 Dec 1928  Apperly-Ball family 
984 F5948
Cother, James Lewis Byerly, Laura 3 Nov 1886 Britt, Hancock, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
985 F3483
Cother, Joseph William Apperley, Olive Mary 11 May 1935 Whitminster, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
986 F5961
Cother, Leonard William Gray, Crystal Dora 12 Sep 1928 Spirit Lake, Dickinson, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
987 F5970
Cother, Ural Clayton Davis, Vivian Marie 6 Mar 1919 Freeport, Stephenson, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
988 F3754
Cother, William Hannah   Apperly-Ball family 
989 F2334
Cother, William Hatton, Sarah 11 Apr 1779 Oxenhall, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
990 F2337
Cother, William Hatton, Hannah 22 Jul 1806 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
991 F5945
Cother, William Underwood, Esther 1 Dec 1856 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
992 F5946
Cother, William Wesley Ring, Alta Belle 1 Jan 1891 Dickinson, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
993 F5951
Cother, William Wesley King, Lura 12 Mar 1925 Spirit Lake, Dickinson, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
994 F2805
Cottengim, Lee Argus Closson, Calla Lily   Apperly-Ball family 
995 F4734
Cotterell, William Sysum, Annie 31 Dec 1894 Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
996 F127
Couch, Harold Leonard Sunde, Effie Adelaide   Apperly-Ball family 
997 F70
Couch, William Edgar Apperley, Golda Rebecca 27 Apr 1903 Mariapolis, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
998 F3958
Coughlin, Edward C Coggins, Lilian Joan 1942 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
999 F1747
Coulbeck, Duncan William Marriott, Hilda May Maude 12 Jul 1933 Forest, Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1000 F3664
Coulbeck, Roy Thomas Curts, Sarah Ann Lillian 18 Nov 1935 Forest, Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1001 F1027
Coulbeck, William Henry Falconer, Elizabeth 9 Mar 1904 Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1002 F5412
Coulter, Paul Missey, Lora Essie   Apperly-Ball family 
1003 F5592
Courtaway, Albert Allen Duperret, Elma 28 Jun 1952 De Soto, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1004 F5589
Courtaway, Clarence William Taube, Idell   Apperly-Ball family 
1005 F5581
Courtaway, Fred Thomas Lewis, Lucille   Apperly-Ball family 
1006 F5575
Courtaway, Leo Fred Hoover, Gloria Fay   Apperly-Ball family 
1007 F5576
Courtaway, Leo Fred Baldwin, Doris 27 Oct 1951  Apperly-Ball family 
1008 F5585
Courtaway, Leslie Joseph Fulkerson, Helen Mae   Apperly-Ball family 
1009 F5588
Courtaway, Wallace Moses Johnson, Rhondda Phyllis   Apperly-Ball family 
1010 F5574
Courtaway, Walter Joseph Wilson, Minnie Theresa   Apperly-Ball family 
1011 F5591
Courtaway, William Joseph Jones, Virginia 31 Mar 1940 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1012 F4900
Courtaway, William Moses Vallé, Mary Teresa Felicite 6 Aug 1889 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1013 F5482
Courtois Missé, Louisa   Apperly-Ball family 
1014 F5736
Courtois, Amos William Courtway, Genevieve Loretta 23 Jun 1923 Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1015 F4843
Courtois, Barthelemi Dufour, Marie Louise Elizabeth Barbé 30 Oct 1838 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1016 F4831
Courtois, Barthelemi Missé, Marie Adeline 29 Jan 1860 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1017 F5650
Courtois, Charles Bartholomew Politte, Corinne   Apperly-Ball family 
1018 F5058
Courtois, Charles Bartholomew Politte, Mary Ann 5 Sep 1882 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1019 F5451
Courtois, Charles Daley Missey, Clara Edith 18 Aug 1923 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1020 F4902
Courtois, Eli Nicholas Coleman, Amanda 31 May 1892 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1021 F5379
Courtois, Felix John Politte, Mary Julia Mindie   Apperly-Ball family 
1022 F5251
Courtois, Ferdinand Bartholomew Dodd, Lucy   Apperly-Ball family 
1023 F4984
Courtois, Israel Missé, Marie Louise   Apperly-Ball family 
1024 F4890
Courtois, Jean Baptiste Horatus Coleman, Jane 17 Jul 1866 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1025 F5781
Courtois, Joseph Andrew Dean, Mary Nealia 19 May 1910 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1026 F5081
Courtois, Joseph James Ogé, Mary Eliza 10 Jul 1894 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1027 F5799
Courtois, Joseph Matthews Carr, Georgia 8 Aug 1936 Festus, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1028 F5668
Courtois, Joseph Simeon Merceil, Clara 27 Dec 1887 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1029 F5103
Courtois, Joseph Timon Politte, Mary Sarah   Apperly-Ball family 
1030 F5361
Courtois, Jules Ogé, Mary Isabell   Apperly-Ball family 
1031 F4891
Courtois, Jules Vallé, Isabelle 12 Jul 1868 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1032 F5070
Courtois, Jules Villemere, Alice 11 Jul 1893 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1033 F4896
Courtois, Jules Theodore Warden, Susan 5 Jun 1883 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1034 F5061
Courtois, Lewis Jefferson Aubuchon, Mary 7 Sep 1886 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1035 F5792
Courtois, Lilburn Joseph Slinkard, Bessie 2 Jan 1931 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1036 F5382
Courtois, Melvin Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
1037 F5779
Courtois, Peter Israel Troquet, Julia   Apperly-Ball family 
1038 F5676
Courtois, Teddy Fred Dorothy   Apperly-Ball family 
1039 F5675
Courtois, Teddy Fred Price, Opal Cindy 9 Feb 1928 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1040 F5365
Courtois, Theodore Maggie   Apperly-Ball family 
1041 F5009
Courtois, Theodore Vallé, Pelagie 23 Sep 1866 Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1042 F4822
Courtois, Zacharie Gouvereau, Cecile 3 May 1831 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1043 F5685
Courtway, Albert Warren Perkins, Pauline Bertie   Apperly-Ball family 
1044 F5763
Courtway, Ben Fabian Valley, Gladys 3 Nov 1940 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1045 F5694
Courtway, Bert John Derickson, Tinnie May   Apperly-Ball family 
1046 F5688
Courtway, Bert John Thomas, Lulabell 22 Apr 1924 Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1047 F5686
Courtway, Charles Edward Bone, Vida 10 Oct 1914 Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1048 F5241
Courtway, Charles Edward Sansoucie, Irene 19 Jul 1923 Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1049 F5645
Courtway, Daily Charles Coleman, Bertha 8 Sep 1938 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1050 F5740
Courtway, Edward Joseph Valley, Anna Marie 13 Nov 1935 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1051 F5764
Courtway, Edwin Elton Valley, Esther Mae 18 Dec 1946 Washington, Discrict of Columbia, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1052 F5739
Courtway, Elmer Luther Krapp, Fern   Apperly-Ball family 
1053 F5737
Courtway, Elmer Luther Mitchell, Etta May 22 Sep 1923 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1054 F5684
Courtway, Emmett Lucien Buzik, Gladys   Apperly-Ball family 
1055 F5741
Courtway, Frederick Joseph Moss, Susan 2 May 1918 Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1056 F5644
Courtway, John Benedict Boyer, Mary Alice 15 May 1923 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1057 F5651
Courtway, John Noah Huff, Alice Marie 11 Oct 1924 Tiff, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1058 F5652
Courtway, Joseph David Johnston, Genevieve 17 Jan 1920 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1059 F5727
Courtway, Joseph Elton Day, Edith 6 Sep 1924 Mineral Point, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1060 F5722
Courtway, Joseph Raphael Boyer, Mary Cornelia 22 May 1918 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1061 F5074
Courtway, Nary Allen Missey, Mary Calasque Armentee 1894 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1062 F5735
Courtway, Nelson Sylvester Courtois, Bernette 10 Oct 1944 De Soto, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1063 F5707
Courtway, Peter Francis Miller, Mamie   Apperly-Ball family 
1064 F5266
Courtway, Peter Francis Sansoucie, Lucy 23 Feb 1909 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1065 F5643
Courtway, Thomas Henry Coleman, Hattie 25 Aug 1920 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1066 F5682
Courtway, Thomas Lucian Sansoucie, Marie 29 Aug 1899 De Soto, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1067 F5801
Courtway, Timon McGee, Jane 20 Sep 1900 Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1068 F3539
Cousins, William H Dean, Mary Elizabeth 1942 Leek, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1069 F4722
Cowger, Gary Lee Harris, Doralee 11 Apr 1953  Apperly-Ball family 
1070 F4284
Cox, Bertie J Wyatt, Molly I 1942 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1071 F2112
Cox, Robert William Henry, Dorothy Ann 25 Sep 1954 Northfield, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1072 F2315
Coxe, Christopher Alice   Apperly-Ball family 
1073 F2321
Coxe, Christopher Margaret   Apperly-Ball family 
1074 F2316
Coxe, John    Apperly-Ball family 
1075 F2314
Coxe, John Joyce   Apperly-Ball family 
1076 F2322
Coxe, Thomas Ann   Apperly-Ball family 
1077 F5391
Cragget, William Missey, Mary Letitia   Apperly-Ball family 
1078 F4917
Cramp, Michel Grenon, Marie Celeste Clothilde 10 Sep 1847 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1079 F4958
Crandall, John Ransom Myerson, Lucille Doris 4 Jun 1917 St. Louis, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1080 F4643
Cranmer, Lytle Sinclair Cooley, Ellen Lucille 2 Jun 1928 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1081 F4319
Crawford    Apperly-Ball family 
1082 F1627
Crawford, Burton Kenneth Lindsay, Evelyn Margaret Alice 27 Mar 1937 Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1083 F1205
Creedy, Charles Ball, Ada 3 Aug 1896 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1084 F4736
Crees, William George Sysum, Alice Maud 24 Apr 1929 Churchdown, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1085 F5578
Crenshaw, Roy Woodrow Courtaway, Lottie M   Apperly-Ball family 
1086 F3784
Criggall, Sydney Allan Masters, Irene   Apperly-Ball family 
1087 F4102
Cripps, William James Phelps, Sarah Jane 6 Aug 1883 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1088 F1023
Crisp, Henry Robert Toles, Myrtle Jane 24 Aug 1920 Enniskillen, Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1089 F1812
Critchley, Clifford Johnson, Doris Elizabeth 28 Apr 1934 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1090 F4341
Critchley, John Herbert Jackson, Emily 1905 New Zealand  Apperly-Ball family 
1091 F674
Croat, August Stanislaus Dugan, Margaret 1 Oct 1924  Apperly-Ball family 
1092 F3945
Croft, John Arthur Rees, Susannah 1937 Chester, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1093 F1909
Crossman, Joseph Parry Ball, Maud 1923 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1094 F3629
Crouse Haines, Valerie Easson   Apperly-Ball family 
1095 F2575
Crowe, Martin Wallington, Florence Elizabeth   Apperly-Ball family 
1096 F2572
Crowley, Frederick William Wallington, Mabel Edith Isabella 1931 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1097 F5247
Crump, August Beauchamp, Mary Louise Augustine 10 Jan 1882 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1098 F4666
Crump, Henry Martin Cadle, Emily Annie 9 Oct 1913 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1099 F4433
Crump, Percy James Barnes, Emily 1913 Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1100 F4
Crump, Samuel Preston, Ellen 22 Mar 1874 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1101 F11
Crump, Samuel Yarnold, Charlotte 1884 Worcester, Worcestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1102 F4479
Crunkhurn, Arthur Gardner, Lizzie 24 Apr 1920 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1103 F3445
Cuffley, Kenneth Edward Hill, Eileen Winifred J 1947 New Forest, Hampshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1104 F745
Cullender, John Scribner, Ruth Bertha 18 Nov 1913 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1105 F747
Cullender, John Elbert Jordhiem, Ruby Between 1940 and 1945 Elrose, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1106 F2922
Cullis, Albert John Davies, Lilian Edna 1949 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1107 F1978
Cummings, Lawrence R Wallington, Hilda E 26 Dec 1917 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1108 F2332
Cummins, Joseph Hatton, Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
1109 F2740
Cunningham, Clement Glenmore Trimble, Nora Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
1110 F553
Cunningham, James Alfred Brooks, Eva Ottila 19 Jul 1915 Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1111 F2741
Cunningham, James Edward Shuter, Ina   Apperly-Ball family 
1112 F4789
Curley Henry, Rose A   Apperly-Ball family 
1113 F6210
Curthoys, Charles C Pitt, Gwendoline Jessie 1922 Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1114 F6205
Dalton, Charles M Harrington, Gwendoline 1924 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1115 F3655
Daly, Alexander John Robinson, Jessie 11 Oct 1934 North Bay, Nipissing, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1116 F5120
Dance, Francis William    Apperly-Ball family 
1117 F5118
Dance, Francis William Carey, Mary Ann 24 Sep 1887 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1118 F6176
Dance, Lionel George Thomas Gouldinggay, Violet 16 Feb 1913 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1119 F3779
Dancy, Frederick Arthur Bolton, Florence 27 Nov 1926 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1120 F4263
Dando, William J Keirl, Gladys Irene Ellen 1939 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1121 F5440
Danieley Bridwell, Elizabeth Ann   Apperly-Ball family 
1122 F4282
Darby, Francis Joseph Chipperfield, Ruth May 1940 Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1123 F1903
Darby, John Edward Worvell, Edith Louisa 9 Feb 1901 Hammersmith, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1124 F5910
Darlington, Peter Morgan, Miriam 1921 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1125 F217
Darragh, William John Macey, Emily Muriel 3 Dec 1902 Oxbow, Assiniboia, Northwest Territories, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1126 F5756
Daugherty, David Henry Coleman, Dorothy Mae 12 Oct 1937 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1127 F3024
Davey, Frank Leslie White, Mabel Irene 16 Feb 1921 Westbourne, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1128 F5332
Davey, John Jake Poe, Vivian   Apperly-Ball family 
1129 F1549
Davidson, James McGuire, Lydia 2 Nov 1882 McDougall, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1130 F1026
Davidson, Lawrence Edward Falconer, Angeline 29 Jun 1910 Plympton, Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1131 F1552
Davidson, Richard Henry Dainard, Avis 23 Dec 1920 Gogama, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1132 F1634
Davidson, William Grant, Marjorie Rose   Apperly-Ball family 
1133 F5883
Davies, Albert Edward Manchipp, Annie Louisa 1926 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1134 F6175
Davies, Alfred John Dance, Alice Ruth Esther 25 Dec 1922 Bordesley, Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1135 F1682
Davies, Charles Joseph Manship, Eliza 1900 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1136 F3626
Davies, David Rees, Jane   Apperly-Ball family 
1137 F4032
Davies, David John Griffiths, Beatrice Mary 1920 Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1138 F3566
Davies, Edward Burford, Emma Martha 1904 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1139 F2710
Davies, Henry Hatton, Mary Anne 12 Dec 1871 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1140 F1114
Davies, James Barnett, Harriet 1900 Goldenhill, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1141 F5942
Davies, John Badham, Emily 1918 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1142 F4352
Davies, John Samuel Voisey, Edith 1902 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1143 F4261
Davies, Llewellyn Howell Taylor, Margaret J 1940 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1144 F4031
Davies, Morgan George Evans, Florence May 1929 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1145 F4028
Davies, Philip Watkins, Lilian 1919 Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1146 F3796
Davies, Phillip Bolton, Emma Jane 1876 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1147 F6177
Davies, Thomas Lewis, Sarah M 1920 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1148 F4363
Private Voisey, Mary M 1957 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1149 F4356
Davies, William H Voisey, Mary Olive 1923 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1150 F4495
Davies, William Henry Collum, Oenwen 1920 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1151 F6030
Davies, William Raymond Manship, Lilian 1937 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1152 F3082
Davis, Albert J Maul, Millicent 1940 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1153 F5197
Davis, Amon Missey, Mary Ethel   Apperly-Ball family 
1154 F5020
Davis, Francis Valle, Leola Gladys   Apperly-Ball family 
1155 F5714
Davis, George Sansoucie, Mary Pelagie 11 Jul 1912 Fertile, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1156 F6114
Davis, Hubert Jesse Goscombe, Emily Amelia 25 Apr 1931 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1157 F5719
Davis, James Leroy Coleman, Mary Ethel 16 Aug 1934 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1158 F5720
Davis, Thomas Pashia, Kathleen Marie 31 Dec 1935 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1159 F3736
Davis, William Williams, Regina Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
1160 F451
Davis, William Chorley, Fanny 11 Feb 1900 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1161 F1892
Dawson, Richard McCullough, Margaret Anna 30 Jun 1910 Kincardine, Bruce, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1162 F2251
Dawson, Stanley Warren McDonald, Mary 12 Dec 1925 Harrow, Essex, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1163 F1193
Day, Alfred George Hull, Florence Fanny 1909 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1164 F2944
Day, Ronald Arthur Lawrence, Alice Phyllis 1936 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1165 F2962
Day, Sydney Herbert Bliss, Alice Freda 1935 Dover, Kent, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1166 F4103
Deakins, Andrew Smith, Annie Sophia 16 Jul 1893 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1167 F4233
Dean, Ewart James Evans, Dora Ada Ellen 1933 Bournemouth, Hampshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1168 F3532
Dean, William Barnett, Elizabeth Ann 1903 Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1169 F5728
Dearing, Earl Emmett Dawson, Betty Eileen 22 Aug 1943 Vineland, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1170 F5726
Dearing, Henry Buford Courtway, Mary Josephine 27 Nov 1916 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1171 F5723
Dearing, Walter Boyer, Mary Cornelia   Apperly-Ball family 
1172 F5005
DeCharles, David Guenette, Elmire   Apperly-Ball family 
1173 F1290
Deck, Robin Howell Skinner, Mabel Annie 17 Jan 1915 New Zealand  Apperly-Ball family 
1174 F5452
Declue Missey, Freda   Apperly-Ball family 
1175 F5689
Declue, Clyde Benedict Chavez, Frances Armijo   Apperly-Ball family 
1176 F5532
DeClue, Francis Osia, Bridget 7 Nov 1917 Herculaneum, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1177 F5780
Declue, John Stephen Courtois, Mary Fanny 10 Feb 1904 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1178 F5242
Declue, Joseph John Courtois, Mary Alice 19 Jan 1909 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1179 F5753
DeClue, Patrick Edward Boyer, Margaret M 20 Sep 1923 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1180 F5601
Degonia, Oscar Bourbon, Viola   Apperly-Ball family 
1181 F5725
Degonia, Oscar Courtway, Ella Sarah   Apperly-Ball family 
1182 F5223
Delcour, James M Sarah Jane   Apperly-Ball family 
1183 F4976
Delcour, John Louis Nicholas Massey, Eliza Jane   Apperly-Ball family 
1184 F4814
Delcour, Nicholas B Missé, Marie Barbe 21 Jul 1835 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1185 F2794
DeLuck, Frederick Cornelius Gorham, Barbara Mabel   Apperly-Ball family 
1186 F2804
DeLuck, Neal F Dionne, Rita B   Apperly-Ball family 
1187 F1547
Demidovsky, Gregory Reekie, Beatrice 2 Oct 1918 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1188 F2285
Denault, Gary Skyrud, Sharon Faye Cal 1974  Apperly-Ball family 
1189 F2240
Denault, George Joseph Hebert, Florence Mary 6 Oct 1943 Milton, Cavalier, North Dakota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1190 F1887
Denneyson, John Tomlinson, Anne 26 Dec 1876 Kincardine, Bruce, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1191 F4851
Denny, Charles Eugene Edna   Apperly-Ball family 
1192 F4850
Denny, Oscar Adrian Gunther, Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
1193 F4849
Denny, Samuel    Apperly-Ball family 
1194 F4847
Denny, Samuel Mundy, Ann   Apperly-Ball family 
1195 F5206
DePew, Emory Doyle Missey, Helen Bertha 4 Jun 1927 Ironton, Iron, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1196 F5387
Derickson, John Politte, Elizabeth 26 Aug 1914 De Soto, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1197 F4793
Devine, Edward Francis Smith, Edna   Apperly-Ball family 
1198 F2099
Devine, Frank Stanley Spellacy, Mary Agnes 18 Aug 1930 Waterbury, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1199 F2096
Devine, James Daniels, Mabel A 18 Sep 1889 Montpelier, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1200 F2097
Devine, John W Fountain, Margaret A 27 Apr 1881 Berlin, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1201 F506
Devine, Michael Morrow, Bridget Delia 25 Nov 1852  Apperly-Ball family 
1202 F512
Devine, Patrick Daniel Maguire, Rose Mary 7 Jun 1905 Providence, Rhode Island, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1203 F2117
Devine, Raymond Thomas Morse, Alice Mary 2 Jul 1949 Waterbury, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1204 F2116
Devine, Robert Thayer Russell, Phyllis May 29 Oct 1955 Bennington, Bennington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1205 F507
Devine, Thomas Morrow, Maria   Apperly-Ball family 
1206 F2098
Devine, Thomas Joseph Thayer, Mildred Grace 9 Apr 1924 Waterbury, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1207 F2089
Devine, Thomas Martin Martin, Joanna 11 Aug 1908 Waterbury, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1208 F2115
Devine, Thomas Martin Cavaneau, Celia 9 Jan 1926 Waterbury, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1209 F2090
Devine, William Ferguson Toohey, Mary Catherine 23 Oct 1899 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1210 F3612
Dewey, Hedley Tresham Apperley, Beatrice Mary 1925 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1211 F4592
Dewey, Thomas Reed Bundy, Marilyn Jane 27 Jun 1952 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1212 F5253
Private Apperley, Margaret Sarah   Apperly-Ball family 
1213 F4794
Diamond, Donald Moshier Devine, Mary Agnes   Apperly-Ball family 
1214 F2342
Dick, James Hatton, Catherine   Apperly-Ball family 
1215 F5159
Dickerman, Frank A Missey, Mary Bertha   Apperly-Ball family 
1216 F5453
Dickinson, Homer Jodeph Missey, Cora Edna 21 Apr 1923 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1217 F6247
Dillard, Luther Bates, Carmen Apr 1921  Apperly-Ball family 
1218 F2668
Dillinger, Amil Turner Yocum, Mary Adeline   Apperly-Ball family 
1219 F1604
Dillman, Willis Earl McEachen, Marion Charlotte 12 Apr 1927 St. Louis, Minnesota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1220 F2227
Dillon, John Robert Devine, Betsy Ann   Apperly-Ball family 
1221 F2228
Dillon, John Robert Hannah   Apperly-Ball family 
1222 F204
Dimond, Virgil Eugene Apperley, Linda Lee 26 Mar 1966 Genesee, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1223 F1795
Dingwall, Thomas Gordon Mills, Ainsley 19 Mar 1943 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1224 F3459
Disdale, Frederick Leslie Woodman, Hilda 1944 Willesden, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1225 F3452
Disdale, Harold Hunter, Margaret Louisa Bowles 1940 Hendon, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1226 F3455
Disdale, Reginald Robert Ward, Lilian Emily 1927 Willesden, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1227 F1276
Disdale, Robert Warner Worvell, Martha Kate 1899 Kensington, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1228 F6035
Dix, Arthur Frederick Allen, Mima Florence 1937 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1229 F6235
Dixon, Lewis M Swain, Daisy 14 Feb 1949 Manhattan, New York, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1230 F3957
Dobbs, Ronald V Coggins, Marjorie Phyllis 1940 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1231 F1599
Dodd, George Edward Richmond, Vera Hazel 28 Aug 1930 Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1232 F5448
Dodd, Turner Caine, Effie   Apperly-Ball family 
1233 F5413
Doebber, Joseph Missey, Lucille   Apperly-Ball family 
1234 F5248
Doerge, Louis Beauchamp, Anne Hanora 26 Dec 1883 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1235 F4528
Doerkson, Claire Hugh McLeod, Edna Allison   Apperly-Ball family 
1236 F480
Doerkson, Harry John Wiggins, Bertha Kathleen   Apperly-Ball family 
1237 F4092
Donague, Thomas Palmer, Mary Elizabeth 14 Jul 1864 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1238 F4093
Donague, William Thomas Michael Bayley, Mary 13 Jun 1886 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1239 F5732
Donald,, Carl Robert Courtway, Etta Letitia 7 Mar 1931 Potosi, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1240 F4448
Dool, Orville Hugh Arkley, Rubel May 17 Aug 1927 Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1241 F6090
Dorling, Arthur William Phelps, Edith Amy 3 Jun 1933 Sutton, Norfolk, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1242 F2841
Dosson, Ralph Nicholls Haysham, Olive Mary 1925 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1243 F5949
Doughty, George Vesper Cother, Mary Elizabeth 9 Feb 1887 Spirit Lake, Dickinson, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1244 F5977
Doughty, Gladwin A Catherine   Apperly-Ball family 
1245 F3058
Doughty, Percival John Knox, Benita Jane 19 May 1900 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1246 F5976
Doughty, Philip H Valeria E   Apperly-Ball family 
1247 F5778
Douglas, William Sansoucie, Mary Lucy   Apperly-Ball family 
1248 F942
Dowdell, Henry Parker Tomlinson, Charlotte 6 May 1869 Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1249 F1010
Dowdell, Samuel Henry Parish, Bella 26 Feb 1902 Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1250 F2081
Downer, Harry Edward Pobgee, Florence Dorothy Maud 29 Oct 1932 Croydon, Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1251 F2080
Downer, Sidney Samuels, Rosa Alice 29 Jun 1929 Croydon, Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1252 F141
Downer, Walter Gardner, Eliza 14 Apr 1874 Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1253 F446
Downer, Walter Harvey Tomblin, Mary Jane 18 Mar 1896 Oxhey, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1254 F3681
Doyle, John Walker York, Margaret Ann 18 Sep 1925 Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1255 F3495
Doyle, Philip B Mann, Lucy Winifred Mary 1923 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1256 F2510
Draime, Myron Leroy Wallington, Genevieve Alice   Apperly-Ball family 
1257 F4518
Drake, Henry Thomas Reed, Elizabeth Mary 29 Dec 1903 Cape Town, South Africa  Apperly-Ball family 
1258 F4520
Drake, John Francis Williams, Valerie June   Apperly-Ball family 
1259 F4519
Drake, William Henry Antonelli, Iris   Apperly-Ball family 
1260 F5435
Drennen, Herman Missey, Laura Eunice 1 Jun 1929 Grubville, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1261 F3109
Drew, Charles Roberts Watkins, Laura 5 Mar 1894 Preston, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1262 F2124
Drinkwine, LeRoy Arthur Murray, Josephine Rosemary 23 Feb 1952 Montpelier, Washington, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1263 F3946
Driscoll, Frederick Rees, Sarah Jane   Apperly-Ball family 
1264 F2711
Driver, Charles Hatton, Emma 24 Dec 1861 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1265 F3303
Duckers, Alfred Avent Wallace, Amy Elizabeth 1925 Walsall, Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1266 F3304
Duckers, Eric Walter Cook, Dorothy Mary 1939 Dover, Kent, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1267 F3296
Duckers, Harold Colmer Broome, Edith 1934 Codsall, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1268 F3288
Duckers, William Joseph Colmer, Blanche Leah 2 Apr 1899 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1269 F5584
Duckworth, Earl C Courtaway, Bertha   Apperly-Ball family 
1270 F4830
Duclos, Alexander Washington Missé, Marie Susanne 30 May 1858 Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1271 F5243
Duclos, Sylvanus Yates, Mary Caroline   Apperly-Ball family 
1272 F1461
Dudderidge, Henry Alfred Pitman, Alma Alice 4 Nov 1907 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1273 F3536
Dudfield, Alfred Taylor, Louisa 7 Aug 1905 Dymock, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1274 F3524
Dudfield, George Gillett, Elizabeth 17 Oct 1870 Linton, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1275 F3541
Dudfield, George Dudfield, Amelia 24 Apr 1897 Gelligaer, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1276 F4739
Dudfield, George Blows, Edith Nelly 1940 Coventry, Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1277 F5993
Dudfield, George Alfred Everingham, Mary 1934 Bucklow, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1278 F4220
Dudfield, Henry Pankhurst, Charlotte Caroline 17 Jan 1915 Caerphilly, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1279 F3433
Dudfield, John Apperley, Esther 15 Nov 1838 Dymock, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1280 F3523
Dudfield, John Baylis, Elizabeth Mar 1876 Bishopswood, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1281 F3568
Dudfield, John Whitfield, Minnie Kate 6 Nov 1905 Eglwysilan, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1282 F5931
Dudfield, John Edgar Davies, Sarah Ann 1938 Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1283 F3525
Dudfield, Joseph Townsend, Mary 13 Feb 1867 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1284 F4670
Dudfield, Walter Merritt, Gladys Hilda 27 Jan 1917 Hardwicke, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1285 F3542
Dudfield, William Lane, Emily 1904 Ross, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1286 F1019
Dudley, Joseph Barnett, Frances 17 Nov 1862 Wrenbury, Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1287 F1350
Dudley, William Barnett Peate, Annie 1889 Wem, Shropshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1288 F1394
Dufek, Robert Louis Kelso, Pearl Katherine 18 Jan 1947 St. Louis, Minnesota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1289 F4842
DuFour, Louis Missé, Hortense Arsène   Apperly-Ball family 
1290 F1000
Dugan, Edward Howard Johnson, Marie L   Apperly-Ball family 
1291 F6
Dugan, Edward Howard Clark, Mary Ellen 20 Jul 1908 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1292 F29
Dugan, Eugene Edward Dillabough, Thelma Eliza Alice 12 Apr 1938 Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1293 F30
Dugan, George Washington Morrin, Margaret 1940  Apperly-Ball family 
1294 F28
Dugan, Henry Howard Mettlewsky, Brunhilde  Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1295 F1845
Dugan, Howard Melvine Dady, Mabel Nellie   Apperly-Ball family 
1296 F869
Dugan, James Joseph Ristau, Patricia Rose   Apperly-Ball family 
1297 F670
Dugan, Jess Behrends, Elsie 8 Apr 1916 Algona, Kossuth, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1298 F673
Dugan, Joseph Johnson, Agnes Bef 1930 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1299 F642
Dugan, Joseph Robert White, Ruthene 10 Oct 1861 LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1300 F664
Dugan, Joseph Robert Martha 2 Jul 1885 Ottawa, LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1301 F690
Dugan, Lawrence Lewis Otto, Maude Belle 8 Oct 1896 Wenona, Marshall, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1302 F31
Dugan, Lewis William Lawrence Barsaloux, Gladys Beatrice 17 Nov 1936 Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1303 F647
Dugan, Lewis Younger Fell, Emily 28 Nov 1869 LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1304 F1221
Dugan, Marshall Henry Everett, Nellie   Apperly-Ball family 
1305 F666
Dugan, Marshall Henry Kelso, Mary 15 Apr 1895 LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1306 F1218
Dugan, Marshall Henry Bohan, Anna 26 Jan 1904 Salina, Saline, Kansas, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1307 F660
Dugan, Moses Nelson Henning, Katherine C 21 Dec 1882 Lostant, LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1308 F644
Dugan, Nelson Stroud, Mary Ann 15 Jul 1837 Putnam, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1309 F693
Dugan, Ralph Joseph Trenary, Virginia Mary 7 Apr 1940 Nashua, Chickasaw, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1310 F651
Dugan, Richard Addison Howard, Elizabeth Marie 20 Sep 1947 Oak Park, Cook, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1311 F661
Dugan, Robert Nelson, Alice   Apperly-Ball family 
1312 F649
Dugan, Samuel Addison Fitzgerald, Katherine A 27 Nov 1895 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1313 F710
Dugan, Wayne Donald Winch, Mary Jane 7 Jun 1949 George, Lyon, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1314 F357
Dugan, William Howard Kelso, Elizabeth Ann 20 Nov 1887 LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1315 F640
Dugan, William Howard Dooley, Catherine 22 Apr 1903 Hancock, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1316 F699
Dugan, William Howard Peck, Bessie Irene 16 May 1908 Mitchell, Davison, South Dakota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1317 F650
Dugan, William Lawrence Dougherty, Jesseline Lillian Veronica 2 Jun 1920 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1318 F2678
Dumont, Ernest Lyla   Apperly-Ball family 
1319 F2255
Dumont, Noble Octave Bemadjiwan, Ida 24 Sep 1928 Shawanaga, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1320 F1543
Dumont, Octave Bennett, Mary Jane 5 Jun 1900 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1321 F2284
Dumont, Thomas Edwin McLaughlin, Gladys   Apperly-Ball family 
1322 F2254
Dumont, William Whiston, Hattie 2 Sep 1922 Midland, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1323 F6092
Dumphy, James Davies, Elizabeth A 1924 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1324 F4202
Dumphy, John Ferris, Matilda 1892 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1325 F803
Dunbar, David Pulle, Mary 26 Mar 1887 Poplar, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1326 F1338
Dunbar, David Sherval, Martha Mary 3 Aug 1907 Camberwell, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1327 F3070
Dunbar, Lionel David Penn, Edith Florence 22 Aug 1915 Poplar, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1328 F1770
Duncan Smith, Bernice   Apperly-Ball family 
1329 F2270
Dunlop, Glen Allen    Apperly-Ball family 
1330 F921
Dunlop, James Grant, Minnie Rose   Apperly-Ball family 
1331 F2506
Dunlop, Murray Lee Lambert, Moyra Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
1332 F4077
Dunn, James Phelps, Sophia 3 Feb 1889 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1333 F6194
Dunphy, James Newton, Elizabeth Ann 1904 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1334 F3851
Dunton, William Henry Lane, Henrietta 1915 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1335 F3878
Duquenne, Georges C Hurford, Marjorie Irene 1947 Holyoke, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1336 F3552
Dyas, John Leisk Brown, Audrey N 25 Aug 1923  Apperly-Ball family 
1337 F4575
Dyas, John Liesk Morse, Georgianna L 12 May 1944 Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1338 F638
Dybdahl, Irwin J Stoddart, Harriet M 5 Jul 1933 Minnehaha, South Dakota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1339 F3876
Dye Hineman, Ollie Elizabeth   Apperly-Ball family 
1340 F1644
Dyer, James Edward Zelcoski, Bernice   Apperly-Ball family 
1341 F1646
Dyer, James Edward Smith, Hazel Margaret 31 Jan 1934 Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1342 F1581
Dyer, James Robinson Peachey, Ethel Georgina 18 Nov 1906 Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1343 F1662
Dyer, Robert    Apperly-Ball family 
1344 F4993
Eagan, Thomas Mundy, Josephine 1 Apr 1876 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1345 F4991
Eagan, Thomas Boyer, Henrietta 26 Aug 1896 De Soto, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1346 F4469
Eagleton, Arthur T Weller, Katherine Edwina 1955 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1347 F282
Easson, Douglas Glen Ross, Alma   Apperly-Ball family 
1348 F2884
Easson, Douglas Glen Fraser, Anne Moffat   Apperly-Ball family 
1349 F278
Easson, James Francis Wallace Hamilton, Isabel Mabel 12 Aug 1924  Apperly-Ball family 
1350 F168
Easson, Wallace Henderson Apperley, Hannah Evangeline 27 Feb 1901 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1351 F1224
East, Frederick Worvell, Martha Maria 25 Jan 1897 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1352 F4407
Easter, George Samuel John Byard, Olive Theresa 1940 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1353 F5968
Eastman, Arthur Oliver Clark, Lillian May 14 Dec 1904 Dickinson, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1354 F1732
Eaton, Victor Roland Bannerman, Clara Ida Lucinda 20 Jun 1925 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1355 F3205
Eccles, Clanton Fowler, Elma Kathleen 29 Aug 1935 Colfax, Whitman, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1356 F4604
Eddy, Blair Gillham, Marjorie 1950  Apperly-Ball family 
1357 F4292
Edge, Samuel Apperley, Christine May 8 Oct 1928 Knighton, Radnorshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1358 F5034
Edington, George Thomsin   Apperly-Ball family 
1359 F1848
Edmisten, Earl Dugan, May Irene 1935 Mitchell, Davison, South Dakota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1360 F3781
Edmonds, Philip Masters, Phyllis May 9 Jun 1927 Swansea, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1361 F5959
Edwards, Calvin Cother, Versa Honor 16 Sep 1911 Dickinson, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1362 F5979
Edwards, Calvin Wesley Buck, Ruby Elnora   Apperly-Ball family 
1363 F1227
Edwards, Frank W Bruce, Vere Edna 24 Jan 1909 Welland, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1364 F3179
Edwards, Hatton Josiah Henry Constable, Mabel 1901 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1365 F2368
Edwards, Henry Edwin Hatton, Matilda Jane 25 Mar 1866 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1366 F6229
Edwards, James H Apperley, Lilian Kate 1927 Fylde, Lancashire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1367 F4410
Edwards, John William Scott, Florence 12 Oct 1907 Chorlton, Lancashire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1368 F4402
Edwards, Wilfred Frederick Farmer, Phyllis 1941 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1369 F4798
Eggenberger, Robert Nelson, Terri Barbara 1954 Fleminton, Hunterdon, New Jersey, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1370 F4358
Eley, William James Voisey, Winifred May 1934 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1371 F193
Elines, Jack Henry Apperley, Helen Dorothy 3 Oct 1933 Simcoe, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1372 F5863
Elkin, Joseph H Paddington, Annie Maud 1932 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1373 F3095
Ellam, Albert Richard Gardner, Violet 1915 Pancras, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1374 F4589
Ellefson, Eldred Selmer Bundy, Barbara Ann 20 Aug 1949  Apperly-Ball family 
1375 F1617
Ellerker, George Stanley Russell, Jennie May 5 May 1915 Petrolia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1376 F3223
Elliot, Ray Devine, Ida Ellen   Apperly-Ball family 
1377 F3672
Elliott, George Thomas Smart, Annie Caroline 2 Feb 1935 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1378 F3673
Elliott, Thomas Ernest Lamb, Louise Mary   Apperly-Ball family 
1379 F4598
Ellis, Ethelbert A Apperley, Lillie Florence 4 Aug 1924 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1380 F3824
Elson, Mark William James Parker, Eleanor Olive 22 Apr 1916 Littleton, Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1381 F3342
Elson, William Apperley, Maria 1885 Hereford, Herefordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1382 F6081
Embling, James Watson Hodges, Dorothea Gladys 24 Sep 1925 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1383 F5683
England, Benjamin Courtway, Kathryn   Apperly-Ball family 
1384 F4574
Ernsberger, Melvin L Dyas, Doris Ann 28 Oct 1950 Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1385 F115
Ervin, James White, Isabella 23 Dec 1863 Simcoe, Canada West  Apperly-Ball family 
1386 F2611
Ervin, Thomas James Wagner, Nellie 2 Aug 1905 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1387 F2612
Ervin, Thomas James Hash, Margaret Alice 3 Aug 1939  Apperly-Ball family 
1388 F2113
Escott, Francis William Lyman, Eleanor Mary 5 May 1948 Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1389 F4625
Essaunce, Vance Dumont, Lottie Selina 13 Sep 1933 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1390 F2425
Eva, Ross Hoy, Nancy Wilmot  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  Apperly-Ball family 
1391 F5262
Evans Meesey, Mary Adelia   Apperly-Ball family 
1392 F3418
Evans, Arthur Charles Apperley, Dora Ada 26 Dec 1908 Llanrhos, Caernarvonshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1393 F1763
Evans, Ashley Allen Ball, Winifred Joan 1942 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1394 F5790
Evans, Dave Courtois, Dorothy Lucille   Apperly-Ball family 
1395 F4027
Evans, David John Davies, Catherine 1905 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1396 F3950
Evans, Emlyn Rees, Sarah   Apperly-Ball family 
1397 F4036
Evans, Evan Philip Cronin, Mary Patricia 1949 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1398 F4035
Evans, Francis Jones, Catherine 1935 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1399 F2940
Evans, Frederick George Gardner, Nancy Rose 1942 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1400 F5116
Evans, George Trigg, Lizzy Maria 17 Sep 1904 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1401 F6137
Evans, Harold G Niblett, Rose Gertrude 1928 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1402 F1473
Evans, Herbert Wallace Pulle, Ivy Eva Mary 1932 Bromley, Kent, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1403 F4553
Evans, James Owen Apperley, Annie 1903 Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1404 F5901
Evans, John Owen Broad, Doris I 1932 Croydon, Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1405 F4034
Evans, William Morgan, Mair Eluned 1937 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1406 F6166
Evans, William James Way, Mary Ann 20 Dec 1924 Aberavon, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1407 F4293
Everall, William John Apperley, Theodora Rebecca 5 Sep 1916 Knighton, Radnorshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1408 F1344
Evered, George Randall Critcher, Mary Ann 29 Mar 1902 Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1409 F2648
Everetts, Raymond Thomas Schultz, Margaret 25 Jan 1935 Wibaux, Montana, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1410 F700
Everetts, Thomas Robert Kelso, Bridget Agnes   Apperly-Ball family 
1411 F3264
Everitt, Reginald William James Dunbar, Edith Mary 1939 West Ham, Essex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1412 F3231
Eyles, George Gardner, Rebecca Weedon 4 Sep 1864 Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1413 F1580
Fagerberg, Gust T Bell, Catherine Jane 3 Jun 1905 Marquette, Marquette, Michigan, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1414 F1242
Faircloth, Frank Kelso, Mary 23 Nov 1898 LaSalle, Illinois, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1415 F1001
Falconer, Duncan Tomlinson, Margaret 5 Nov 1872 Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1416 F1742
Falconer, Frederick McNee Brash, Wilma Maureen 1970  Apperly-Ball family 
1417 F1532
Falconer, John Brander, Louella   Apperly-Ball family 
1418 F1028
Falconer, McNee Moorhouse, Lettie Winifred 8 Jun 1904 Mosa, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1419 F3250
Falconer, Robert Alexander Joan   Apperly-Ball family 
1420 F1024
Falconer, Samuel Rodey, Melissa Jean 29 Mar 1913 Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1421 F3686
Falconer, Wilmot Duncan    Apperly-Ball family 
1422 F4989
Fallet, Charles Mundy, Jeanne 26 Feb 1878 Richwoods, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1423 F277
Farino, Andrew Clement Apperley, Margaret Elizabeth 3 May 1945 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1424 F6064
Farmer, Daniel Oates, Margaret Ellen 1928 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1425 F3526
Farmer, Edwin Dudfield, Mary 6 Dec 1865 Dymock, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1426 F6063
Farmer, Edwin Flynn, Margaret 22 May 1923 Cyfarthfa, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1427 F3564
Farmer, Edwin Thomas Williams, Hannah 8 Apr 1894 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1428 F3567
Farmer, Harry Hubbard, Mary Ann 1909 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1429 F6065
Farmer, Joseph Evans, Bronwen May 1933 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1430 F6258
Farris, Roy Gregory, Mattie   Apperly-Ball family 
1431 F5170
Fay, William John Missey, Mary Clara   Apperly-Ball family 
1432 F4685
Fear, Sydney Walter Bolton, Winifred Hettie 26 Dec 1927 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1433 F5898
Feasey, Albert E Butler, Edith May 1964 Cuckfield, Sussex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1434 F1949
Fee, William Henry McCulloch, Maggie   Apperly-Ball family 
1435 F5844
Fehner Laplante, Mary Modesta   Apperly-Ball family 
1436 F3870
Feirn, Geoffrey Bryan Dunton, Betty Louise 1951 Croydon, Surrey, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1437 F4572
Fenley, Ellis Hicks, Margaret Amy   Apperly-Ball family 
1438 F5793
Fenwick, Joseph Courtois, Louise Rose 23 Dec 1938 Old Mines, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1439 F665
Ferguson Martha   Apperly-Ball family 
1440 F1769
Ferguson, Kenneth Smith, Doris Blanche   Apperly-Ball family 
1441 F6228
Ferguson, William Worvell, Edith Jane 1913 Leeds, Yorkshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1442 F2976
Fernie, James Thomas George Dudderidge, Dorothy Nita 1939 Gateshead, Durham, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1443 F1093
Ferrall, Arthur William Byers, Margaret E   Apperly-Ball family 
1444 F1262
Ferris, Albert A Hammitt, Irma D   Apperly-Ball family 
1445 F4200
Ferris, James Bolton, Charity Ann 23 Jan 1855 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1446 F1509
Field, Sidney Frederick Charles Ringham, Rosalind Joy 1934 Bath, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1447 F173
Filer, Thomas William Apperley, Mary Ann 6 May 1862 York, Canada West  Apperly-Ball family 
1448 F3177
Firkins, Tom Hatton, May 21 Oct 1908 Longlevens, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1449 F1592
Fisher, Douglas Morris Nelson, Elsie Lulu 19 Aug 1918 Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1450 F3480
Fishpool, Albert Apperley, Bertha Kathleen 1938 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1451 F672
Fitzgerald, William Albert Dugan, Mary Elizabeth 1 Apr 1918 Whittemore, Kossuth, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1452 F851
Fitzgerald, William Francis Schirm, Georgia May 18 Feb 1952 Algona, Kossuth, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1453 F161
Flanagan, John Gallaway, Matilda 19 Mar 1846 Bond Head, Simcoe, Canada West  Apperly-Ball family 
1454 F3537
Flannery, Edward Dean, Clara 1932 Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1455 F174
Fleming, Francis F Apperley, Lottie Marie 5 Nov 1924 Alliston, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1456 F1925
Fleming, John Cunningham McCullough, Alice Irene 29 Apr 1924 Chatham, Kent, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1457 F4301
Flemington, Alan Wesley Ashill, Gladys May 1928 Wells, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1458 F6120
Fletcher, Raymond F Goscombe, Jessie 1916 Coventry, Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1459 F65
Flick, Henry Joseph Marie Apperley, Eileen Jean 1 Aug 1964 St. Hubert, Saskatchewan, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1460 F5558
Flieg, George Valle, Agnes 27 Aug 1906 Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1461 F5561
Flieg, George Valle Voteau, Esther Elenore 26 Aug 1939 Herculaneum, Jefferson, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1462 F5564
Flieg, Martin Newman Tye, Isabel Marguerite   Apperly-Ball family 
1463 F5565
Flieg, Stanley Bradley, Betty   Apperly-Ball family 
1464 F4455
Flitney, Dennis R Baker, Rose L 1943 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1465 F4454
Flitney, Leslie Henry Gordon Wise, Beulah B 1946 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1466 F4452
Flitney, Reuben Ayres, Emily Eliza 27 May 1912 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1467 F1566
Flumerfelt, Robert Cornelius McNaught Bennett, Violet 23 Jan 1924 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1468 F3047
Fooks-Bale, Charles Henry Sanderson, Ivy Elizabeth 1922 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1469 F3050
Fooks-Bale, Mervyn Arthur Taylor, Valerie Molleen 1953 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1470 F3051
Fooks-Bale, Norman Patrick Granger, Mabel Irene 1950 Tiverton, Devon, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1471 F4966
Foot, Mabel C Butler, Francis Edward 1933 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1472 F5478
Forster Missey, Doris   Apperly-Ball family 
1473 F6219
Forsyth, Alexander Duncan Thomas, Mabel M 1918 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1474 F2743
Forsyth, Eric Bruce Scribner, Hazel Agnes   Apperly-Ball family 
1475 F3912
Forsyth, William Alexander Manship, Margaret 1897 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1476 F4189
Forsyth, William Arthur Carter, Elizabeth J 1927 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1477 F3374
Forty, Robert Byard, Mary Ann 28 Oct 1858 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1478 F4658
Forty, Walter Peters, Mary Ann 25 Apr 1918 Oxenhall, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1479 F4115
Foster, John Murray Johnson, Ruth E   Apperly-Ball family 
1480 F1006
Foulkes, John Barnett, Hannah Elizabeth 1876 Cheshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1481 F3181
Fowler, Frank Ewart Butt, Emily S 23 Oct 1918 Hartpury, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1482 F3182
Fowler, Frederick Cadle Stone, Annie Louise 1 Jan 1913 Elmore, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1483 F3191
Fowler, Frederick Hugh Weber, Lillian   Apperly-Ball family 
1484 F3187
Fowler, George William Drinkwater, Lucy Janet 25 Apr 1912 Colfax, Whitman, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1485 F3203
Fowler, Ralph Felix Rutledge, Opal V 19 Jul 1916 Whitman, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1486 F3206
Fowler, Ralph Roger Stilson, Hetty Fairchild 2 Jul 1944 Whitman, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1487 F2346
Fowler, William Cadle, Emily Ann 3 Jun 1869 Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1488 F3180
Fowler, William Stephens, Agnes Emma 1881 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1489 F3185
Fowler, William Hugh Bowden, Katherine Riddle 27 Sep 1899 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1490 F4205
Francis Ferris, Matilda   Apperly-Ball family 
1491 F4129
Francis, Edward Charles Phelps, Julia Anne 29 Oct 1877 Highnam, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1492 F2053
Franklin Sansam, Sarah   Apperly-Ball family 
1493 F4457
Franklin, Philip Ayres, Nelly May 1919 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1494 F5499
Fraysher, Charles Bert Mecey, Della 2 Feb 1917 Flat River, St. Francois, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1495 F1882
Frazer, Fitzgerald McPhilemy, Susan Elizabeth 15 Sep 1874 Foley, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1496 F1883
Frazer, Fitzgerald Watts, Margaret Annabelle 24 Jun 1927 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1497 F2403
Freame, Jasper Pace, Mary 12 Feb 1717 Newent, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1498 F514
Freedy, James Flanagan, Serinda McCall 5 Dec 1892 Louise, Manitoba, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1499 F4701
Freeman, Felix George Llewelyn Dudfield, Irene Emily 27 Dec 1937 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1500 F6074
Freeman, Leonard W Dudfield, Kathleen Hilda 1939 Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1501 F738
Freiheit, Lawrence Herbert Keenan, Mary Ellen 15 Nov 1939 Fillmore, Minnesota, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1502 F5887
French, Archibald William Heath, Gladys Vera 1932 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1503 F4510
Frost, Albert George Abbey, Elizabeth Ellen 24 Dec 1893 Watford, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1504 F3511
Fry, Elias Apperley, Emma 13 Oct 1862 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1505 F4412
Fryer, Harry F Browning, Winifred 1954 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1506 F3463
Fryer, Leslie Jack Moxey, Elsie Evelyn Nellie 31 Oct 1935 Leckhampton, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1507 F5803
Fuess, Walter Courtway, Bessie 12 Jul 1922 Clayton, St. Louis, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1508 F2583
Fuhr, Edward Stanley Zeigler, Mary Helen   Apperly-Ball family 
1509 F4425
Fyleman, John Linnell Moxey, Catherine Emily 1993 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1510 F3694
Fyler, Baird Apperley Taylor, Margaret Janet 17 Mar 1934 Seattle, King, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1511 F3704
Fyler, Baird Apperley Stewart, Joyce 1 Sep 1951 Seattle, King, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1512 F3692
Fyler, Emory Thomas Baird, Annetta M 24 Apr 1901 Seattle, King, Washington, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1513 F5941
Gabb, Joseph Henry Badham, Elizabeth 19 Jan 1918 Caerphilly, Glamorgan, Wales  Apperly-Ball family 
1514 F3819
Gabel, Lawrence DeRion Weaver, Genevieve Patricia   Apperly-Ball family 
1515 F5609
Gaff, Rudolph Langley, Gladys Viola 4 Jun 1932 Cadet, Washington, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1516 F6083
Gage, Sidney Percival Hodges, Phylliss Josephine 4 Jun 1927 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1517 F3780
Gair, Charles Frederick Masters, Florence Sylvia 10 Feb 1927 Swansea, York, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1518 F1855
Gale, Clarence Andrew Watterson, Gertrude   Apperly-Ball family 
1519 F1541
Gallie, Lawrence William Wallington, Maybelle Pearl 10 Mar 1919 Point Edward, Lambton, Ontario, Canada  Apperly-Ball family 
1520 F3131
Galling, Wilfred Hector Robinson, Doris 31 Jul 1926 Otley, Yorkshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1521 F3128
Galling, William Henry Smart, Emily Gertrude 27 Apr 1897 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1522 F4156
Gambill, Charles Edward Bruce, Olive Marion   Apperly-Ball family 
1523 F688
Gammelgaard, Jens Christian Yocum, Hester Adeline 28 Jun 1958 Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1524 F4919
Gandenberger, Charles Herman Butler, Adele Agathe 28 Aug 1852 Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, United States  Apperly-Ball family 
1525 F4635
Ganson, David L Russell, Virginia L   Apperly-Ball family 
1526 F4481
Gardner, Albert Bark, Ethel 7 Jun 1916 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1527 F6223
Gardner, Albert Richardson, Minnie A 1920 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1528 F1470
Gardner, Albert George Draper, Ivy Anne 1933 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1529 F1471
Gardner, Bertie John William Kemp, Emily L 1939 Staines, Middlesex, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1530 F101
Gardner, Charles Stevens, Anne 12 Apr 1845 Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1531 F139
Gardner, Charles Weedon, Jane 13 Dec 1866 Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1532 F4476
Gardner, Charles Edward Payne, Alice Honor 29 Jul 1906 Camberwell, London, England  Apperly-Ball family 
1533 F4474
Gardner, Charles Henry Thewless, Emily Margaret 1879