Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England


Tree: Apperly-Ball tree

County/Shire : Latitude: 51.8576032, Longitude: -2.2076272


Matches 1 to 220 of 220

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Apperley, Albert  Cal 1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10149 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Apperley, Gilbert  1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10112 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Apperley, Hilda Nellie  1914Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10122 Apperly-Ball tree 
4 Apperley, Hilda Rose Kathleen  11 Jun 1917Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10106 Apperly-Ball tree 
5 Apperley, John E  1919Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10124 Apperly-Ball tree 
6 Apperley, Joyce Selina  1 Aug 1921Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10107 Apperly-Ball tree 
7 Apperley, Mabel Edith  1916Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10123 Apperly-Ball tree 
8 Apperley, Reginald Ernest  6 Jan 1927Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10109 Apperly-Ball tree 
9 Apperley, William Oliver  1887Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9711 Apperly-Ball tree 
10 Bailey, Elizabeth Ann  Cal 1830Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6959 Apperly-Ball tree 
11 Baldaro, Jack Joseph  4 Jun 1920Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10044 Apperly-Ball tree 
12 Baldaro, John Leonard  Cal 1856Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10035 Apperly-Ball tree 
13 Baldaro, John Leonard  15 Jan 1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10036 Apperly-Ball tree 
14 Baldwin, Leslie Charles  24 Jun 1907Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8819 Apperly-Ball tree 
15 Baldwin, Royston Noel  25 Dec 1933Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8825 Apperly-Ball tree 
16 Bolton, Edith Ethel  1905Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11089 Apperly-Ball tree 
17 Bolton, Eliza  1876Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10992 Apperly-Ball tree 
18 Bolton, Emma Jane  1874Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10991 Apperly-Ball tree 
19 Bolton, Esther Dorothy  1895Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11073 Apperly-Ball tree 
20 Bolton, Francis  3 May 1879Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10993 Apperly-Ball tree 
21 Bolton, Frank Henry  1900Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11076 Apperly-Ball tree 
22 Bolton, Frederick William  1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11075 Apperly-Ball tree 
23 Bolton, Harry Halsey  1906Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11090 Apperly-Ball tree 
24 Bolton, Joseph  1859Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10985 Apperly-Ball tree 
25 Bolton, Joseph  1882Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11063 Apperly-Ball tree 
26 Bolton, Kathleen Jessie  1896Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11074 Apperly-Ball tree 
27 Bolton, Nora  9 Jul 1906Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11091 Apperly-Ball tree 
28 Bolton, Rosina Minnie  1885Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11062 Apperly-Ball tree 
29 Bolton, Sarah  6 Apr 1872Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10990 Apperly-Ball tree 
30 Bolton, Winifred Hettie  1902Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11088 Apperly-Ball tree 
31 Browning, Alfred  15 Feb 1869Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9541 Apperly-Ball tree 
32 Bryan, Eliza  Cal 1844Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12020 Apperly-Ball tree 
33 Bullingham, Susan Maria  1862Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11042 Apperly-Ball tree 
34 Butler, George Henry  1900Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11082 Apperly-Ball tree 
35 Clapton, Thomas Henry Way  1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11874 Apperly-Ball tree 
36 Coggins, Arthur Leslie  1909Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11320 Apperly-Ball tree 
37 Coggins, Arthur Robert  7 Mar 1888Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11098 Apperly-Ball tree 
38 Coggins, Doris Irene  14 Nov 1914Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11467 Apperly-Ball tree 
39 Coggins, Lilian Joan  10 Aug 1920Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11469 Apperly-Ball tree 
40 Coggins, Marjorie Phyllis  14 Sep 1916Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11468 Apperly-Ball tree 
41 Coggins, Muriel Joyce  1 Sep 1921Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11470 Apperly-Ball tree 
42 Coggins, Norman John  24 Feb 1928Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11471 Apperly-Ball tree 
43 Coggins, Violet Ivy  1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11319 Apperly-Ball tree 
44 Coggins, Winifred May  1913Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12731 Apperly-Ball tree 
45 Cole, Alfred Henry James  1870Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11866 Apperly-Ball tree 
46 Cole, Edith Helen  26 Aug 1894Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11870 Apperly-Ball tree 
47 Cole, Florence Hilda  11 Jan 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11872 Apperly-Ball tree 
48 Cole, Geoffrey Charles  19 Jun 1914Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8873 Apperly-Ball tree 
49 Cole, Gladys Rosina  11 Aug 1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11871 Apperly-Ball tree 
50 Cole, James Frederick  1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11868 Apperly-Ball tree 
51 Cole, James Wood  1845Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11863 Apperly-Ball tree 
52 Cole, William  1872Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11873 Apperly-Ball tree 
53 Collier, Harry Charles  2 Nov 1895Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8818 Apperly-Ball tree 
54 Collier, Reginald Charles  12 Aug 1923Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8830 Apperly-Ball tree 
55 Collier, Vera May  1926Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8832 Apperly-Ball tree 
56 Cripps, Edith Annie  15 Jan 1884Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11967 Apperly-Ball tree 
57 Curtis, Clara  8 Dec 1880Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9534 Apperly-Ball tree 
58 Deakins, Andrew George  1897Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11974 Apperly-Ball tree 
59 Deakins, Grace Annie Sophia  10 Jul 1894Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11972 Apperly-Ball tree 
60 Donague, Ellen Ada  1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11902 Apperly-Ball tree 
61 Donague, William Thomas Michael  1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11901 Apperly-Ball tree 
62 Doyle, Royston W  29 Dec 1930Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10150 Apperly-Ball tree 
63 Dunn, James  Cal 1835Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11853 Apperly-Ball tree 
64 Ellis, Elizabeth  Cal 1869Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9552 Apperly-Ball tree 
65 Ewers, Ann Elizabeth  5 Jan 1880Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11049 Apperly-Ball tree 
66 Fletcher, Lucy Collett  1850Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6783 Apperly-Ball tree 
67 Galling, Mabel Eveline Gertrude  28 Feb 1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8867 Apperly-Ball tree 
68 Galling, Wilfred Hector  24 Feb 1900Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8868 Apperly-Ball tree 
69 Goddard, Beatrice May  1909Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11965 Apperly-Ball tree 
70 Goddard, John  23 Dec 1887Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11958 Apperly-Ball tree 
71 Gorin, Clara Phyllis  1906Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9536 Apperly-Ball tree 
72 Gorin, Cornelius Joseph Charles  6 Jul 1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9537 Apperly-Ball tree 
73 Gorin, Douglas  28 Jul 1912Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9538 Apperly-Ball tree 
74 Gorin, Walter  18 Feb 1910Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9535 Apperly-Ball tree 
75 Goscombe, Arthur  1887Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11070 Apperly-Ball tree 
76 Goscombe, Ernest Harold  9 Jul 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8879 Apperly-Ball tree 
77 Goscombe, Frank Allard  Cal 1862Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11046 Apperly-Ball tree 
78 Goscombe, George Hubert  1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11068 Apperly-Ball tree 
79 Goscombe, Lilias Annie  1885Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11069 Apperly-Ball tree 
80 Goscombe, Samuel G  1919Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8888 Apperly-Ball tree 
81 Greening, Kenneth Frank  27 Dec 1933Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8836 Apperly-Ball tree 
82 Greening, Leslie Thomas  12 Aug 1926Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8835 Apperly-Ball tree 
83 Greening, Tom  4 Nov 1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8817 Apperly-Ball tree 
84 Harding, Kate  Cal 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6696 Apperly-Ball tree 
85 Harvey, Brian Edward M  25 Jul 1925Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12558 Apperly-Ball tree 
86 Hatton, Alice Mary  1872Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7896 Apperly-Ball tree 
87 Hatton, Amy Isabel  Cal 1878Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8976 Apperly-Ball tree 
88 Hatton, Arthur Vincent  1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7854 Apperly-Ball tree 
89 Hatton, Catherine Evelyn  1880Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8972 Apperly-Ball tree 
90 Hatton, Lionel Ernest  1905Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7855 Apperly-Ball tree 
91 Hatton, May  3 May 1877Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8971 Apperly-Ball tree 
92 Hill, Bertha Madge Decima  15 Jun 1914Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9971 Apperly-Ball tree 
93 Hill, Charles Reginald  1897Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12053 Apperly-Ball tree 
94 Hill, Florence Kate  1874Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9523 Apperly-Ball tree 
95 Hill, Florence Rose  1900Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12054 Apperly-Ball tree 
96 Hill, Frederick John  1904Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12060 Apperly-Ball tree 
97 Hill, Harry Percival  1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12059 Apperly-Ball tree 
98 Hill, Henry John  1872Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12048 Apperly-Ball tree 
99 Hill, William Joseph  1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12061 Apperly-Ball tree 
100 Hopkins, Clara  1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9940 Apperly-Ball tree 
101 Hopkins, Frank  Cal 1903Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9939 Apperly-Ball tree 
102 Hopkins, William Cecil John  1890Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9934 Apperly-Ball tree 
103 Horsfall, Daisy Beatrice  1906Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10141 Apperly-Ball tree 
104 Horsfall, Prudence  15 Apr 1904Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10139 Apperly-Ball tree 
105 Horsfall, Thomas  18 Aug 1877Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10111 Apperly-Ball tree 
106 Horsfall, Thomas Harold Rushworth  17 Jun 1905Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10142 Apperly-Ball tree 
107 Ible, Lilian Ann  10 Apr 1892Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8878 Apperly-Ball tree 
108 Ivey, Charles Robert  28 Nov 1912Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12344 Apperly-Ball tree 
109 Ivey, Dorothy Adelaide  1904Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11977 Apperly-Ball tree 
110 Ivey, George Edward  12 May 1917Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12345 Apperly-Ball tree 
111 Ivey, Horatio Nelson  1906Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11978 Apperly-Ball tree 
112 Ivey, John Hicks  1903Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11973 Apperly-Ball tree 
113 Ivey, Lilian Mary Sophia  3 Dec 1914Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12343 Apperly-Ball tree 
114 James, Helen Sarah  Cal 1873Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11869 Apperly-Ball tree 
115 Jenkins, Emlyn E  1919Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10131 Apperly-Ball tree 
116 Jenkins, Mabel Hilda  1918Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10135 Apperly-Ball tree 
117 Kingsley, Violetta Winifred  1905Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10415 Apperly-Ball tree 
118 Mann, Annie Kathleen  1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10113 Apperly-Ball tree 
119 Mann, Dorothy Gertrude  16 Jun 1912Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10114 Apperly-Ball tree 
120 Mann, Francis George  8 Feb 1907Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10104 Apperly-Ball tree 
121 Mann, Nora M  1921Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10116 Apperly-Ball tree 
122 Mercer, Florence  1855Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I3492 Apperly-Ball tree 
123 Niblett, Gladys Violet  1899Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10937 Apperly-Ball tree 
124 Niblett, Rose Gertrude  1894Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10936 Apperly-Ball tree 
125 Niblett, Ruby Hetty  1900Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10938 Apperly-Ball tree 
126 Niblett, Victor Stanley  1904Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10939 Apperly-Ball tree 
127 Palmer, Daisy Alice  1887Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11911 Apperly-Ball tree 
128 Palmer, Frank Turk  1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11898 Apperly-Ball tree 
129 Palmer, Herbert Edwin  1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11912 Apperly-Ball tree 
130 Perry, Esther  1870Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11047 Apperly-Ball tree 
131 Phelps  1874Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12044 Apperly-Ball tree 
132 Phelps, Alfred James  1850Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11817 Apperly-Ball tree 
133 Phelps, Arthur William  1860Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11850 Apperly-Ball tree 
134 Phelps, Edith Elizabeth  1872Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11852 Apperly-Ball tree 
135 Phelps, Edwin John  1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12022 Apperly-Ball tree 
136 Phelps, Florence Amelia  1857Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11845 Apperly-Ball tree 
137 Phelps, Frances Annie  1869Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11851 Apperly-Ball tree 
138 Phelps, Freda Helena  16 Jul 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11994 Apperly-Ball tree 
139 Phelps, Frederick Henry  1868Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12023 Apperly-Ball tree 
140 Phelps, Frederick Nelson  1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11860 Apperly-Ball tree 
141 Phelps, James Cameron  1893Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11993 Apperly-Ball tree 
142 Phelps, John Newton  1870Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11849 Apperly-Ball tree 
143 Phelps, Julia Agnes Teague  1853Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11818 Apperly-Ball tree 
144 Phelps, Laura Kate  1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11820 Apperly-Ball tree 
145 Phelps, Philip Henry  1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11848 Apperly-Ball tree 
146 Phelps, Sydney Edward  1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11847 Apperly-Ball tree 
147 Phelps, Walter Ernest  1862Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11846 Apperly-Ball tree 
148 Phelps, William John  1865Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12032 Apperly-Ball tree 
149 Price, Alfred  Cal 1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11050 Apperly-Ball tree 
150 Rea, Robert Llewllyn  14 Dec 1922Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8901 Apperly-Ball tree 
151 Russell, Albert Edward  3 Dec 1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10170 Apperly-Ball tree 
152 Russell, Arthur  1876Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10176 Apperly-Ball tree 
153 Russell, Charles Stewart  1868Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10171 Apperly-Ball tree 
154 Russell, Charles Thomas  1839Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10163 Apperly-Ball tree 
155 Russell, Lizzie  1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10183 Apperly-Ball tree 
156 Russell, Richard  1873Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10175 Apperly-Ball tree 
157 Russell, Tom Alston  15 Nov 1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10169 Apperly-Ball tree 
158 Smart, Edith Alice  3 Dec 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7888 Apperly-Ball tree 
159 Smart, Eleaner Tranter  15 Dec 1872Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6775 Apperly-Ball tree 
160 Smart, Frances Eileen  15 Sep 1912Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8821 Apperly-Ball tree 
161 Smart, Frances Eileen  28 Feb 1930Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8899 Apperly-Ball tree 
162 Smart, Francis James  9 Mar 1890Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6782 Apperly-Ball tree 
163 Smart, Francis Lionel  19 Oct 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7889 Apperly-Ball tree 
164 Smart, Frederick Charles  12 Dec 1884Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6780 Apperly-Ball tree 
165 Smart, George Albert  10 Dec 1927Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8303 Apperly-Ball tree 
166 Smart, George Albert  1928Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8898 Apperly-Ball tree 
167 Smart, Gertrude Ellen  6 Oct 1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6917 Apperly-Ball tree 
168 Smart, Gladys Irene  16 Oct 1906Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6918 Apperly-Ball tree 
169 Smart, Hubert  5 Feb 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6763 Apperly-Ball tree 
170 Smart, infant  1924Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8304 Apperly-Ball tree 
171 Smart, Lilian M  1920Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8895 Apperly-Ball tree 
172 Smart, Olive May  23 Jan 1897Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6916 Apperly-Ball tree 
173 Smart, Phyllis Joyce  11 Sep 1921Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8894 Apperly-Ball tree 
174 Smart, Sidney Harold  14 Sep 1887Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6781 Apperly-Ball tree 
175 Smart, Winifred Vera Marie  30 Mar 1909Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6919 Apperly-Ball tree 
176 Smith, Alfred Jefferies  29 Mar 1870Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9539 Apperly-Ball tree 
177 Smith, Alfred Lionel Charles  4 Feb 1902Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9540 Apperly-Ball tree 
178 Smith, Annie Sophia  Cal 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11855 Apperly-Ball tree 
179 Smith, Catherine Susanna  1841Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6889 Apperly-Ball tree 
180 Smith, Charles  11 Sep 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11006 Apperly-Ball tree 
181 Smith, Francis Charles  23 Nov 1896Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11009 Apperly-Ball tree 
182 Smith, Henry James  1894Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11008 Apperly-Ball tree 
183 Smith, Henry John Newton  1873Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11856 Apperly-Ball tree 
184 Smith, Hettie Melinda  1892Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11007 Apperly-Ball tree 
185 Smith, Horatio Nelson  1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11808 Apperly-Ball tree 
186 Smith, Lucy Mary  1900Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11010 Apperly-Ball tree 
187 Smith, Mary Ann  Cal 1852Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12051 Apperly-Ball tree 
188 Smith, Thomas  Cal 1837Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11794 Apperly-Ball tree 
189 Smith, William Alfred Tom  1865Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11854 Apperly-Ball tree 
190 Smith, William Frederick  Cal 1836Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6888 Apperly-Ball tree 
191 Stephens, Agnes Emma  Cal 1857Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8981 Apperly-Ball tree 
192 Toleman, Decima Sarah  15 Apr 1884Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9966 Apperly-Ball tree 
193 Wadley, Emeline Eva Mary  1879Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9907 Apperly-Ball tree 
194 Wadley, Joseph Donald  1882Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9910 Apperly-Ball tree 
195 Wakefield, Annie Amelia  1856Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11843 Apperly-Ball tree 
196 Wakefield, Georgina Amelia  1857Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11841 Apperly-Ball tree 
197 Wakefield, Sarah Ann  Cal 1862Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11043 Apperly-Ball tree 
198 Whiting, Frank Alfred  Cal 1873Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9533 Apperly-Ball tree 
199 Wickham, Phyllis Irene Maud  30 Mar 1910Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10051 Apperly-Ball tree 
200 Winfield, Louisa  Cal 1833Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11859 Apperly-Ball tree 
201 Wintle, Eliza Ada  3 Nov 1841Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11790 Apperly-Ball tree 
202 Wintle, Ellen Agnes  1844Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11783 Apperly-Ball tree 
203 Wintle, Emily Ann  Cal Apr 1850Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11787 Apperly-Ball tree 
204 Wintle, Ernest Douglas  Cal 1850Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11779 Apperly-Ball tree 
205 Wintle, Eugene Douglas  25 Feb 1843Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11782 Apperly-Ball tree 
206 Wintle, Eva Amelia  13 Jun 1847Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11785 Apperly-Ball tree 
207 Wintle, Fanny Box  Cal 1853Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11788 Apperly-Ball tree 
208 Wintle, Frank Douglas  1855Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11789 Apperly-Ball tree 
209 Wintle, George Douglas  Cal 1848Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11786 Apperly-Ball tree 
210 Wintle, Henry Douglas  1845Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11784 Apperly-Ball tree 
211 Wooten, Beryl Eileen  5 Sep 1932Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8838 Apperly-Ball tree 
212 Wright, Albert Henry  1889Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11962 Apperly-Ball tree 
213 Wright, Alfred John  1890Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11963 Apperly-Ball tree 
214 Wright, Edwin James  1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11959 Apperly-Ball tree 
215 Wright, Florence Louise  1885Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11957 Apperly-Ball tree 
216 Wright, Maude Beatrice  1887Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11961 Apperly-Ball tree 
217 Wright, Roland  Cal 1890Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11964 Apperly-Ball tree 
218 Yeates, Harold William  1899Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8305 Apperly-Ball tree 
219 Yeates, Sydney Thomas  7 May 1874Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8301 Apperly-Ball tree 
220 Yule, William David  5 Feb 1857Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7873 Apperly-Ball tree 


Matches 1 to 170 of 170

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aldridge, Thomas  1977Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10076 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Apperley, Adolphus George  1982Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10410 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Apperley, Arthur Oswald  1913Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10412 Apperly-Ball tree 
4 Apperley, Augusta  1960Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9481 Apperly-Ball tree 
5 Apperley, Bertha Kathleen  3 Jan 1965Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9413 Apperly-Ball tree 
6 Apperley, Dora Annie  1995Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10071 Apperly-Ball tree 
7 Apperley, Elizabeth  1927Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9819 Apperly-Ball tree 
8 Apperley, Emily Louisa  1978Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10072 Apperly-Ball tree 
9 Apperley, Ernest Reginald  1984Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9865 Apperly-Ball tree 
10 Apperley, Fanny  1879Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9840 Apperly-Ball tree 
11 Apperley, Francis John  16 Jan 1952Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10068 Apperly-Ball tree 
12 Apperley, Frederick George  1 Sep 1963Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9695 Apperly-Ball tree 
13 Apperley, Hilda Rose Kathleen  26 Aug 1999Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10106 Apperly-Ball tree 
14 Apperley, John  1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9793 Apperly-Ball tree 
15 Apperley, John Edward  1960Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9861 Apperly-Ball tree 
16 Apperley, Joseph  1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9341 Apperly-Ball tree 
17 Apperley, Joseph John Reginald  16 Jan 1961Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9710 Apperly-Ball tree 
18 Apperley, Joyce Selina  1998Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10107 Apperly-Ball tree 
19 Apperley, Julie Anne Eliza  1950Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9854 Apperly-Ball tree 
20 Apperley, Lewis  19 Jan 1944Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9844 Apperly-Ball tree 
21 Apperley, Olive Alice  25 Feb 1975Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9727 Apperly-Ball tree 
22 Apperley, William Oliver  20 Feb 1892Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9711 Apperly-Ball tree 
23 Apperley, William Samuel  1872Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9831 Apperly-Ball tree 
24 Badham, Cecily Robina  1961Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10273 Apperly-Ball tree 
25 Badham, George  1957Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10280 Apperly-Ball tree 
26 Baldaro, John Leonard  17 Oct 1931Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10035 Apperly-Ball tree 
27 Baldaro, John Leonard  28 Oct 1942Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10036 Apperly-Ball tree 
28 Baldwin, Leslie Charles  19 Mar 1973Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8819 Apperly-Ball tree 
29 Barnett, Elsie Ellen  17 Sep 1954Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8292 Apperly-Ball tree 
30 Bell, Jane  3 May 1892Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11793 Apperly-Ball tree 
31 Bellamy, Howard  12 Jun 1917Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7020 Apperly-Ball tree 
32 Bellamy, William Alfred  29 Sep 1920Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7010 Apperly-Ball tree 
33 Bick, Ernest Leonard  1980Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8876 Apperly-Ball tree 
34 Blakemore, Kate  6 May 1922Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9456 Apperly-Ball tree 
35 Bolton, Elijah  27 Feb 1907Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10988 Apperly-Ball tree 
36 Bolton, Francis  9 Feb 1943Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10993 Apperly-Ball tree 
37 Bolton, Melinda Ann  1878Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10987 Apperly-Ball tree 
38 Bolton, Rosina Minnie  12 Dec 1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11062 Apperly-Ball tree 
39 Bolton, Violet Mabel  30 Sep 1978Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11077 Apperly-Ball tree 
40 Boucher, Lillian Catherine Esther  4 Sep 1966Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10078 Apperly-Ball tree 
41 Boughton, Rose Hilda  1919Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10961 Apperly-Ball tree 
42 Browning, Winifred  14 Jan 2001Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12771 Apperly-Ball tree 
43 Coggins, Arthur Robert  25 Apr 1955Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11098 Apperly-Ball tree 
44 Coggins, Doris Irene  5 Jul 2001Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11467 Apperly-Ball tree 
45 Coggins, Lilian Joan  10 Aug 1995Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11469 Apperly-Ball tree 
46 Cole, Doris Florence  1895Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8877 Apperly-Ball tree 
47 Cole, Dorothy Mildred  1945Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8871 Apperly-Ball tree 
48 Cole, Edith Helen  1965Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11870 Apperly-Ball tree 
49 Cole, Geoffrey Charles  15 Apr 1981Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8873 Apperly-Ball tree 
50 Cole, Gladys Kathleen  1986Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8865 Apperly-Ball tree 
51 Cole, Gladys Rosina  13 Sep 1991Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11871 Apperly-Ball tree 
52 Cole, Hilda Annie  1983Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8869 Apperly-Ball tree 
53 Cole, James Wood  12 Jun 1907Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11863 Apperly-Ball tree 
54 Cole, Sidney  1937Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8864 Apperly-Ball tree 
55 Collier, Iris Doreen  1957Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8829 Apperly-Ball tree 
56 Collier, Vera May  1927Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8832 Apperly-Ball tree 
57 Cummins, Catherine  1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6758 Apperly-Ball tree 
58 Doyle, Royston W  2004Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10150 Apperly-Ball tree 
59 Dudfield, Emily  1950Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10245 Apperly-Ball tree 
60 Dudfield, Walter  26 May 1929Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10248 Apperly-Ball tree 
61 Dudfield, William  9 Jan 1953Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10254 Apperly-Ball tree 
62 Ewers, Ann Elizabeth  9 Feb 1965Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11049 Apperly-Ball tree 
63 Fletcher, Lucy Collett  13 Oct 1917Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6783 Apperly-Ball tree 
64 Forty, Agnes Ann  5 Jul 1960Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9669 Apperly-Ball tree 
65 Fowler, Frederick Cadle  3 Sep 1931Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8985 Apperly-Ball tree 
66 Fowler, Victoria Doris Emily  1986Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12549 Apperly-Ball tree 
67 Gorin, Charles  27 Jul 1896Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9362 Apperly-Ball tree 
68 Gorin, Clara Phyllis  31 Jul 1915Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9536 Apperly-Ball tree 
69 Gorin, Ellen  1 Feb 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9350 Apperly-Ball tree 
70 Gorin, Florence  30 Jun 1928Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9520 Apperly-Ball tree 
71 Gorin, Louisa  11 Mar 1936Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9519 Apperly-Ball tree 
72 Gorin, Sarah  28 Jan 1950Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9518 Apperly-Ball tree 
73 Goscombe, Ernest Harold  28 Sep 1943Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8879 Apperly-Ball tree 
74 Goscombe, Kenneth Gordon  23 Jul 1994Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8887 Apperly-Ball tree 
75 Goscombe, Sydney David  21 Jan 1975Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8891 Apperly-Ball tree 
76 Greening, Kenneth Frank  1940Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8836 Apperly-Ball tree 
77 Greening, Leslie Thomas  1995Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8835 Apperly-Ball tree 
78 Gregory, Hilda Mary  10 Mar 1974Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12782 Apperly-Ball tree 
79 Harper, Patience  5 Dec 1893Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9308 Apperly-Ball tree 
80 Harris, Julia  26 Aug 1919Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9508 Apperly-Ball tree 
81 Harvey, Brian Edward M  1998Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12558 Apperly-Ball tree 
82 Harvey, Mabel Helen  28 Jan 1893Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12539 Apperly-Ball tree 
83 Hatton, Amy Isabel  1888Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8976 Apperly-Ball tree 
84 Hatton, Anne  29 Aug 1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6947 Apperly-Ball tree 
85 Hatton, Arthur Vincent  18 Feb 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6954 Apperly-Ball tree 
86 Hatton, Ernest Wilfred  1960Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7841 Apperly-Ball tree 
87 Hatton, Francis  1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6881 Apperly-Ball tree 
88 Hatton, Francis  8 Sep 1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6735 Apperly-Ball tree 
89 Hill, William Cornelius  13 Aug 1949Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9524 Apperly-Ball tree 
90 Houldey, Edward Sam  1954Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9776 Apperly-Ball tree 
91 Ible, Lilian Ann  2 Apr 1965Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8878 Apperly-Ball tree 
92 Ivey, Dorothy Adelaide  1905Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11977 Apperly-Ball tree 
93 Ivey, Horatio Nelson  13 Feb 1907Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11978 Apperly-Ball tree 
94 Ivey, John Curry  17 Oct 1937Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11971 Apperly-Ball tree 
95 James, Helen Sarah  17 Feb 1938Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11869 Apperly-Ball tree 
96 Jones, Vera Olive  1973Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11483 Apperly-Ball tree 
97 Judge, Charles Lloyd  1943Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I13458 Apperly-Ball tree 
98 Lane, Emily  1951Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10297 Apperly-Ball tree 
99 Lea, William Smith  9 Apr 1937Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9686 Apperly-Ball tree 
100 Little, Harriet  1920Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9842 Apperly-Ball tree 
101 Mann, Lucy Winifred Mary  1975Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10103 Apperly-Ball tree 
102 Mason, Mary Jane  1947Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9687 Apperly-Ball tree 
103 Meek, Christian Frederick  1950Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10941 Apperly-Ball tree 
104 Mills, Zoe Annie Wilhelmina  4 Nov 1963Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9435 Apperly-Ball tree 
105 Niblett, Elsie Rose  1968Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8287 Apperly-Ball tree 
106 Palmer, Frank Turk  27 Aug 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11898 Apperly-Ball tree 
107 Palmer, John Turk  1868Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11774 Apperly-Ball tree 
108 Palmer, Rosina Sophia  17 Jun 1922Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11776 Apperly-Ball tree 
109 Payne, Emily  12 Jan 1905Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8969 Apperly-Ball tree 
110 Pegler, Selina Annie  1971Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10100 Apperly-Ball tree 
111 Perry, Charles James  1970Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10074 Apperly-Ball tree 
112 Peters, Mary Ann  1941Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I13416 Apperly-Ball tree 
113 Phelps  1874Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12044 Apperly-Ball tree 
114 Phelps, Alfred  1876Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11763 Apperly-Ball tree 
115 Phelps, Alfred James  1855Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11817 Apperly-Ball tree 
116 Phelps, Arthur William  26 Nov 1860Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11850 Apperly-Ball tree 
117 Phelps, Edith Elizabeth  1872Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11852 Apperly-Ball tree 
118 Phelps, Frances Annie  1869Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11851 Apperly-Ball tree 
119 Phelps, John Newton  21 Jul 1924Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11849 Apperly-Ball tree 
120 Phelps, Julia Agnes Teague  29 Aug 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11818 Apperly-Ball tree 
121 Phelps, Walter  12 Mar 1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11760 Apperly-Ball tree 
122 Phelps, William  1884Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11766 Apperly-Ball tree 
123 Phelps, William Edwin  25 Mar 1903Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11825 Apperly-Ball tree 
124 Phelps, William John  1865Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12032 Apperly-Ball tree 
125 Pike, Rita Beatrice  1938Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I13452 Apperly-Ball tree 
126 Pockett, Ivor Jesse  1992Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10129 Apperly-Ball tree 
127 Preston, Albert Henry  3 Dec 1940Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9585 Apperly-Ball tree 
128 Rea, Robert Llewllyn  2003Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8901 Apperly-Ball tree 
129 Rogers, Mabel  1944Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10099 Apperly-Ball tree 
130 Rogers, Maude Jane  18 Jun 1967Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12380 Apperly-Ball tree 
131 Smart, Amy Maria  19 Feb 1974Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7875 Apperly-Ball tree 
132 Smart, Charles Albert  1 Nov 1940Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7883 Apperly-Ball tree 
133 Smart, Charles Ernest  1950Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6771 Apperly-Ball tree 
134 Smart, Edith  1895Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7884 Apperly-Ball tree 
135 Smart, Florence Emily  1951Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6768 Apperly-Ball tree 
136 Smart, Frances Eileen  2001Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8899 Apperly-Ball tree 
137 Smart, Francis James  1976Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6782 Apperly-Ball tree 
138 Smart, Francis Lionel  1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7889 Apperly-Ball tree 
139 Smart, George Albert  1928Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8898 Apperly-Ball tree 
140 Smart, George Albert  30 May 2005Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8303 Apperly-Ball tree 
141 Smart, George Daniel  9 Jul 1960Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7879 Apperly-Ball tree 
142 Smart, Gladys  1997Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7885 Apperly-Ball tree 
143 Smart, Gladys Irene  1968Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6918 Apperly-Ball tree 
144 Smart, Hubert William  20 Aug 1958Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7878 Apperly-Ball tree 
145 Smart, infant  1924Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8304 Apperly-Ball tree 
146 Smart, Minnie  1926Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7881 Apperly-Ball tree 
147 Smart, Stanley Harold  28 Jun 1986Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8290 Apperly-Ball tree 
148 Smart, William Henry  1935Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7886 Apperly-Ball tree 
149 Smart, Winifred Vera Marie  1967Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6919 Apperly-Ball tree 
150 Smith, Alfred Jefferies  14 Sep 1955Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9539 Apperly-Ball tree 
151 Smith, Felix Henry  1980Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8411 Apperly-Ball tree 
152 Smith, Grace Ernestine  1966Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11857 Apperly-Ball tree 
153 Stroud, Elizabeth Frances  29 Jan 1914Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11844 Apperly-Ball tree 
154 Summers, Arthur Ivor  27 Aug 1999Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8413 Apperly-Ball tree 
155 Teague, Ann  1903Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11796 Apperly-Ball tree 
156 Thomas, Lucy  1937Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10403 Apperly-Ball tree 
157 Toleman, Decima Sarah  7 Jan 1947Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9966 Apperly-Ball tree 
158 Tuckwell, Ronald Joseph Frederick  21 Jan 1978Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11472 Apperly-Ball tree 
159 Turner, Annie Matilda  1955Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6793 Apperly-Ball tree 
160 Tyler, Wilfrid Leonard  1951Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9961 Apperly-Ball tree 
161 Wadley, Ernest James  6 Jan 2003Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12350 Apperly-Ball tree 
162 Wakefield, John  1859Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11839 Apperly-Ball tree 
163 Warren, William  24 Sep 1903Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I13151 Apperly-Ball tree 
164 Wickham, Phyllis Irene Maud  1976Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10051 Apperly-Ball tree 
165 Wigmore, Emma Mary  11 Jan 1927Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7011 Apperly-Ball tree 
166 Wintle, Ellen Agnes  1926Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11783 Apperly-Ball tree 
167 Wintle, Eva Amelia  1918Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11785 Apperly-Ball tree 
168 Wintle, Fanny Box  7 Dec 1932Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11788 Apperly-Ball tree 
169 Yeates, Harold William  1927Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8305 Apperly-Ball tree 
170 Yeates, Sydney Thomas  12 Jul 1964Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8301 Apperly-Ball tree 


Matches 1 to 113 of 113

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Apperley, Gilbert  3 Jan 1912Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10112 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Bailey, Elizabeth Ann  16 May 1830Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6959 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Bolton, Eliza  3 Dec 1876Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10992 Apperly-Ball tree 
4 Bolton, Emma Jane  3 Dec 1876Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10991 Apperly-Ball tree 
5 Bolton, Esther Dorothy  9 Jan 1895Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11073 Apperly-Ball tree 
6 Bolton, Joseph  8 Dec 1884Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11063 Apperly-Ball tree 
7 Bolton, Kathleen Jessie  26 Aug 1896Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11074 Apperly-Ball tree 
8 Bolton, Nora  1 Aug 1906Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11091 Apperly-Ball tree 
9 Bolton, Rosina Minnie  25 Aug 1887Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11062 Apperly-Ball tree 
10 Bolton, Sarah  3 Dec 1876Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10990 Apperly-Ball tree 
11 Bolton, Sidney Francis Allen  29 Aug 1904Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11092 Apperly-Ball tree 
12 Browning, Alfred  18 Apr 1869Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9541 Apperly-Ball tree 
13 Coggins, Arthur Leslie  24 Nov 1909Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11320 Apperly-Ball tree 
14 Coggins, Arthur Robert  6 May 1888Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11098 Apperly-Ball tree 
15 Coggins, Violet Ivy  19 Feb 1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11319 Apperly-Ball tree 
16 Coggins, Winifred May  7 Mar 1913Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12731 Apperly-Ball tree 
17 Cole, James Wood  1 Jun 1845Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11863 Apperly-Ball tree 
18 Collier, Harry Charles  24 Nov 1895Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8818 Apperly-Ball tree 
19 Cripps, Alice May  31 May 1896Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11969 Apperly-Ball tree 
20 Cripps, Edith Annie  2 Mar 1884Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11967 Apperly-Ball tree 
21 Curtis, Clara  2 Jan 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9534 Apperly-Ball tree 
22 Deakins, Grace Annie Sophia  29 Aug 1894Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11972 Apperly-Ball tree 
23 Donague, Ellen Ada  31 Jul 1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11902 Apperly-Ball tree 
24 Donague, William Thomas Michael  4 Feb 1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11901 Apperly-Ball tree 
25 Ewers, Ann Elizabeth  23 Jan 1880Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11049 Apperly-Ball tree 
26 Galling, Mabel Eveline Gertrude  12 May 1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8867 Apperly-Ball tree 
27 Goddard, Beatrice May  27 Jan 1909Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11965 Apperly-Ball tree 
28 Goddard, John  22 Jan 1888Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11958 Apperly-Ball tree 
29 Gorin, Clara Phyllis  7 Mar 1906Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9536 Apperly-Ball tree 
30 Gorin, Cornelius Joseph Charles  27 Jul 1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9537 Apperly-Ball tree 
31 Gorin, Douglas  24 Aug 1912Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9538 Apperly-Ball tree 
32 Gorin, Walter  17 Mar 1910Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9535 Apperly-Ball tree 
33 Goscombe, Arthur  27 Feb 1887Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11070 Apperly-Ball tree 
34 Goscombe, Ernest Harold  31 Jul 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8879 Apperly-Ball tree 
35 Goscombe, George Hubert  24 Jun 1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11068 Apperly-Ball tree 
36 Goscombe, Lilias Annie  3 May 1885Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11069 Apperly-Ball tree 
37 Harvey, Evelyn Frances  24 Feb 1897Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12545 Apperly-Ball tree 
38 Harvey, Ida Melville  6 Oct 1899Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12546 Apperly-Ball tree 
39 Hatton, Arthur Vincent  15 Jul 1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7854 Apperly-Ball tree 
40 Hatton, Lionel Ernest  19 Feb 1905Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7855 Apperly-Ball tree 
41 Hill, Annie Ellen  19 Dec 1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9516 Apperly-Ball tree 
42 Hill, Charles James  30 Sep 1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9527 Apperly-Ball tree 
43 Hill, Charles Reginald  25 Aug 1897Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12053 Apperly-Ball tree 
44 Hill, Edith Margaret  3 Oct 1880Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9526 Apperly-Ball tree 
45 Hill, Florence Kate  14 Jan 1874Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9523 Apperly-Ball tree 
46 Hill, Florence Rose  31 Jan 1900Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12054 Apperly-Ball tree 
47 Hill, Frederick John  27 Jul 1904Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12060 Apperly-Ball tree 
48 Hill, Harry Percival  11 Sep 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12059 Apperly-Ball tree 
49 Hill, Henry John  21 Jul 1872Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12048 Apperly-Ball tree 
50 Hill, Laura Emma  9 Mar 1870Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9517 Apperly-Ball tree 
51 Hill, Rowland George  31 May 1885Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9528 Apperly-Ball tree 
52 Hill, William Joseph  23 Sep 1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12061 Apperly-Ball tree 
53 Hopkins, William Cecil John  23 Feb 1890Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9934 Apperly-Ball tree 
54 Horsfall, Prudence  2 Sep 1904Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10139 Apperly-Ball tree 
55 Ible, Lilian Ann  27 Apr 1892Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8878 Apperly-Ball tree 
56 Ivey, Charles Robert  26 Feb 1913Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12344 Apperly-Ball tree 
57 Ivey, Dorothy Adelaide  16 Feb 1905Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11977 Apperly-Ball tree 
58 Ivey, Horatio Nelson  31 Jan 1906Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11978 Apperly-Ball tree 
59 Ivey, John Hicks  16 Sep 1903Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11973 Apperly-Ball tree 
60 James, Helen Sarah  13 Jul 1873Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11869 Apperly-Ball tree 
61 Mann, Annie Kathleen  6 Aug 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10113 Apperly-Ball tree 
62 Mann, Dorothy Gertrude  4 Aug 1912Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10114 Apperly-Ball tree 
63 Mann, Francis George  1 Apr 1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10104 Apperly-Ball tree 
64 Mann, Lucy Winifred Mary  1 Apr 1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10103 Apperly-Ball tree 
65 Mann, William Henry  6 Aug 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10105 Apperly-Ball tree 
66 Marden, Emma Jane  10 Nov 1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11899 Apperly-Ball tree 
67 Niblett, Rose Gertrude  1 Apr 1894Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10936 Apperly-Ball tree 
68 Niblett, Ruby Hetty  26 Aug 1900Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10938 Apperly-Ball tree 
69 Palmer, Daisy Alice  23 Feb 1888Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11911 Apperly-Ball tree 
70 Palmer, Frank Turk  20 Jul 1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11898 Apperly-Ball tree 
71 Palmer, Herbert Edwin  21 May 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11912 Apperly-Ball tree 
72 Perry, Esther  6 Mar 1870Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11047 Apperly-Ball tree 
73 Phelps, Arthur William  26 Mar 1860Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11850 Apperly-Ball tree 
74 Phelps, Edith Elizabeth  8 Oct 1872Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11852 Apperly-Ball tree 
75 Phelps, Frances Annie  2 May 1869Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11851 Apperly-Ball tree 
76 Phelps, Freda Helena  31 Aug 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11994 Apperly-Ball tree 
77 Phelps, Frederick Nelson  11 Jun 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11860 Apperly-Ball tree 
78 Phelps, James Cameron  9 Feb 1893Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11993 Apperly-Ball tree 
79 Phelps, John Newton  19 Feb 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11849 Apperly-Ball tree 
80 Phelps, Philip Henry  10 Nov 1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11848 Apperly-Ball tree 
81 Phelps, Sydney Edward  27 Nov 1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11847 Apperly-Ball tree 
82 Phelps, Walter Ernest  27 Apr 1862Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11846 Apperly-Ball tree 
83 Russell, Albert Edward  13 Jan 1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10170 Apperly-Ball tree 
84 Russell, Charles Stewart  25 Oct 1868Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10171 Apperly-Ball tree 
85 Russell, Charles Thomas  1 Dec 1839Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10163 Apperly-Ball tree 
86 Russell, Tom Alston  18 Dec 1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10169 Apperly-Ball tree 
87 Smart, Alice Maud Lily  16 Dec 1879Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7887 Apperly-Ball tree 
88 Smart, Edith Alice  6 Dec 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7888 Apperly-Ball tree 
89 Smart, Eleaner Tranter  2 Feb 1873Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6775 Apperly-Ball tree 
90 Smart, Francis Lionel  23 Feb 1882Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7889 Apperly-Ball tree 
91 Smart, Hubert  9 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6763 Apperly-Ball tree 
92 Smart, Olive May  7 Mar 1897Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6916 Apperly-Ball tree 
93 Smith, Catherine Susanna  23 Apr 1841Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6889 Apperly-Ball tree 
94 Smith, Francis Charles  11 Dec 1896Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11009 Apperly-Ball tree 
95 Smith, Grace Ernestine  13 Mar 1895Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11857 Apperly-Ball tree 
96 Smith, Hettie Melinda  26 Jul 1892Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11007 Apperly-Ball tree 
97 Smith, Lucy Mary  16 May 1900Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11010 Apperly-Ball tree 
98 Smith, William Frederick  27 Nov 1836Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6888 Apperly-Ball tree 
99 Wakefield, Georgina Amelia  28 Dec 1857Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11841 Apperly-Ball tree 
100 Wakefield, William Edward  20 Jun 1859Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11842 Apperly-Ball tree 
101 Wickham, Phyllis Irene Maud  27 Apr 1910Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10051 Apperly-Ball tree 
102 Wintle, Eliza Ada  1 Dec 1841Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11790 Apperly-Ball tree 
103 Wintle, Ellen Agnes  12 Aug 1844Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11783 Apperly-Ball tree 
104 Wintle, Emily Ann  29 May 1850Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11787 Apperly-Ball tree 
105 Wintle, Ernest Douglas  10 Jul 1852Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11779 Apperly-Ball tree 
106 Wintle, Eugene Douglas  18 Mar 1843Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11782 Apperly-Ball tree 
107 Wintle, Eva Amelia  9 Jul 1847Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11785 Apperly-Ball tree 
108 Wintle, Fanny Box  5 Oct 1853Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11788 Apperly-Ball tree 
109 Wintle, Frank Douglas  6 Apr 1855Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11789 Apperly-Ball tree 
110 Wintle, George Douglas  2 Mar 1849Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11786 Apperly-Ball tree 
111 Wintle, Henry Douglas  15 Sep 1845Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11784 Apperly-Ball tree 
112 Wintle, Robert Douglas  10 Jun 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11791 Apperly-Ball tree 
113 Yule, William David  14 Jun 1857Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7873 Apperly-Ball tree 


Matches 1 to 476 of 476

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aldridge, Eileen Mary  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10080 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Aldridge, Thomas  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10076 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Apperley, Augusta  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9481 Apperly-Ball tree 
4 Apperley, Augusta  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9481 Apperly-Ball tree 
5 Apperley, Augusta  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9481 Apperly-Ball tree 
6 Apperley, Dora Annie  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10071 Apperly-Ball tree 
7 Apperley, Emily Louisa  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10072 Apperly-Ball tree 
8 Apperley, Ernest Reginald  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9865 Apperly-Ball tree 
9 Apperley, Frederick George  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9695 Apperly-Ball tree 
10 Apperley, Frederick George  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9695 Apperly-Ball tree 
11 Apperley, Hannah Maria  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9482 Apperly-Ball tree 
12 Apperley, Herbert Orlando Henry  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9823 Apperly-Ball tree 
13 Apperley, Herbert Roy  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10069 Apperly-Ball tree 
14 Apperley, Hilda Rose Kathleen  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10106 Apperly-Ball tree 
15 Apperley, James  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9398 Apperly-Ball tree 
16 Apperley, James  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9398 Apperly-Ball tree 
17 Apperley, John Edward  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9861 Apperly-Ball tree 
18 Apperley, John Edward  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9861 Apperly-Ball tree 
19 Apperley, Joseph John Reginald  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9710 Apperly-Ball tree 
20 Apperley, Joseph John Reginald  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9710 Apperly-Ball tree 
21 Apperley, Joyce Selina  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10107 Apperly-Ball tree 
22 Apperley, Julie Anne Eliza  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9854 Apperly-Ball tree 
23 Apperley, Julie Anne Eliza  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9854 Apperly-Ball tree 
24 Apperley, Martha  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9399 Apperly-Ball tree 
25 Apperley, Mary  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9322 Apperly-Ball tree 
26 Apperley, Olive Alice  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9727 Apperly-Ball tree 
27 Apperley, Olive Mary  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10070 Apperly-Ball tree 
28 Apperley, Reginald Ernest  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10109 Apperly-Ball tree 
29 Apperley, Sarah Ellen  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9832 Apperly-Ball tree 
30 Apperley, William Oliver  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9711 Apperly-Ball tree 
31 Apperley, Winifred Ann  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9850 Apperly-Ball tree 
32 Apperley, Winifred Ann  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9850 Apperly-Ball tree 
33 Baldaro, Jack Joseph  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10044 Apperly-Ball tree 
34 Baldaro, John Leonard  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10036 Apperly-Ball tree 
35 Baldaro, John Leonard  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10035 Apperly-Ball tree 
36 Baldaro, John Leonard  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10036 Apperly-Ball tree 
37 Baldaro, John Leonard  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10035 Apperly-Ball tree 
38 Baldaro, John Leonard  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10036 Apperly-Ball tree 
39 Baldwin, Leslie Charles  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8819 Apperly-Ball tree 
40 Baldwin, Royston Noel  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8825 Apperly-Ball tree 
41 Bell, Jane  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11793 Apperly-Ball tree 
42 Bellamy, Emily Eva  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7434 Apperly-Ball tree 
43 Bellamy, Howard  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7020 Apperly-Ball tree 
44 Bellamy, William Alfred  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7010 Apperly-Ball tree 
45 Bick, Ernest Leonard  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8876 Apperly-Ball tree 
46 Biggs, Alexandra Frances May  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10043 Apperly-Ball tree 
47 Bolton, Edith Ethel  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11089 Apperly-Ball tree 
48 Bolton, Elijah  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10988 Apperly-Ball tree 
49 Bolton, Elijah  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10988 Apperly-Ball tree 
50 Bolton, Elijah  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10988 Apperly-Ball tree 
51 Bolton, Elijah  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10988 Apperly-Ball tree 
52 Bolton, Eliza  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10992 Apperly-Ball tree 
53 Bolton, Eliza  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10992 Apperly-Ball tree 
54 Bolton, Ellen  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10989 Apperly-Ball tree 
55 Bolton, Ellen  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10989 Apperly-Ball tree 
56 Bolton, Ellen  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10989 Apperly-Ball tree 
57 Bolton, Ellen  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10989 Apperly-Ball tree 
58 Bolton, Emma Jane  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10991 Apperly-Ball tree 
59 Bolton, Esther Dorothy  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11073 Apperly-Ball tree 
60 Bolton, Francis  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10993 Apperly-Ball tree 
61 Bolton, Francis  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10993 Apperly-Ball tree 
62 Bolton, Francis  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10993 Apperly-Ball tree 
63 Bolton, Francis  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10993 Apperly-Ball tree 
64 Bolton, Francis  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10993 Apperly-Ball tree 
65 Bolton, Frank Henry  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11076 Apperly-Ball tree 
66 Bolton, Frank Henry  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11076 Apperly-Ball tree 
67 Bolton, Frederick William  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11075 Apperly-Ball tree 
68 Bolton, Frederick William  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11075 Apperly-Ball tree 
69 Bolton, George  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10986 Apperly-Ball tree 
70 Bolton, Harry Halsey  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11090 Apperly-Ball tree 
71 Bolton, Henry  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10975 Apperly-Ball tree 
72 Bolton, Henry  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10975 Apperly-Ball tree 
73 Bolton, Henry  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10975 Apperly-Ball tree 
74 Bolton, Henry John  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10984 Apperly-Ball tree 
75 Bolton, Henry John  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10984 Apperly-Ball tree 
76 Bolton, Henry John  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10984 Apperly-Ball tree 
77 Bolton, Joseph  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10985 Apperly-Ball tree 
78 Bolton, Joseph  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10985 Apperly-Ball tree 
79 Bolton, Joseph  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11063 Apperly-Ball tree 
80 Bolton, Joseph  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10985 Apperly-Ball tree 
81 Bolton, Joseph  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11063 Apperly-Ball tree 
82 Bolton, Kathleen Jessie  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11074 Apperly-Ball tree 
83 Bolton, Kathleen Jessie  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11074 Apperly-Ball tree 
84 Bolton, Melinda Ann  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10987 Apperly-Ball tree 
85 Bolton, Nora  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11091 Apperly-Ball tree 
86 Bolton, Nora  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11091 Apperly-Ball tree 
87 Bolton, Rosina Minnie  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11062 Apperly-Ball tree 
88 Bolton, Rosina Minnie  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11062 Apperly-Ball tree 
89 Bolton, Sarah  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10990 Apperly-Ball tree 
90 Bolton, Sarah  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10990 Apperly-Ball tree 
91 Bolton, Sidney Francis Allen  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11092 Apperly-Ball tree 
92 Bolton, Violet Mabel  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11077 Apperly-Ball tree 
93 Bolton, Violet Mabel  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11077 Apperly-Ball tree 
94 Bolton, Winifred Hettie  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11088 Apperly-Ball tree 
95 Boughton, Martha  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11798 Apperly-Ball tree 
96 Boughton, Martha  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11798 Apperly-Ball tree 
97 Boughton, Martha  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11798 Apperly-Ball tree 
98 Bradford, Frances Helen  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12537 Apperly-Ball tree 
99 Byard, Walter  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9529 Apperly-Ball tree 
100 Carter, John William  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10411 Apperly-Ball tree 
101 Carter, John William  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10404 Apperly-Ball tree 
102 Carter, John William  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10411 Apperly-Ball tree 
103 Carter, John William  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10404 Apperly-Ball tree 
104 Clark, Mary Ann  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10983 Apperly-Ball tree 
105 Clark, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10983 Apperly-Ball tree 
106 Clark, Mary Ann  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10983 Apperly-Ball tree 
107 Clark, Mary Ann  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10983 Apperly-Ball tree 
108 Clark, Mary Ann  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10983 Apperly-Ball tree 
109 Clark, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10983 Apperly-Ball tree 
110 Coggins, Arthur Leslie  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11320 Apperly-Ball tree 
111 Coggins, Arthur Robert  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11098 Apperly-Ball tree 
112 Coggins, Arthur Robert  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11098 Apperly-Ball tree 
113 Coggins, Doris Irene  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11467 Apperly-Ball tree 
114 Coggins, Lilian Joan  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11469 Apperly-Ball tree 
115 Coggins, Marjorie Phyllis  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11468 Apperly-Ball tree 
116 Coggins, Muriel Joyce  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11470 Apperly-Ball tree 
117 Coggins, Norman John  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11471 Apperly-Ball tree 
118 Coggins, Violet Ivy  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11319 Apperly-Ball tree 
119 Cole, Alfred Henry James  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11866 Apperly-Ball tree 
120 Cole, Clarence Sidney  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8870 Apperly-Ball tree 
121 Cole, Clarence Sidney  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8870 Apperly-Ball tree 
122 Cole, Dorothy Mildred  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8871 Apperly-Ball tree 
123 Cole, Dorothy Mildred  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8871 Apperly-Ball tree 
124 Cole, Edith Helen  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11870 Apperly-Ball tree 
125 Cole, Edith Helen  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11870 Apperly-Ball tree 
126 Cole, Edith Helen  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11870 Apperly-Ball tree 
127 Cole, Edwin Francis  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11867 Apperly-Ball tree 
128 Cole, Edwin Francis  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11867 Apperly-Ball tree 
129 Cole, Edwin Francis  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11867 Apperly-Ball tree 
130 Cole, Edwin Francis  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11867 Apperly-Ball tree 
131 Cole, Florence Hilda  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11872 Apperly-Ball tree 
132 Cole, Florence Hilda  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11872 Apperly-Ball tree 
133 Cole, Florence May  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8866 Apperly-Ball tree 
134 Cole, Geoffrey Charles  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8873 Apperly-Ball tree 
135 Cole, Gladys Kathleen  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8865 Apperly-Ball tree 
136 Cole, Gladys Kathleen  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8865 Apperly-Ball tree 
137 Cole, Gladys Rosina  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11871 Apperly-Ball tree 
138 Cole, Gladys Rosina  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11871 Apperly-Ball tree 
139 Cole, Hilda Annie  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8869 Apperly-Ball tree 
140 Cole, Hilda Annie  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8869 Apperly-Ball tree 
141 Cole, James Frederick  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11868 Apperly-Ball tree 
142 Cole, James Frederick  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11868 Apperly-Ball tree 
143 Cole, James Wood  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11863 Apperly-Ball tree 
144 Cole, James Wood  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11863 Apperly-Ball tree 
145 Cole, Sidney  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8864 Apperly-Ball tree 
146 Collier, Harry Charles  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8818 Apperly-Ball tree 
147 Collier, Iris Doreen  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8829 Apperly-Ball tree 
148 Collier, Reginald Charles  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8830 Apperly-Ball tree 
149 Cother, Joseph William  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10073 Apperly-Ball tree 
150 Cripps, Ada Jane  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11968 Apperly-Ball tree 
151 Cripps, Ada Jane  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11968 Apperly-Ball tree 
152 Cripps, Alice May  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11969 Apperly-Ball tree 
153 Cripps, Edith Annie  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11967 Apperly-Ball tree 
154 Cripps, Edith Annie  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11967 Apperly-Ball tree 
155 Cripps, William James  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11966 Apperly-Ball tree 
156 Curtis, Clara  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9534 Apperly-Ball tree 
157 Deakins, Grace Annie Sophia  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11972 Apperly-Ball tree 
158 Doyle, Royston W  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10150 Apperly-Ball tree 
159 Dunn, James  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11853 Apperly-Ball tree 
160 Ellis, Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9552 Apperly-Ball tree 
161 Ellis, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9552 Apperly-Ball tree 
162 Ewers, Ann Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11049 Apperly-Ball tree 
163 Ewers, Ann Elizabeth  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11049 Apperly-Ball tree 
164 Forty, Agnes Ann  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9669 Apperly-Ball tree 
165 Fowler, Victoria Doris Emily  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12549 Apperly-Ball tree 
166 Goddard, Beatrice May  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11965 Apperly-Ball tree 
167 Goddard, John  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11958 Apperly-Ball tree 
168 Gorin, Ann  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9348 Apperly-Ball tree 
169 Gorin, Clara Phyllis  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9536 Apperly-Ball tree 
170 Gorin, Cornelius  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9521 Apperly-Ball tree 
171 Gorin, Cornelius  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9521 Apperly-Ball tree 
172 Gorin, Cornelius Joseph Charles  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9537 Apperly-Ball tree 
173 Gorin, Ellen  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9350 Apperly-Ball tree 
174 Gorin, Ellen  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9350 Apperly-Ball tree 
175 Gorin, Ellen  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9350 Apperly-Ball tree 
176 Gorin, Florence  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9520 Apperly-Ball tree 
177 Gorin, Florence  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9520 Apperly-Ball tree 
178 Gorin, Louisa  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9519 Apperly-Ball tree 
179 Gorin, Louisa  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9519 Apperly-Ball tree 
180 Gorin, Sarah  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9518 Apperly-Ball tree 
181 Gorin, Sarah  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9518 Apperly-Ball tree 
182 Gorin, Sarah  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9518 Apperly-Ball tree 
183 Gorin, Walter  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9535 Apperly-Ball tree 
184 Goscombe, Ernest Harold  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8879 Apperly-Ball tree 
185 Goscombe, Kenneth Gordon  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8887 Apperly-Ball tree 
186 Greening, Kenneth Frank  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8836 Apperly-Ball tree 
187 Greening, Leslie Thomas  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8835 Apperly-Ball tree 
188 Greening, Tom  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8817 Apperly-Ball tree 
189 Gregory, Hilda Mary  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12782 Apperly-Ball tree 
190 Harris, Julia  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9508 Apperly-Ball tree 
191 Harris, Julia  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9508 Apperly-Ball tree 
192 Harvey, Brian Edward M  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12558 Apperly-Ball tree 
193 Harvey, Ernest James Fitzroy  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6997 Apperly-Ball tree 
194 Harvey, Evelyn Frances  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12545 Apperly-Ball tree 
195 Harvey, Gwendoline Agnes  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12541 Apperly-Ball tree 
196 Harvey, Ida Melville  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12546 Apperly-Ball tree 
197 Harvey, Margaret Helen  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12542 Apperly-Ball tree 
198 Harvey, Reginald Frederick Melville  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12538 Apperly-Ball tree 
199 Hatton, Amy Isabel  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8976 Apperly-Ball tree 
200 Hatton, Anne  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6947 Apperly-Ball tree 
201 Hatton, Annie Maria Kate  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7847 Apperly-Ball tree 
202 Hatton, Arthur Vincent  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6954 Apperly-Ball tree 
203 Hatton, Arthur Vincent  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6954 Apperly-Ball tree 
204 Hatton, Arthur Vincent  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6954 Apperly-Ball tree 
205 Hatton, Arthur Vincent  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7854 Apperly-Ball tree 
206 Hatton, Arthur Vincent  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6954 Apperly-Ball tree 
207 Hatton, Catherine Evelyn  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8972 Apperly-Ball tree 
208 Hatton, Catherine Evelyn  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8972 Apperly-Ball tree 
209 Hatton, Catherine Evelyn  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8972 Apperly-Ball tree 
210 Hatton, Charles Henry  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6958 Apperly-Ball tree 
211 Hatton, Francis  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6735 Apperly-Ball tree 
212 Hatton, Henry John  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7413 Apperly-Ball tree 
213 Hatton, John  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7414 Apperly-Ball tree 
214 Hatton, Lewis James  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7837 Apperly-Ball tree 
215 Hatton, Mary Anne  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7412 Apperly-Ball tree 
216 Hatton, May  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8971 Apperly-Ball tree 
217 Hatton, May  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8971 Apperly-Ball tree 
218 Hatton, May  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8971 Apperly-Ball tree 
219 Hill, Alfred Edward  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9522 Apperly-Ball tree 
220 Hill, Alfred Edward  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9522 Apperly-Ball tree 
221 Hill, Alfred Edward  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9522 Apperly-Ball tree 
222 Hill, Alfred Edward  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9522 Apperly-Ball tree 
223 Hill, Annie Ellen  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9516 Apperly-Ball tree 
224 Hill, Bertha Madge Decima  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9971 Apperly-Ball tree 
225 Hill, Charles James  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9527 Apperly-Ball tree 
226 Hill, Charles Reginald  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12053 Apperly-Ball tree 
227 Hill, Charles Reginald  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12053 Apperly-Ball tree 
228 Hill, Edith Margaret  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9526 Apperly-Ball tree 
229 Hill, Edith Margaret  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9526 Apperly-Ball tree 
230 Hill, Edith Margaret  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9526 Apperly-Ball tree 
231 Hill, Edward  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9511 Apperly-Ball tree 
232 Hill, Edward  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9511 Apperly-Ball tree 
233 Hill, Edward  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9511 Apperly-Ball tree 
234 Hill, Edward  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9511 Apperly-Ball tree 
235 Hill, Florence Kate  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9523 Apperly-Ball tree 
236 Hill, Florence Kate  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9523 Apperly-Ball tree 
237 Hill, Florence Rose  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12054 Apperly-Ball tree 
238 Hill, Florence Rose  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12054 Apperly-Ball tree 
239 Hill, Frederick John  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12060 Apperly-Ball tree 
240 Hill, Harry Bryan  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9525 Apperly-Ball tree 
241 Hill, Harry Bryan  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9525 Apperly-Ball tree 
242 Hill, Harry Percival  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12059 Apperly-Ball tree 
243 Hill, Henry John  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12048 Apperly-Ball tree 
244 Hill, Henry John  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12048 Apperly-Ball tree 
245 Hill, Laura Emma  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9517 Apperly-Ball tree 
246 Hill, Rowland George  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9528 Apperly-Ball tree 
247 Hill, Rowland George  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9528 Apperly-Ball tree 
248 Hill, William Cornelius  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9524 Apperly-Ball tree 
249 Hill, William Cornelius  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9524 Apperly-Ball tree 
250 Hill, William Cornelius  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9524 Apperly-Ball tree 
251 Hill, William Joseph  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12061 Apperly-Ball tree 
252 Hodges, Hannah  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6943 Apperly-Ball tree 
253 Houldey, Edward Sam  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9776 Apperly-Ball tree 
254 Ible, Lilian Ann  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8878 Apperly-Ball tree 
255 Ivey, George Edward  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12345 Apperly-Ball tree 
256 Ivey, John Curry  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11971 Apperly-Ball tree 
257 Ivey, John Curry  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11971 Apperly-Ball tree 
258 Ivey, John Hicks  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11973 Apperly-Ball tree 
259 Ivey, Lilian Mary Sophia  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12343 Apperly-Ball tree 
260 James, Helen Sarah  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11869 Apperly-Ball tree 
261 James, Helen Sarah  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11869 Apperly-Ball tree 
262 Kingsley, Violetta Winifred  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10415 Apperly-Ball tree 
263 Loveridge, Laura Annie  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11986 Apperly-Ball tree 
264 Mann, Francis George  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10104 Apperly-Ball tree 
265 Mann, Henry Thomas  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10098 Apperly-Ball tree 
266 Mann, Henry Thomas  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10098 Apperly-Ball tree 
267 Mann, Lilian Emily Eliza  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10102 Apperly-Ball tree 
268 Mann, Lucy Winifred Mary  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10103 Apperly-Ball tree 
269 Mann, Lucy Winifred Mary  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10103 Apperly-Ball tree 
270 Mann, Violet Grace  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10110 Apperly-Ball tree 
271 Mann, William Henry  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10105 Apperly-Ball tree 
272 Marden, Emma Jane  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11899 Apperly-Ball tree 
273 Marden, Emma Jane  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11899 Apperly-Ball tree 
274 Martin, Mary Annie  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10064 Apperly-Ball tree 
275 Mason, Mary Jane  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9687 Apperly-Ball tree 
276 Mason, Mary Jane  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9687 Apperly-Ball tree 
277 Matthews, Anne Elizabeth Jane  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10933 Apperly-Ball tree 
278 Matthews, Anne Elizabeth Jane  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10933 Apperly-Ball tree 
279 Niblett, Annie Maude  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10924 Apperly-Ball tree 
280 Niblett, Annie Maude  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10924 Apperly-Ball tree 
281 Niblett, Beatrice Lily  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10934 Apperly-Ball tree 
282 Niblett, Beatrice Lily  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10934 Apperly-Ball tree 
283 Niblett, Gladys Violet  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10937 Apperly-Ball tree 
284 Niblett, Gladys Violet  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10937 Apperly-Ball tree 
285 Niblett, Harry  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10935 Apperly-Ball tree 
286 Niblett, Minett  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9510 Apperly-Ball tree 
287 Niblett, Rose Gertrude  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10936 Apperly-Ball tree 
288 Niblett, Rose Gertrude  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10936 Apperly-Ball tree 
289 Niblett, Ruby Hetty  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10938 Apperly-Ball tree 
290 Niblett, Ruby Hetty  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10938 Apperly-Ball tree 
291 Niblett, Victor Stanley  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10939 Apperly-Ball tree 
292 Niblett, William  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10916 Apperly-Ball tree 
293 Palmer, Daisy Alice  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11911 Apperly-Ball tree 
294 Palmer, Daisy Alice  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11911 Apperly-Ball tree 
295 Palmer, Frank Turk  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11898 Apperly-Ball tree 
296 Palmer, Frank Turk  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11898 Apperly-Ball tree 
297 Palmer, Herbert Edwin  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11912 Apperly-Ball tree 
298 Palmer, Herbert Edwin  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11912 Apperly-Ball tree 
299 Palmer, Rosina Sophia  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11776 Apperly-Ball tree 
300 Palmer, Rosina Sophia  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11776 Apperly-Ball tree 
301 Palmer, Rosina Sophia  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11776 Apperly-Ball tree 
302 Pantol, Charlotte  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7409 Apperly-Ball tree 
303 Pantol, Julia Ann  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7410 Apperly-Ball tree 
304 Payne, Emily  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8969 Apperly-Ball tree 
305 Payne, Emily  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8969 Apperly-Ball tree 
306 Payne, Emily  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8969 Apperly-Ball tree 
307 Pegler, Selina Annie  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10100 Apperly-Ball tree 
308 Perry, Charles James  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10074 Apperly-Ball tree 
309 Perry, Esther  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11047 Apperly-Ball tree 
310 Perry, Esther  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11047 Apperly-Ball tree 
311 Phelps, Albert  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11827 Apperly-Ball tree 
312 Phelps, Alfred  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11763 Apperly-Ball tree 
313 Phelps, Alfred James  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11817 Apperly-Ball tree 
314 Phelps, Amelia  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11759 Apperly-Ball tree 
315 Phelps, Clara Eva  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11819 Apperly-Ball tree 
316 Phelps, Edwin  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11756 Apperly-Ball tree 
317 Phelps, Edwin  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11756 Apperly-Ball tree 
318 Phelps, Eliza  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11767 Apperly-Ball tree 
319 Phelps, Eliza  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11767 Apperly-Ball tree 
320 Phelps, Ellen  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11824 Apperly-Ball tree 
321 Phelps, Emily Jane  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11823 Apperly-Ball tree 
322 Phelps, Florence Amelia  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11845 Apperly-Ball tree 
323 Phelps, Florence Amelia  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11845 Apperly-Ball tree 
324 Phelps, Florence Amelia  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11845 Apperly-Ball tree 
325 Phelps, Florence Amelia  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11845 Apperly-Ball tree 
326 Phelps, Florence Amelia  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11845 Apperly-Ball tree 
327 Phelps, Frederick Nelson  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11860 Apperly-Ball tree 
328 Phelps, Henry John  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11826 Apperly-Ball tree 
329 Phelps, James  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11754 Apperly-Ball tree 
330 Phelps, James  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11754 Apperly-Ball tree 
331 Phelps, John Newton  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11849 Apperly-Ball tree 
332 Phelps, John Newton  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11849 Apperly-Ball tree 
333 Phelps, John Newton  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11849 Apperly-Ball tree 
334 Phelps, Julia Agnes Teague  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11818 Apperly-Ball tree 
335 Phelps, Julia Agnes Teague  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11818 Apperly-Ball tree 
336 Phelps, Julia Agnes Teague  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11818 Apperly-Ball tree 
337 Phelps, Lily  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12039 Apperly-Ball tree 
338 Phelps, Lily  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12039 Apperly-Ball tree 
339 Phelps, Philip Henry  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11848 Apperly-Ball tree 
340 Phelps, Philip Henry  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11848 Apperly-Ball tree 
341 Phelps, Sarah Jane  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11807 Apperly-Ball tree 
342 Phelps, Sarah Jane  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11807 Apperly-Ball tree 
343 Phelps, Sophia  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11762 Apperly-Ball tree 
344 Phelps, Sophia  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11762 Apperly-Ball tree 
345 Phelps, Sophia  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11762 Apperly-Ball tree 
346 Phelps, Sophia  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11762 Apperly-Ball tree 
347 Phelps, Sophia  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11762 Apperly-Ball tree 
348 Phelps, Sydney Edward  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11847 Apperly-Ball tree 
349 Phelps, Sydney Edward  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11847 Apperly-Ball tree 
350 Phelps, Walter  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11760 Apperly-Ball tree 
351 Phelps, Walter  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11760 Apperly-Ball tree 
352 Phelps, Walter  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11760 Apperly-Ball tree 
353 Phelps, Walter  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11760 Apperly-Ball tree 
354 Phelps, Walter Ernest  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11846 Apperly-Ball tree 
355 Phelps, Walter Ernest  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11846 Apperly-Ball tree 
356 Phelps, William Edwin  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11825 Apperly-Ball tree 
357 Phelps, William Edwin  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11825 Apperly-Ball tree 
358 Phelps, William Edwin  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11825 Apperly-Ball tree 
359 Price, Alfred  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11050 Apperly-Ball tree 
360 Price, Alfred  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11050 Apperly-Ball tree 
361 Ravenhill, Florence Clara  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8302 Apperly-Ball tree 
362 Roberts, Julia Rebecca  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7853 Apperly-Ball tree 
363 Rogers, Mabel  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10099 Apperly-Ball tree 
364 Rogers, Mabel  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10099 Apperly-Ball tree 
365 Russell, Albert Edward  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10170 Apperly-Ball tree 
366 Russell, Charles Stewart  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10171 Apperly-Ball tree 
367 Russell, Charles Thomas  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10163 Apperly-Ball tree 
368 Russell, Tom Alston  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10169 Apperly-Ball tree 
369 Smart, Amy Maria  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7875 Apperly-Ball tree 
370 Smart, Amy Maria  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7875 Apperly-Ball tree 
371 Smart, Amy Maria  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7875 Apperly-Ball tree 
372 Smart, Charles  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6741 Apperly-Ball tree 
373 Smart, Charles Albert  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7883 Apperly-Ball tree 
374 Smart, Charles Ernest  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6771 Apperly-Ball tree 
375 Smart, Charles Ernest  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6771 Apperly-Ball tree 
376 Smart, Charles Ernest  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6771 Apperly-Ball tree 
377 Smart, Charles James  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6762 Apperly-Ball tree 
378 Smart, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7880 Apperly-Ball tree 
379 Smart, Florence Emily  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6768 Apperly-Ball tree 
380 Smart, Florence Emily  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6768 Apperly-Ball tree 
381 Smart, Frances Eileen  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8899 Apperly-Ball tree 
382 Smart, George Albert  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8303 Apperly-Ball tree 
383 Smart, George Daniel  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7879 Apperly-Ball tree 
384 Smart, Gertrude Ellen  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6917 Apperly-Ball tree 
385 Smart, Gertrude Ellen  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6917 Apperly-Ball tree 
386 Smart, Gertrude Ellen  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6917 Apperly-Ball tree 
387 Smart, Gladys  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7885 Apperly-Ball tree 
388 Smart, Gladys Irene  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6918 Apperly-Ball tree 
389 Smart, Gladys Irene  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6918 Apperly-Ball tree 
390 Smart, Hubert  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6763 Apperly-Ball tree 
391 Smart, Hubert William  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7878 Apperly-Ball tree 
392 Smart, John Tranter  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7874 Apperly-Ball tree 
393 Smart, Olive May  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6916 Apperly-Ball tree 
394 Smart, Olive May  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6916 Apperly-Ball tree 
395 Smart, Olive May  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6916 Apperly-Ball tree 
396 Smart, Phyllis Joyce  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8894 Apperly-Ball tree 
397 Smart, Winifred Vera Marie  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6919 Apperly-Ball tree 
398 Smart, Winifred Vera Marie  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6919 Apperly-Ball tree 
399 Smith, Alfred Jefferies  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9539 Apperly-Ball tree 
400 Smith, Alfred Jefferies  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9539 Apperly-Ball tree 
401 Smith, Alfred Jefferies  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9539 Apperly-Ball tree 
402 Smith, Alfred Lionel Charles  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9540 Apperly-Ball tree 
403 Smith, Alfred Lionel Charles  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9540 Apperly-Ball tree 
404 Smith, Annie Sophia  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11855 Apperly-Ball tree 
405 Smith, Charles  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11006 Apperly-Ball tree 
406 Smith, Francis Charles  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11009 Apperly-Ball tree 
407 Smith, Grace Ernestine  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11857 Apperly-Ball tree 
408 Smith, Grace Ernestine  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11857 Apperly-Ball tree 
409 Smith, Grace Ernestine  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11857 Apperly-Ball tree 
410 Smith, Grace Ernestine  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11857 Apperly-Ball tree 
411 Smith, Henry James  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11008 Apperly-Ball tree 
412 Smith, Hettie Melinda  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11007 Apperly-Ball tree 
413 Smith, Horatio Nelson  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11808 Apperly-Ball tree 
414 Smith, Lucy Mary  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11010 Apperly-Ball tree 
415 Smith, Thomas  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11794 Apperly-Ball tree 
416 Smith, William Alfred Tom  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11854 Apperly-Ball tree 
417 Stapleton, Florence Beatrice Maud  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10407 Apperly-Ball tree 
418 Stapleton, Henry John  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10406 Apperly-Ball tree 
419 Stapleton, Sarah Jane  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10408 Apperly-Ball tree 
420 Stroud, Elizabeth Frances  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11844 Apperly-Ball tree 
421 Stroud, Elizabeth Frances  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11844 Apperly-Ball tree 
422 Stroud, Elizabeth Frances  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11844 Apperly-Ball tree 
423 Stroud, Elizabeth Frances  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11844 Apperly-Ball tree 
424 Stroud, Elizabeth Frances  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11844 Apperly-Ball tree 
425 Teague, Ann  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11796 Apperly-Ball tree 
426 Teague, Ann  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11796 Apperly-Ball tree 
427 Teague, Ann  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11796 Apperly-Ball tree 
428 Teague, Ann  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11796 Apperly-Ball tree 
429 Thorndale, Ellen  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6915 Apperly-Ball tree 
430 Thorndale, Ellen  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6915 Apperly-Ball tree 
431 Toleman, Decima Sarah  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9966 Apperly-Ball tree 
432 Toleman, Decima Sarah  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9966 Apperly-Ball tree 
433 Tranter, Susannah  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6739 Apperly-Ball tree 
434 Turley, Annie Maria  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7846 Apperly-Ball tree 
435 Wadley, Emeline Eva Mary  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9907 Apperly-Ball tree 
436 Wadley, John  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9874 Apperly-Ball tree 
437 Wakefield, Georgina Amelia  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11841 Apperly-Ball tree 
438 Wakefield, Sarah Ann  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11043 Apperly-Ball tree 
439 Wakefield, Sarah Ann  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11043 Apperly-Ball tree 
440 Wakefield, Sarah Ann  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11043 Apperly-Ball tree 
441 Wakefield, William Edward  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11842 Apperly-Ball tree 
442 Whiting, Frank Alfred  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9533 Apperly-Ball tree 
443 Whiting, Frank Alfred  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9533 Apperly-Ball tree 
444 Wigmore, Emma Mary  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7011 Apperly-Ball tree 
445 Winfield, Louisa  2 Apr 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11859 Apperly-Ball tree 
446 Winfield, Louisa  3 Apr 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11859 Apperly-Ball tree 
447 Wintle, Eliza Ada  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11790 Apperly-Ball tree 
448 Wintle, Ellen Agnes  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11783 Apperly-Ball tree 
449 Wintle, Emily Ann  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11787 Apperly-Ball tree 
450 Wintle, Eugene Douglas  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11782 Apperly-Ball tree 
451 Wintle, Eugene Douglas  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11782 Apperly-Ball tree 
452 Wintle, Eva Amelia  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11785 Apperly-Ball tree 
453 Wintle, Fanny Box  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11788 Apperly-Ball tree 
454 Wintle, Frank Douglas  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11789 Apperly-Ball tree 
455 Wintle, George Douglas  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11786 Apperly-Ball tree 
456 Wintle, George Samuel  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11770 Apperly-Ball tree 
457 Wintle, George Samuel  7 Apr 1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11770 Apperly-Ball tree 
458 Wintle, Henry Douglas  30 Mar 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11784 Apperly-Ball tree 
459 Woodhouse, Thomas Francis  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9677 Apperly-Ball tree 
460 Wright, Albert Henry  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11962 Apperly-Ball tree 
461 Wright, Albert Henry  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11962 Apperly-Ball tree 
462 Wright, Alfred John  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11963 Apperly-Ball tree 
463 Wright, Alfred John  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11963 Apperly-Ball tree 
464 Wright, Edwin James  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11959 Apperly-Ball tree 
465 Wright, Florence Louise  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11957 Apperly-Ball tree 
466 Wright, Florence Louise  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11957 Apperly-Ball tree 
467 Wright, Maude Beatrice  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11961 Apperly-Ball tree 
468 Wright, Maude Beatrice  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11961 Apperly-Ball tree 
469 Wright, William James  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11956 Apperly-Ball tree 
470 Wright, William James  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11956 Apperly-Ball tree 
471 Wright, William Thomas  5 Apr 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11960 Apperly-Ball tree 
472 Yeates, Harold William  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8305 Apperly-Ball tree 
473 Yeates, Harold William  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8305 Apperly-Ball tree 
474 Yeates, Sydney Thomas  31 Mar 1901Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8301 Apperly-Ball tree 
475 Yeates, Sydney Thomas  2 Apr 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8301 Apperly-Ball tree 
476 Yeates, Sydney Thomas  29 Sep 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8301 Apperly-Ball tree 


Matches 1 to 150 of 150

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Apperley, Bertha Kathleen  2 Feb 1965Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9413 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Apperley, Catherine  8 Aug 1936Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9400 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Apperley, Cornelius William  6 Jun 1936Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9405 Apperly-Ball tree 
4 Apperley, Francis John  19 Feb 1952Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10068 Apperly-Ball tree 
5 Apperley, Frederick George  24 Oct 1963Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9695 Apperly-Ball tree 
6 Apperley, George  5 Feb 1876Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9264 Apperly-Ball tree 
7 Apperley, George  18 Mar 1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9318 Apperly-Ball tree 
8 Apperley, George Hiram  12 Apr 1926Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9454 Apperly-Ball tree 
9 Apperley, Hollis William  24 Nov 1953Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9728 Apperly-Ball tree 
10 Apperley, Joseph  4 Apr 1921Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9498 Apperly-Ball tree 
11 Apperley, Joseph John Reginald  14 Feb 1961Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9710 Apperly-Ball tree 
12 Apperley, Louisa  11 Sep 1962Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9489 Apperly-Ball tree 
13 Apperley, Sarah Ann  23 Feb 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9821 Apperly-Ball tree 
14 Baber, Francis  27 Nov 1925Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12552 Apperly-Ball tree 
15 Baber, Mary Louise  23 Nov 1967Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12561 Apperly-Ball tree 
16 Baker, Charles Arthur  3 Apr 1962Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10514 Apperly-Ball tree 
17 Baker, William Ralph  8 Jul 1952Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10511 Apperly-Ball tree 
18 Baldaro, John Leonard  2 Feb 1932Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10035 Apperly-Ball tree 
19 Baldaro, John Leonard  19 Nov 1942Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10036 Apperly-Ball tree 
20 Ball, Clement George  23 Feb 1954Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I1912 Apperly-Ball tree 
21 Ball, George Edwards  15 Dec 1945Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I1714 Apperly-Ball tree 
22 Ball, Harold Victor  18 Mar 1952Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2358 Apperly-Ball tree 
23 Ball, Maud  28 Jun 1966Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I1911 Apperly-Ball tree 
24 Barnett, Elsie Ellen  14 Oct 1954Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8292 Apperly-Ball tree 
25 Bayley, Leslie William  5 Mar 1963Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12550 Apperly-Ball tree 
26 Bell, Jane  30 May 1892Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11793 Apperly-Ball tree 
27 Bellamy, Arthur William  9 Jul 1947Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7007 Apperly-Ball tree 
28 Bellamy, Edmund John  31 Aug 1935Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7032 Apperly-Ball tree 
29 Bellamy, Herbert John Wigmore  5 Dec 1963Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7034 Apperly-Ball tree 
30 Bellamy, Howard  18 Sep 1917Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7020 Apperly-Ball tree 
31 Bellamy, William Alfred  7 Dec 1920Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7010 Apperly-Ball tree 
32 Bennett, Susan Martha  20 Aug 1929Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6989 Apperly-Ball tree 
33 Blakemore, Kate  30 Jun 1922Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9456 Apperly-Ball tree 
34 Bolton, Francis  30 Apr 1943Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10993 Apperly-Ball tree 
35 Boucher, Lillian Catherine Esther  20 Oct 1966Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10078 Apperly-Ball tree 
36 Boughton, Sidney Charles  10 Feb 1966Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10959 Apperly-Ball tree 
37 Bradford, Frances Helen  4 Sep 1962Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12537 Apperly-Ball tree 
38 Brain, Charles  19 Sep 1928Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10943 Apperly-Ball tree 
39 Brain, Jesse  1 Apr 1965Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10955 Apperly-Ball tree 
40 Browning, Henry Adolphus  16 Aug 1943Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9899 Apperly-Ball tree 
41 Buckle, Edith Amy  15 Aug 1957Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9845 Apperly-Ball tree 
42 Cadle, Rosa May  27 Mar 1945Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5563 Apperly-Ball tree 
43 Cadle, Samuel Albert  12 Dec 1910Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6897 Apperly-Ball tree 
44 Cadle, William  16 Dec 1876Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6811 Apperly-Ball tree 
45 Carter, Alice Beatrice  17 May 1962Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8797 Apperly-Ball tree 
46 Coggins, Arthur Robert  19 May 1955Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11098 Apperly-Ball tree 
47 Cole, James Wood  25 Feb 1908Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11863 Apperly-Ball tree 
48 Crossman, Joseph Parry  28 Jun 1966Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5652 Apperly-Ball tree 
49 Dudfield, Allen  27 Aug 1947Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10247 Apperly-Ball tree 
50 Dudfield, George  9 May 1904Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9948 Apperly-Ball tree 
51 Dudfield, George  5 May 1951Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10253 Apperly-Ball tree 
52 Dudfield, Walter  20 Sep 1929Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10248 Apperly-Ball tree 
53 Dudfield, William  17 Mar 1953Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10254 Apperly-Ball tree 
54 Ewers, Ann Elizabeth  23 Mar 1965Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11049 Apperly-Ball tree 
55 Firkins, Tom  12 May 1955Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8973 Apperly-Ball tree 
56 Forty, Agnes Ann  25 Oct 1960Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9669 Apperly-Ball tree 
57 Fowler, Agnes Emily  11 Jul 1947Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8980 Apperly-Ball tree 
58 Fowler, Frederick Cadle  14 Oct 1931Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8985 Apperly-Ball tree 
59 Fowler, William  2 Jan 1924Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6896 Apperly-Ball tree 
60 Giblett, Catherine  13 May 1947Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8666 Apperly-Ball tree 
61 Gorin, Charles  7 Aug 1896Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9362 Apperly-Ball tree 
62 Gorin, Charles James  30 Apr 1940Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9513 Apperly-Ball tree 
63 Gorin, Florence  28 Jan 1930Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9520 Apperly-Ball tree 
64 Gorin, Louisa  24 Dec 1936Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9519 Apperly-Ball tree 
65 Gorin, Sarah  23 May 1950Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9518 Apperly-Ball tree 
66 Goscombe, Ernest Harold  26 Oct 1943Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8879 Apperly-Ball tree 
67 Greening, Tom  18 Feb 1958Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8817 Apperly-Ball tree 
68 Griffin, Charlotte Elizabeth  17 Apr 1969Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12768 Apperly-Ball tree 
69 Harvey, Agnes Mary  27 Jun 1935Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6993 Apperly-Ball tree 
70 Harvey, Eric Howard  6 Dec 1918Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6249 Apperly-Ball tree 
71 Harvey, Ernest James Fitzroy  28 Oct 1937Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6997 Apperly-Ball tree 
72 Harvey, Harold Sidney  23 Feb 1946Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6992 Apperly-Ball tree 
73 Harvey, Henry Melville  27 Feb 1899Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6995 Apperly-Ball tree 
74 Harvey, Reginald Frederick Melville  9 Jun 1959Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12538 Apperly-Ball tree 
75 Harvey, Sydney John  11 Jun 1929Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6988 Apperly-Ball tree 
76 Hatton, Albert James  18 Mar 1927Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6949 Apperly-Ball tree 
77 Hatton, Anne  19 Nov 1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6947 Apperly-Ball tree 
78 Hatton, Catherine Evelyn  12 Nov 1932Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8972 Apperly-Ball tree 
79 Hatton, Charles  29 Jan 1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6948 Apperly-Ball tree 
80 Hatton, Lewis George  11 May 1904Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6950 Apperly-Ball tree 
81 Hatton, May  2 May 1946Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8971 Apperly-Ball tree 
82 Hatton, William  14 Nov 1865Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6870 Apperly-Ball tree 
83 Heal, Herbert Ace  23 Aug 1943Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8487 Apperly-Ball tree 
84 High, Harry Gilbert  27 Jan 1945Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8968 Apperly-Ball tree 
85 Hill, William Cornelius  9 Sep 1949Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9524 Apperly-Ball tree 
86 Hodges, Hannah  18 Dec 1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6943 Apperly-Ball tree 
87 Horsfall, Richard Frederick  5 Mar 1964Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10143 Apperly-Ball tree 
88 Ible, Lilian Ann  8 Jul 1965Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8878 Apperly-Ball tree 
89 James, Helen Sarah  26 Nov 1938Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11869 Apperly-Ball tree 
90 Jones, William Leonard  30 Jun 1953Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10860 Apperly-Ball tree 
91 Lea, William Smith  1 Jun 1937Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9686 Apperly-Ball tree 
92 Loveridge, Frederick William  23 Sep 1958Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11985 Apperly-Ball tree 
93 Martin, Mary Annie  13 Aug 1948Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10064 Apperly-Ball tree 
94 Maul, James Henry  30 Jun 1966Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I1734 Apperly-Ball tree 
95 Maul, Mabel Emily  14 Jan 1960Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I1735 Apperly-Ball tree 
96 Maule, Elsie  26 Nov 1957Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12722 Apperly-Ball tree 
97 Mills, Zoe Annie Wilhelmina  10 Dec 1963Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9435 Apperly-Ball tree 
98 Moxey, Charles William Robert  13 Jul 1965Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10007 Apperly-Ball tree 
99 Niblett, Minett  29 Apr 1921Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9510 Apperly-Ball tree 
100 Nicholls, Elton James  18 Oct 1956Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12065 Apperly-Ball tree 
101 Palmer, Frank Turk  24 Oct 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11898 Apperly-Ball tree 
102 Palmer, Rosina Sophia  21 Dec 1922Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11776 Apperly-Ball tree 
103 Pearce, Thomas Philip DeVine  9 Apr 1964Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I3452 Apperly-Ball tree 
104 Phelps, Frederick Nelson  24 Apr 1946Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11860 Apperly-Ball tree 
105 Phelps, John Newton  16 Aug 1924Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11849 Apperly-Ball tree 
106 Phelps, Julia Agnes Teague  3 Nov 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11818 Apperly-Ball tree 
107 Phelps, Sarah Jane  2 May 1939Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11807 Apperly-Ball tree 
108 Phelps, Walter  27 Apr 1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11760 Apperly-Ball tree 
109 Phelps, William Edwin  26 May 1903Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11825 Apperly-Ball tree 
110 Pile, Walter James  25 May 1949Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I10040 Apperly-Ball tree 
111 Pockett, Philip Adolphus  24 Sep 1959Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9878 Apperly-Ball tree 
112 Pope, Charles Frederick John  5 Feb 1945Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7931 Apperly-Ball tree 
113 Powell, Dorothy Margaret  13 Nov 1942Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12353 Apperly-Ball tree 
114 Preston, Eliza  11 Feb 1965Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9603 Apperly-Ball tree 
115 Preston, Elizabeth Jane  9 Aug 1966Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9582 Apperly-Ball tree 
116 Preston, George Robert  2 Nov 1967Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9595 Apperly-Ball tree 
117 Ravenhill, Florence Clara  4 Jul 1955Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8302 Apperly-Ball tree 
118 Riseborough, Jacob  25 Jan 1945Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8805 Apperly-Ball tree 
119 Rogers, Maude Jane  4 Jul 1967Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12380 Apperly-Ball tree 
120 Salter, Aaron Edward John  7 May 1963Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I13553 Apperly-Ball tree 
121 Shipway, Lilian Rose  21 Aug 1931Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9761 Apperly-Ball tree 
122 Smart, Charles  2 Nov 1865Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6741 Apperly-Ball tree 
123 Smart, Charles Albert  20 Nov 1940Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7883 Apperly-Ball tree 
124 Smart, Frederick Charles  13 May 1947Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6780 Apperly-Ball tree 
125 Smart, George Daniel  23 Aug 1960Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7879 Apperly-Ball tree 
126 Smart, Hubert William  4 Sep 1958Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7878 Apperly-Ball tree 
127 Smith, Alfred Jefferies  7 Feb 1956Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9539 Apperly-Ball tree 
128 Smith, Alice Mary  11 Sep 1941Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7066 Apperly-Ball tree 
129 Smith, Kenneth Reginald Attwell  23 Aug 1945Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I12760 Apperly-Ball tree 
130 Smith, Leonard John  28 Feb 1957Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8977 Apperly-Ball tree 
131 Smith, Sarah Jane  11 Jul 1947Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9411 Apperly-Ball tree 
132 Stephens, Agnes Emma  15 Jan 1935Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8981 Apperly-Ball tree 
133 Stone, Annie Louise  15 May 1962Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8998 Apperly-Ball tree 
134 Stone, Hannah Maria  21 Mar 1933Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7872 Apperly-Ball tree 
135 Stroud, Elizabeth Frances  7 Apr 1914Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11844 Apperly-Ball tree 
136 Summers, Arthur Robert  19 Jul 1962Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8410 Apperly-Ball tree 
137 Toleman, Decima Sarah  3 Feb 1947Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9966 Apperly-Ball tree 
138 Tranter, John  4 Apr 1902Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6738 Apperly-Ball tree 
139 Wadley, Orland  2 Jun 1955Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9918 Apperly-Ball tree 
140 Wakefield, Georgina Amelia  3 Aug 1918Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I11841 Apperly-Ball tree 
141 Waters, Cecilia Matilda  19 Oct 1943Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6191 Apperly-Ball tree 
142 Watkins, Fanny  26 Mar 1936Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7952 Apperly-Ball tree 
143 Watkins, Laura  28 May 1953Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8813 Apperly-Ball tree 
144 Wheatstone, Cecil  25 Jul 1933Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7934 Apperly-Ball tree 
145 Wigmore, Emma Mary  1 Mar 1927Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7011 Apperly-Ball tree 
146 Williams, Sarah  31 Jul 1913Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6956 Apperly-Ball tree 
147 Williams, Urah  18 Nov 1924Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I6746 Apperly-Ball tree 
148 Woodhouse, Thomas Francis  29 Dec 1967Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9677 Apperly-Ball tree 
149 Worvell, William  11 Jul 1945Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I9573 Apperly-Ball tree 
150 Yeates, Sydney Thomas  13 Aug 1964Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I8301 Apperly-Ball tree 


Matches 1 to 132 of 132

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Apperley / Bagwell  16 Apr 1938Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4602 Apperly-Ball tree 
2 Apperley / Davis  20 Dec 1814Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3325 Apperly-Ball tree 
3 Apperley / Gilbey  26 Dec 1934Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4600 Apperly-Ball tree 
4 Apperley / Harper  5 Jul 1856Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3309 Apperly-Ball tree 
5 Apperley / Pegler  1 May 1917Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3492 Apperly-Ball tree 
6 Apperley / Preddith  22 Feb 1726Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3336 Apperly-Ball tree 
7 Apperley / Rogers  10 Jul 1910Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3491 Apperly-Ball tree 
8 Apperley / Sands  26 Feb 1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3489 Apperly-Ball tree 
9 Baber / Harvey  5 May 1886Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4309 Apperly-Ball tree 
10 Baker / Apperley  21 Jul 1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3609 Apperly-Ball tree 
11 Baldaro / Apperley  1896Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3473 Apperly-Ball tree 
12 Baldaro / Biggs  1919Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3474 Apperly-Ball tree 
13 Baldwin / Smart  11 Mar 1933Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3112 Apperly-Ball tree 
14 Bayley / Harvey  16 Sep 1920Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4307 Apperly-Ball tree 
15 Bick / Cole  18 Apr 1927Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3132 Apperly-Ball tree 
16 Bolton / Bullingham  28 Jan 1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3788 Apperly-Ball tree 
17 Bolton / Ewers  24 Dec 1904Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3794 Apperly-Ball tree 
18 Bolton / Perry  25 Dec 1893Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3792 Apperly-Ball tree 
19 Bolton / Wakefield  6 Aug 1882Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3789 Apperly-Ball tree 
20 Boulter / Bolton  16 Aug 1946Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3813 Apperly-Ball tree 
21 Brace / Herbert  4 Dec 1832Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3327 Apperly-Ball tree 
22 Bradley / Mann  16 Jul 1932Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4699 Apperly-Ball tree 
23 Browning / Apperley  29 Jun 1879Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3428 Apperly-Ball tree 
24 Browning / Hill  9 Apr 1890Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3360 Apperly-Ball tree 
25 Butler / Bolton  30 Oct 1892Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3790 Apperly-Ball tree 
26 Byard / Gorin  20 Jul 1903Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3353 Apperly-Ball tree 
27 Clapton / Palmer  4 Aug 1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4080 Apperly-Ball tree 
28 Clarke / Apperley  1952Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3497 Apperly-Ball tree 
29 Cleaveley / Coggins  16 Apr 1932Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3961 Apperly-Ball tree 
30 Clifford / Apperley  4 Oct 1841Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3331 Apperly-Ball tree 
31 Coggins / Bolton  1907Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3801 Apperly-Ball tree 
32 Coggins / Yates  23 Jul 1938Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4696 Apperly-Ball tree 
33 Cole / Bolton  1942Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3812 Apperly-Ball tree 
34 Cole / James  20 May 1893Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4085 Apperly-Ball tree 
35 Cole / Palmer  9 Nov 1868Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4081 Apperly-Ball tree 
36 Cole / Smart  24 Mar 1894Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3129 Apperly-Ball tree 
37 Collier / Smart  6 Aug 1923Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3111 Apperly-Ball tree 
38 Cook / Harvey  11 Jul 1921Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4674 Apperly-Ball tree 
39 Coughlin / Coggins  1942Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3958 Apperly-Ball tree 
40 Cripps / Phelps  6 Aug 1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4102 Apperly-Ball tree 
41 Crump / Cadle  9 Oct 1913Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4666 Apperly-Ball tree 
42 Davies / Hatton  12 Dec 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F2710 Apperly-Ball tree 
43 Deakins / Smith  16 Jul 1893Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4103 Apperly-Ball tree 
44 Dobbs / Coggins  1940Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3957 Apperly-Ball tree 
45 Donague / Palmer  14 Jul 1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4092 Apperly-Ball tree 
46 Doyle / Mann  1923Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3495 Apperly-Ball tree 
47 Dunn / Phelps  3 Feb 1889Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4077 Apperly-Ball tree 
48 Edwards / Hatton  25 Mar 1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F2368 Apperly-Ball tree 
49 Fishpool / Apperley  1938Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3480 Apperly-Ball tree 
50 Fry / Apperley  13 Oct 1862Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3511 Apperly-Ball tree 
51 Fryer / Browning  1954Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4412 Apperly-Ball tree 
52 Galling / Smart  27 Apr 1897Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3128 Apperly-Ball tree 
53 George / Cother  27 Feb 1838Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3753 Apperly-Ball tree 
54 Gill / Cripps  29 May 1918Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4400 Apperly-Ball tree 
55 Gill / Hill  20 Sep 1919Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4681 Apperly-Ball tree 
56 Goddard / Wright  1 Sep 1907Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4101 Apperly-Ball tree 
57 Gorin / Apperley  17 Jun 1829Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3317 Apperly-Ball tree 
58 Gorin / Curtis  27 Feb 1905Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3358 Apperly-Ball tree 
59 Goscombe / Bolton  1 Oct 1882Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3791 Apperly-Ball tree 
60 Goscombe / Smart  26 Apr 1919Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3134 Apperly-Ball tree 
61 Gray / Child  3 Jul 1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3321 Apperly-Ball tree 
62 Green / Bolton  20 Nov 1918Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4675 Apperly-Ball tree 
63 Greening / Smart  1925Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3110 Apperly-Ball tree 
64 Hatton / Bailey  11 Jan 1853Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F2363 Apperly-Ball tree 
65 Hatton / Paine  2 Jun 1834Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F2350 Apperly-Ball tree 
66 Hatton / Partridge  30 Sep 1839Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F2697 Apperly-Ball tree 
67 Hatton / Walter  16 Sep 1869Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F2716 Apperly-Ball tree 
68 Henderson / Hatton  27 Nov 1851Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4648 Apperly-Ball tree 
69 Herbert / Coleman  24 Dec 1871Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4653 Apperly-Ball tree 
70 Hiam / Cole  1972Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4218 Apperly-Ball tree 
71 High / Cadle  6 Apr 1916Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3175 Apperly-Ball tree 
72 Hill / Allen  3 Aug 1925Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4687 Apperly-Ball tree 
73 Hill / Ayliffe  20 Sep 1911Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3363 Apperly-Ball tree 
74 Hill / Ellis  12 Oct 1893Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3361 Apperly-Ball tree 
75 Hill / Hatton  8 Oct 1867Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4650 Apperly-Ball tree 
76 Hill / Phelps  13 May 1896Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4125 Apperly-Ball tree 
77 Hill / Rigby  21 Jul 1918Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4679 Apperly-Ball tree 
78 Hill / Toleman  1905Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3444 Apperly-Ball tree 
79 Holford / Mann  23 Jul 1931Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4698 Apperly-Ball tree 
80 Hopkins / Apperley  27 Feb 1881Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3424 Apperly-Ball tree 
81 Horsfall / Apperley  31 Jan 1904Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3494 Apperly-Ball tree 
82 Ivey / Groves  27 Mar 1937Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4702 Apperly-Ball tree 
83 Ivey / Smith  19 Apr 1903Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4104 Apperly-Ball tree 
84 Jackson / Hill  3 Jul 1926Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4682 Apperly-Ball tree 
85 James / Warren  24 Sep 1917Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4548 Apperly-Ball tree 
86 Jenkins / Apperley  4 Jun 1918Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3493 Apperly-Ball tree 
87 Lane / Ivey  1942Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4219 Apperly-Ball tree 
88 Mann / Malpass  3 Sep 1938Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4695 Apperly-Ball tree 
89 Mann / Mercer  5 Aug 1935Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4691 Apperly-Ball tree 
90 Mann / Pike  4 Jul 1935Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4694 Apperly-Ball tree 
91 Organ / Bolton  27 Nov 1890Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3793 Apperly-Ball tree 
92 Osborn / Apperley  1940Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4603 Apperly-Ball tree 
93 Phelps / Phelps  26 Dec 1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4078 Apperly-Ball tree 
94 Phelps / Toomey  5 Oct 1868Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4122 Apperly-Ball tree 
95 Phelps / Winfield  14 Jun 1868Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4079 Apperly-Ball tree 
96 Pitt / Clifford  13 Oct 1862Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3510 Apperly-Ball tree 
97 Pockett / Apperley  1946Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3498 Apperly-Ball tree 
98 Pockett / Knight  22 May 1907Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4404 Apperly-Ball tree 
99 Poole / Hill  1940Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3446 Apperly-Ball tree 
100 Price / Bolton  13 Apr 1895Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3795 Apperly-Ball tree 
101 Prosser / Apperley  22 Sep 1868Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3422 Apperly-Ball tree 
102 Quibell / Smith  18 Dec 1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4652 Apperly-Ball tree 
103 Rea / Smart  1945Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3137 Apperly-Ball tree 
104 Russell / Apperley  31 Jan 1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3512 Apperly-Ball tree 
105 Selwyn / Coggins  1958Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3959 Apperly-Ball tree 
106 Seymour / Phelps  26 May 1887Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4107 Apperly-Ball tree 
107 Shepherd / Smart  1936Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3113 Apperly-Ball tree 
108 Smart / Apperley  7 Oct 1937Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4703 Apperly-Ball tree 
109 Smart / Fletcher  17 Aug 1882Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F2308 Apperly-Ball tree 
110 Smart / Thorndale  1897Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F2352 Apperly-Ball tree 
111 Smart / Tranter  15 Jul 1845Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F2294 Apperly-Ball tree 
112 Smith / Bolton  9 May 1891Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3777 Apperly-Ball tree 
113 Smith / Cole  24 Oct 1933Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4217 Apperly-Ball tree 
114 Smith / Gorin  12 Apr 1899Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3359 Apperly-Ball tree 
115 Smith / Hatton  1915Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3178 Apperly-Ball tree 
116 Smith / Niblett  9 Jun 1913Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4672 Apperly-Ball tree 
117 Smith / Phelps  17 Nov 1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4067 Apperly-Ball tree 
118 Stapleton / Apperley  9 Feb 1890Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3573 Apperly-Ball tree 
119 Taylor / Wintle  17 May 1900Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4741 Apperly-Ball tree 
120 Tibbles / Coggins  9 May 1936Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4380 Apperly-Ball tree 
121 Tuckwell / Coggins  1941Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3956 Apperly-Ball tree 
122 Wadley / Apperley  5 Aug 1877Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3425 Apperly-Ball tree 
123 Wallis / Harvey  23 Mar 1918Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4305 Apperly-Ball tree 
124 Weaver / Apperley  14 Oct 1856Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3575 Apperly-Ball tree 
125 Welch / Bolton  2 Apr 1915Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3807 Apperly-Ball tree 
126 Whiting / Gorin  1898Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3357 Apperly-Ball tree 
127 Wilkinson / Cripps  7 Feb 1912Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4399 Apperly-Ball tree 
128 Wilkinson / Hatton  23 May 1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F2360 Apperly-Ball tree 
129 Williams / Phelps  27 Nov 1888Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F4654 Apperly-Ball tree 
130 Wood / Cother  10 Dec 1846Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3752 Apperly-Ball tree 
131 Wootten / Smart  1932Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F3114 Apperly-Ball tree 
132 Yeates / Hatton  23 Oct 1845Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England F2848 Apperly-Ball tree 
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