Michigan, United States


Tree: My family tree

State/Province : Latitude: 45.0029235, Longitude: -86.2793275

Tree: Your family tree

State/Province : Latitude: 42.3834, Longitude: -83.1024


Matches 1 to 81 of 81

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Austin B  Jul 1895Michigan, United States I3920 Your family tree 
2 Allen, Charlotte  Cal Oct 1919Michigan, United States I3924 Your family tree 
3 Allen, Elbert H  Cal 1920Michigan, United States I3931 Your family tree 
4 Allen, Elbert I  Apr 1867Michigan, United States I3812 Your family tree 
5 Allen, Harold Silas  Cal 1897Michigan, United States I3926 Your family tree 
6 Allen, Isma Melford  13 Jun 1897Michigan, United States I3921 Your family tree 
7 Allen, Sterling  Mar 1892Michigan, United States I3919 Your family tree 
8 Altenburg, Emerald  Cal 1900Michigan, United States I3982 Your family tree 
9 Altenburg, William L  Cal 1871Michigan, United States I3889 Your family tree 
10 Arnold, Alfred E  31 Dec 1905Michigan, United States I3933 Your family tree 
11 Bell, Earl  Cal May 1909Michigan, United States I6585 My family tree 
12 Bell, Walter G T  Cal 1910Michigan, United States I6587 My family tree 
13 Bowers, Arnold L  Cal 1915Michigan, United States I3894 Your family tree 
14 Bowers, Charles William  Cal 1885Michigan, United States I3887 Your family tree 
15 Bowers, Ivan W  Cal Sep 1927Michigan, United States I3898 Your family tree 
16 Bowers, Marie June  Cal 1917Michigan, United States I3895 Your family tree 
17 Bowers, Neva Arlene  22 Feb 1911Michigan, United States I3888 Your family tree 
18 Briedrich, Martha M  12 Aug 1900Michigan, United States I3976 Your family tree 
19 Carson, Caroline  Cal 1896Michigan, United States I3923 Your family tree 
20 Clark, Anona  Cal 1909Michigan, United States I3893 Your family tree 
21 Cowels, Florence  4 Sep 1906Michigan, United States I3943 Your family tree 
22 Cummings, Lawrence R  18 Mar 1891Michigan, United States I5843 My family tree 
23 Davidson, Hattie A  Cal 1885Michigan, United States I3838 Your family tree 
24 Dayringer, Bryan  Cal 1896Michigan, United States I3936 Your family tree 
25 Eggleston, Blanche F  Cal 1906Michigan, United States I3925 Your family tree 
26 Eggleston, Edward  Cal 1903Michigan, United States I3937 Your family tree 
27 Eggleston, Emery  Nov 1868Michigan, United States I3810 Your family tree 
28 Eggleston, Irene A  Cal 1901Michigan, United States I3934 Your family tree 
29 Fagerberg, Gust T  Cal 1883Michigan, United States I4867 My family tree 
30 Feitchbiner, Rosa E  Cal 1876Michigan, United States I3826 Your family tree 
31 Foss, Vernon T  1 Apr 1898Michigan, United States I3957 Your family tree 
32 Fuller, Ava Audella  10 May 1902Michigan, United States I3938 Your family tree 
33 Fuller, Bertha M  Cal 1915Michigan, United States I3941 Your family tree 
34 Fuller, Cornelious  23 Jul 1912Michigan, United States I3971 Your family tree 
35 Fuller, Dorothy G  Cal 1921Michigan, United States I3990 Your family tree 
36 Fuller, Elberta L  28 Oct 1910Michigan, United States I3970 Your family tree 
37 Fuller, Garnet Seabright  3 Apr 1888Michigan, United States I3832 Your family tree 
38 Fuller, Henry James  Cal 1905Michigan, United States I3939 Your family tree 
39 Fuller, Isabelle A  Cal 1906Michigan, United States I3932 Your family tree 
40 Fuller, Martin J  Cal 1917Michigan, United States I3942 Your family tree 
41 Fuller, Mary  19 Apr 1867Michigan, United States I3795 Your family tree 
42 Fuller, Roy Amos  Cal Sep 1908Michigan, United States I3940 Your family tree 
43 Fuller, Sylvester  23 Jul 1908Michigan, United States I3969 Your family tree 
44 Fuller, Troy W  23 Aug 1892Michigan, United States I3833 Your family tree 
45 Gibson, Charles E H  Cal 1869Michigan, United States I3811 Your family tree 
46 Gingrich, Wesley Julise  Michigan, United States I6580 My family tree 
47 Harris, Duncan Emerson  Cal 1905Michigan, United States I7809 My family tree 
48 Haxton, James Andrew  30 Sep 1858Michigan, United States I5195 My family tree 
49 Johns, Emma Marie  Cal 1912Michigan, United States I10664 My family tree 
50 Knight, William Kendrick  20 Dec 1873Michigan, United States I1002 My family tree 
51 Lakkala, Helia  30 Apr 1911Michigan, United States I2422 Your family tree 
52 Lampinen, Edward A  24 Jul 1918Michigan, United States I3087 Your family tree 
53 Lampinen, Esther E  Cal Apr 1917Michigan, United States I3176 Your family tree 
54 Latta, Mary  Cal 1920Michigan, United States I8662 My family tree 
55 Manz, Norene Adele  14 Oct 1933Michigan, United States I5929 My family tree 
56 Marsy, Jean  Cal 1919Michigan, United States I10665 My family tree 
57 Martin, William Clay  Cal 1907Michigan, United States I3958 Your family tree 
58 Mertz, Clarance C  Cal 1912Michigan, United States I7805 My family tree 
59 Mikesell, Effie L  Cal 1875Michigan, United States I3815 Your family tree 
60 Miller, John O  Cal 1912Michigan, United States I7803 My family tree 
61 Morris, Lenore Rose  Cal 1920Michigan, United States I7810 My family tree 
62 Olson, Sabina  Cal 1880Michigan, United States I6564 My family tree 
63 Rowe, Shirley Wiliiam  Cal 1880Michigan, United States I2322 My family tree 
64 Russell, Clarence D  Cal 1900Michigan, United States I10343 My family tree 
65 Sampson, Jean Margaret  Cal 1920Michigan, United States I8663 My family tree 
66 Sanderson, Inez S  Cal 1898Michigan, United States I3891 Your family tree 
67 Schweier, Rose Anne  6 Oct 1924Michigan, United States I8657 My family tree 
68 Terpening, Elnora  Cal 1882Michigan, United States I3813 Your family tree 
69 Tolonen, Wallace  21 Mar 1925Michigan, United States I3195 Your family tree 
70 Tomlinson, Dorothy  Cal 1914Michigan, United States I5580 My family tree 
71 Tomlinson, Lauretta  Cal May 1909Michigan, United States I5567 My family tree 
72 Turbin, John J  Cal 1915Michigan, United States I3928 Your family tree 
73 Vance, Asa  18 May 1885Michigan, United States I3882 Your family tree 
74 Vance, Carl  28 Jun 1920Michigan, United States I3899 Your family tree 
75 Vance, Elzie Elbert  17 Jun 1893Michigan, United States I3883 Your family tree 
76 Vance, Iness L  19 Nov 1898Michigan, United States I3884 Your family tree 
77 Vance, Joyce  Cal 1921Michigan, United States I3900 Your family tree 
78 Vance, Mary Lou  29 Oct 1930Michigan, United States I3904 Your family tree 
79 Vance, Murle Royal  26 Jun 1923Michigan, United States I3901 Your family tree 
80 Welever, Grace Julia  Oct 1893Michigan, United States I2284 My family tree 
81 Wisener, Clarabell  Cal 1889Michigan, United States I3977 Your family tree 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Berlinghoff, Douglas Joseph  14 Jun 2004Michigan, United States I6635 My family tree 
2 Cummings, Alice Louise  14 Sep 1994Michigan, United States I7590 My family tree 
3 McDonald, Ellen  21 Sep 1995Michigan, United States I6577 My family tree 
4 Wallington, Dwight E  27 Jul 1929Michigan, United States I6067 My family tree 
5 Wallington, Ernest Montlow  26 Dec 1976Michigan, United States I4774 My family tree 
6 Wallington, Roy Samuel  6 Sep 1975Michigan, United States I4773 My family tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allen / Gibson  1931Michigan, United States F1345 Your family tree 
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