Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England


Tree: Apperly-Ball tree

County/Shire : Latitude: 51.75, Longitude: -2.28333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Smart, Beatrice Violet Annie  28 Dec 1897Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6912 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Smart, Mildred Minnie Pearl Irene  8 Apr 1902Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6913 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Smart, Vincent Hubert  14 Feb 1904Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6914 Apperly-Ball tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ellis, Emily  12 Feb 1971Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I8288 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Kingscote, Edward Daniel James  26 Aug 1989Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I8299 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Smart, Beatrice Violet Annie  18 Apr 1981Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6912 Apperly-Ball tree 
4 Smart, Charles James  24 Sep 1908Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6762 Apperly-Ball tree 
5 Smart, Lucy Clara  25 Feb 1991Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I8289 Apperly-Ball tree 
6 Smart, Sidney Harold  25 Jun 1970Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6781 Apperly-Ball tree 
7 Summers, Arthur Robert  22 Jun 1962Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I8410 Apperly-Ball tree 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barnett, Elsie Ellen  21 Sep 1954Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I8292 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Fletcher, Lucy Collett  18 Oct 1917Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6783 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Rea, William Hooper  11 Aug 1909Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I10927 Apperly-Ball tree 
4 Smart, Charles James  28 Sep 1908Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6762 Apperly-Ball tree 
5 Smart, Hubert Tranter  8 Jan 1945Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6772 Apperly-Ball tree 
6 Turner, Annie Matilda  12 Aug 1955Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6793 Apperly-Ball tree 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hallen, Arthur Washington Cornelius  11 Jul 1834Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6971 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Smart, Beatrice Violet Annie  10 Apr 1898Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6912 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Smart, Mildred Minnie Pearl Irene  22 Jun 1902Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6913 Apperly-Ball tree 
4 Smart, Vincent Hubert  20 Apr 1904Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6914 Apperly-Ball tree 
5 Turner, Annie Matilda  27 Jul 1873Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6793 Apperly-Ball tree 


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barnett, Elsie Ellen  29 Sep 1939Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I8292 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Ellis, Emily  29 Sep 1939Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I8288 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Fletcher, Lucy Collett  31 Mar 1901Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6783 Apperly-Ball tree 
4 Fletcher, Lucy Collett  2 Apr 1911Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6783 Apperly-Ball tree 
5 Smart, Beatrice Violet Annie  31 Mar 1901Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6912 Apperly-Ball tree 
6 Smart, Beatrice Violet Annie  2 Apr 1911Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6912 Apperly-Ball tree 
7 Smart, Charles James  31 Mar 1901Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6762 Apperly-Ball tree 
8 Smart, Francis James  31 Mar 1901Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6782 Apperly-Ball tree 
9 Smart, Francis James  2 Apr 1911Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6782 Apperly-Ball tree 
10 Smart, Francis James  29 Sep 1939Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6782 Apperly-Ball tree 
11 Smart, Frederick Charles  31 Mar 1901Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6780 Apperly-Ball tree 
12 Smart, Frederick Charles  2 Apr 1911Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6780 Apperly-Ball tree 
13 Smart, Hubert  2 Apr 1871Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6763 Apperly-Ball tree 
14 Smart, Hubert Tranter  31 Mar 1901Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6772 Apperly-Ball tree 
15 Smart, Hubert Tranter  2 Apr 1911Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6772 Apperly-Ball tree 
16 Smart, Hubert Tranter  29 Sep 1939Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6772 Apperly-Ball tree 
17 Smart, Janet Mary  29 Sep 1939Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I8291 Apperly-Ball tree 
18 Smart, Lucy Clara  29 Sep 1939Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I8289 Apperly-Ball tree 
19 Smart, Mildred Minnie Pearl Irene  2 Apr 1911Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6913 Apperly-Ball tree 
20 Smart, Sidney Harold  31 Mar 1901Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6781 Apperly-Ball tree 
21 Smart, Sidney Harold  2 Apr 1911Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6781 Apperly-Ball tree 
22 Smart, Sidney Harold  29 Sep 1939Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6781 Apperly-Ball tree 
23 Smart, Stanley Harold  29 Sep 1939Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I8290 Apperly-Ball tree 
24 Smart, Vincent Hubert  2 Apr 1911Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6914 Apperly-Ball tree 
25 Turner, Annie Matilda  31 Mar 1901Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6793 Apperly-Ball tree 
26 Turner, Annie Matilda  2 Apr 1911Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6793 Apperly-Ball tree 
27 Turner, Annie Matilda  29 Sep 1939Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England I6793 Apperly-Ball tree 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Smart / Barnett  20 Dec 1919Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England F2904 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Smith / Smart  12 Oct 1935Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England F2950 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Summers / Smart  1 Aug 1921Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England F2949 Apperly-Ball tree 
4 Weston / Shardlow  14 Jun 1930Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England F3088 Apperly-Ball tree 
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