Ohio, United States


Tree: My family tree

State/Province : Latitude: 40.3648875, Longitude: -82.671875

Tree: Your family tree

Latitude: 39.9623, Longitude: -83.0007


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Archer, Blaine  Cal 1914Ohio, United States I3994 Your family tree 
2 Baird, Annetta M  Dec 1880Ohio, United States I10698 My family tree 
3 Betrus, James  Cal 1907Ohio, United States I7802 My family tree 
4 Criggall, Karen Alta  24 Dec 1946Ohio, United States I11107 My family tree 
5 Crow, Leander  26 Sep 1843Ohio, United States I3790 Your family tree 
6 Crow, Raymond Lee  Cal 1878Ohio, United States I3797 Your family tree 
7 Dugan, Mary J  1835Ohio, United States I2083 My family tree 
8 Evans, Lavina  Cal 1829Ohio, United States I3874 My family tree 
9 Hammitt, Henry L  Aug 1839Ohio, United States I2090 My family tree 
10 Hester, Jordan  Abt Mar 1841Ohio, United States I1814 My family tree 
11 Imler, Inez Pauline  27 Mar 1900Ohio, United States I5842 My family tree 
12 Jones, Herman  Cal 1907Ohio, United States I7524 My family tree 
13 Kemp, Daniel  Cal 1822Ohio, United States I3872 My family tree 
14 Manz, Norman  24 Dec 1902Ohio, United States I5926 My family tree 
15 Mendenhall, Abigail  May 1836Ohio, United States I960 My family tree 
16 Mennell, Dale L  Cal 1921Ohio, United States I3992 Your family tree 
17 Mennell, Gene Amelda  30 May 1925Ohio, United States I3993 Your family tree 
18 Mennell, Irma M  26 Aug 1893Ohio, United States I3807 Your family tree 
19 Mennell, Jay D  Jun 1867Ohio, United States I3805 Your family tree 
20 Mennell, Leander Duke  Dec 1890Ohio, United States I3806 Your family tree 
21 Rahm, Edith Lillian  5 Apr 1914Ohio, United States I7497 My family tree 
22 Slavin, Edward  Cal 1907Ohio, United States I6177 My family tree 
23 Terry, Theodore  Cal 1904Ohio, United States I10783 My family tree 
24 Wallington, Arnold Ewart  27 Oct 1910Ohio, United States I6072 My family tree 
25 Wallington, Charles William  17 Jul 1919Ohio, United States I6076 My family tree 
26 Wallington, Clarence Dorval  16 Jun 1900Ohio, United States I4746 My family tree 
27 Wallington, Ernest Oscar  23 Oct 1891Ohio, United States I4743 My family tree 
28 Wallington, Grace Beatrice  27 Apr 1911Ohio, United States I6068 My family tree 
29 Wallington, Juliana Louise  12 Oct 1925Ohio, United States I6116 My family tree 
30 Wallington, Willard George  Cal Jul 1915Ohio, United States I6070 My family tree 
31 Westbay, Edwin  Cal 1913Ohio, United States I7804 My family tree 
32 Wetzel, Fred Henry  27 Jul 1893Ohio, United States I5931 My family tree 
33 Young, Carrie E  Feb 1870Ohio, United States I3814 Your family tree 
34 Zeigler, Florence E  24 Dec 1916Ohio, United States I6148 My family tree 
35 Zeigler, Marvel Esther  12 Jul 1926Ohio, United States I6149 My family tree 
36 Zeigler, Roland C  Cal 1894Ohio, United States I6146 My family tree 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cummings, June Elinor  16 Jul 1993Ohio, United States I7589 My family tree 
2 Dunbar, Cora M  23 Nov 1991Ohio, United States I5838 My family tree 
3 Wallington, Juliana Louise  25 May 1987Ohio, United States I6116 My family tree 
4 Wallington, Norma Ruth  13 May 1995Ohio, United States I8221 My family tree 
5 Wetzel, Fred Henry  Apr 1969Ohio, United States I5931 My family tree 
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