Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Tree: My family tree

County/Shire : Latitude: 49.2496574, Longitude: -123.1193404


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 McBride, Clarke Fyfe  3 Oct 1911Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I7441 My family tree 
2 McKinnon, Wilfred Gordon  17 Jan 1908Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I5269 My family tree 
3 McLeod, Edna Allison  27 Feb 1935Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I13108 My family tree 
4 Scribner, Roy Everett  21 Mar 1933Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I8956 My family tree 


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Apperley, Ross Arthur  17 Jul 2018Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I5471 My family tree 
2 Bernhardt, Lee  5 Oct 2002Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I1444 My family tree 
3 Brooks, Edith May  13 Feb 1968Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I1747 My family tree 
4 Brooks, Lillian Ramona  29 May 2012Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I3663 My family tree 
5 Brown, Thomas Lee  22 Oct 1988Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I8239 My family tree 
6 Clegg, Marguerite Annabel  6 Oct 1985Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2872 My family tree 
7 Couch, Harold Leonard  29 Apr 1962Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I350 My family tree 
8 Cunningham, James Edward  16 Mar 1975Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I3318 My family tree 
9 Cunningham, Madelien Muriel  10 Oct 1963Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I3316 My family tree 
10 Doerkson, Frederick George  10 Sep 1951Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I13107 My family tree 
11 Ferrall, Arthur William  28 Mar 1986Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I3413 My family tree 
12 Forsyth, Eric Bruce  11 Aug 1975Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I7968 My family tree 
13 Godwin, Kathleen Mary  12 Nov 1998Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I4218 My family tree 
14 Gould, Margaret Evelyn  21 Jun 1983Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I4161 My family tree 
15 Hammond, Viola May  23 Dec 1983Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I5712 My family tree 
16 Hinz, Agnes Rose  13 Jul 1991Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2282 My family tree 
17 Kirkham, Anna Pearl  4 Dec 1970Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2794 My family tree 
18 Lewis, Iris Vinnian  31 Dec 1987Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I12098 My family tree 
19 Lewis, James George  26 Jun 1954Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I8918 My family tree 
20 Macey, Edith Frances  2 Mar 1952Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I644 My family tree 
21 Macey, Joseph Stephen  21 Aug 1991Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I1301 My family tree 
22 Macey, Margaret Joyce  28 Jun 1973Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6802 My family tree 
23 Mackie, Lynda Mae  3 Feb 1978Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2598 My family tree 
24 McAllister, John  25 Jan 1991Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I12477 My family tree 
25 McBride, Clarke Fyfe  14 Oct 1984Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I7441 My family tree 
26 McKinnon, Wilfred Gordon  17 Dec 1980Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I5269 My family tree 
27 McOuat, Robert Purden  24 Sep 1955Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I8253 My family tree 
28 Morfitt, James C  29 Jan 2012Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I3417 My family tree 
29 Mulcock, Kathleen Nora Oliva  31 Dec 1987Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I13110 My family tree 
30 Rae, John Ebenezer  2 Dec 1946Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I4889 My family tree 
31 Rever, Gordon Leslie  11 Mar 1997Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I3009 My family tree 
32 Richmond, Annie Laurie  15 Mar 1940Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I4845 My family tree 
33 Scribner, Cora Amanda  1 May 1966Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2219 My family tree 
34 Scribner, Evan Roy  14 Oct 1929Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6628 My family tree 
35 Scribner, Joseph Aaron  30 Nov 1969Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I1005 My family tree 
36 Scribner, Joseph Neil  5 Dec 1982Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2288 My family tree 
37 Wallace, Elizabeth  15 Jan 1932Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2283 My family tree 
38 Whitchelo, Frederick James Richmond  5 Nov 1953Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I4885 My family tree 
39 Whitchelo, Phylis Frankie Young  26 Aug 1996Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I5710 My family tree 
40 Wiggins, Bertha Kathleen  28 Nov 1955Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I1309 My family tree 
41 Wiggins, Harvey Hais  1 Oct 1974Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I1308 My family tree 
42 Young, Anna Maud  1 Jul 1967Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I4890 My family tree 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Macey, Edith Frances  6 Mar 1952Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I644 My family tree 
2 Scribner, Joseph Aaron  3 Dec 1969Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I1005 My family tree 
3 Scribner, Joseph Neil  10 Dec 1982Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2288 My family tree 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Apperley / Johnson  8 Mar 1946Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F517 My family tree 
2 Ervin / Wagner  2 Aug 1905Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F2611 My family tree 
3 Horie / Macey  17 Sep 1952Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F109 My family tree 
4 McBride / Whitchelo  3 Sep 1938Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F2507 My family tree 
5 McKinnon / Scribner  17 Oct 1928Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F1733 My family tree 
6 Scribner / Alexander  2 Nov 1932Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F1734 My family tree 
7 Scribner / Wallace  8 Sep 1920Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F720 My family tree 
8 Wiggins / Macey  17 Mar 1888Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F215 My family tree 
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