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Minnesota State Public School

This agreement, By and between The Board of Control of the State Public School, party of the first part, and Charles Mullan of the town of 602 Dayton Ave., Section, County of Ramsey, State of Minnesota, Post Office address St. Paul, party of the second part.

Witnesseth, That said Board, in consideration of the agreement herein made by said second party, hereby places Mary Ellen Clark, one of the wards of this board, in the family of said second party to remain until the 24th day of April1911, when said child will be 18 years of age, reserving the right to cancel this contract, and require the child to be returned to this school, whenever, in the opinion of said Board, the conditions of this agreement are not faithfully executed or when otherwise the interest of said child requires it.

The said second party hereby reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time within ninety days from the date of the same by returning the said child at his own expense to this School.

The said second party receives said child into his family and agrees to keep her until the said 24th day of April1911, maintaining, educating and treating her properly and kindly as a member of his family; to provide her with suitable and sufficient clothing for week days and attending public religious worship and with suitable food and other necessaries in health and sickness; to have her taught the occupation of housekeeping and the branches usually taught in the common schools, causing her to attend the public school where he resides at least Nine Months days in each year until eighteen years of age. At the expiration of said time he will furnish said child with two good suits of clothes and will pay said child, on the order of the Superintendent of said school, the sum of Fifty Dollars, and if said child shall not remain in his family the full term of this indenture he will pay pro rata for the time she does remain.

In case this contract shall be cancelled by either party, the second party agrees to return said child to this school at his own expense.

Whenever requested by said Agent or Superintendent, the said second party agrees to report to him in writing, such facts in regard to said child as he shall request, and that he will furnish said child with materials and opportunity to correspond with said Superintendent or Agent. In case said second party changes his place of residence or his post office address during the time said child remains in his family he agrees immediately to notify said Superintendent.

In Witness Thereof, The said Board of Control, by the Agent of this Institution, and said second party, hereby set their names and seals this 9th day of August1905.

(signed) Galen A. Merrill
Superintendent State Public School

(signed) Chas. Mullan

Indenture, 1905-08-09

A contract placing Mary Ellen Clark in the home of Charles Mullan.

Owner/SourceMinnesota Historical Society
Date9 Aug 1905
AlbumsMary Ellen Clark

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