the Annals of a Humble Race

Honour thy father and thy mother

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Franklin Missé

Franklin Missé

Male Cal 1826 -



DNA Link

File nameDNA_TNG.jpg
File Size10.76k
Dimensions450 x 450
Linked toMary (1144252); Mary; Living; Florence Beryl Alexander; Robert William Andrew; Living; Abel Matinpoika Anttonen (1135917); Anna Maria Anttonen (1136149); Fanny Martha Anttonen (1136026); Jacob Anttonen (1139309); Johan Anttonen (1136034); Johan Abraham Anttonen (1135871); Laila Hellen Anttonen (1136031); Matts Anttonen (1136001); Matts Anttonen (1135980); Mayme Sophia Anttonen (1135840); Saara Anttonen (1139568); Adrian H Apperley (1145319); Aldwin Apperley (1144847); Alva Apperley (1144184); Anne Apperley (1155205); Annie May Apperley (1144840); Arthur McNeil Apperley (1146918); Arthur Samuel Apperley (1144216); Living; Beverly Vincent Apperley; Cecil Ewing Apperley (1145347); Living; Cora Leila Apperley (1144351); Eileen Jean Apperley (1144316); Esther Apperley (1155192); Esther Mary Apperley; Eudora Margaret Apperley; Eugene Francis Apperley (1143877); Florence Mae Apperley (1144245); Francis Hatton Apperley (1144165); Francis James Apperley (1144519); Francis Muir Apperley; Frederick George Apperley; Frederick Hatton Apperley; Frederick Miller Apperley; Living; Gordon Freeman Apperley (1145490); Gordon Sneath Apperley (1144752); Hannah Evangeline Apperley (1144765); Helen Dorothy Apperley (1144805); Ina Apperley; Inga Pearl Apperley; Irene Vera Apperley (1144242); James Apperley (1155052); Living; John William Arthur Apperley (1145310); Jonathan Apperley (1155183); Living; Linda Lee Apperley; Lorne William Frank Apperley (1144371); Mabel Eveline Apperley (1144193); Margaret Sarah Apperley; Mary Apperley (1144208); Living; Mary Fern Apperley; Omer Robert Apperley; Paul Apperley (1155035); Living; Rebecca Pearl Apperley; Living; Rosannah Apperley (1155079); Rudolph Miller Apperley (1144795); Sarah Apperley (1144310); Sarah Gladys Apperley; Living; Living; Thomas Apperley (1143916); Thomas Apperley (1155176); Thomas Apperley (1143981); Thomas James Apperley; Thomas Raymond Apperley (1146601); Private; Valerie Gail Apperley; Verna Kathleen Apperley (1144312); Vernard Raymond Apperley; Vernon Godfrey Apperley (1144302); William Apperley (1147038); William Alfred Apperley (1144775); William Edway Apperley (1144359); Victor Clark Apperly (1143864); Isabelle Florence Armstrong; Living; Living; Augustin Aubuchon; Marie Louise Aubuchon; George Ayres (1154944); George Ayres (1154931); Robin James Ayres (1154959); Nancy Baker; Living; Colin Frank Joseph Ball (1150409); Edward George Ball (1135824); Edward George Ball; Elizabeth Ball (1143959); Elizabeth Ball (1146495); Frances Elizabeth Ball (1143867); Frank Ball (1143894); Harold Ball (1145232); Harriot Ball (1150438); Hector Joseph Ball (1150028); Helena Ball (1144396); Henrietta Ball (1146360); James Ball (1143947); James Ball (1144530); Jane Ball (1145897); John Ball (1144122); Joseph Ball (1144116); Joseph Ball (1144045); Joseph Ball (1144109); Joseph Ball (1144238); Joseph Albert Ball (1144388); Lucy Ball (1145590); Martha Ball (1144055); Mary Rosina Ball (1154437); Robert John Ball (1136155); Sarah Ball (1145603); Sarah Ball (1145915); Sarah Jane Ball; William Ball (1144032); William Ball (1145922); Esther Ballinger (1164082); Aaron Balls (1137019); Agnes Challis Balls; Alfred Balls (1138268); Arthur Fullex Balls (1135831); Arthur Fullex Balls; Emmeline Elizabeth Balls (1137614); Frederick Balls (1138285); Harry Balls (1135848); Harry Balls; John Balls (1137414); Lucy Eliza Balls (1139383); Mary Balls (1137098); Mary Balls; Robert Balls (1138416); Robert Balls (1135882); Robert Balls; Stephen Balls (1135982); Abraham Barnett (1144075); Elizabeth Ann Barnett (1149286); George Barnett (1149072); Harriet Barnett; Jane Barnett (1144669); Margaret Barnett (1143977); Thomas Barnett (1148938); William Barnett (1144147); Florence Esther Barrow; Living; Jerome Allyn Batek (1162322); Corby Earl Bates; Harland Cisemore Bates; Living; Living; Benjamin Beadle (1135959); Edith Rose Beadle; Edward Beadle (1136321); Lilian Dorothy Beadle (1137970); Sarah Beadle (1135908); Sarah Beadle; Private; Living; Callie Mae Beauchamp (1162316); Ezra Andrew Festus Beauchamp (1162295); Francis Xavier Beauchamp (1162378); Living; Marie Julie Bequette; Marie Louise Eulalie Bequette (1162354); Stanley Berlinghoff (1158192); Mary Best; Doris Betteridge (1164294); Ruby Charlotte Jewel Bickford; Daisy Bish (1139150); George Bish (1139127); Minnie Bish (1139133); Living; Living; Charles Frederick Bliss (1148063); Hilda Ruth Winifred Bliss (1150424); Living; Anne Merry Fullex Blundell (1136112); Catherine Blundell; Charlotte Blundell (1135953); Emma Blundell; Eric George Blundell; George Blundell; George John Blundell; George John Alfred Blundell; John Blundell; John Blundell; John Blundell; Joseph Blundell; Lillie Eunice Blundell (1136136); Mary Blundell (1136199); Richard Fullex Blundell (1135899); Richard Fullex Blundell; Rose Ellen Blundell (1135854); Rose Ellen Blundell; Thomas Blundell (1135993); Thomas Blundell; Thomas Blundell; Edith Bolton (1158832); Emma Jane Bolton (1158763); Emma Jane Bolton (1158812); George Bolton (1158756); Henry Bolton (1158730); Sarah Bolton (1158807); Living; Bertha Leah Bowers; Mildred Viola Bowles; Spencer Leo Bowles; Emily Anna Harriet Bown (1163429); Living; Ruth Emeline Boyer; Laura Frances Charlotte Bragg (1140108); Martha Broad; Living; Chester Wellington Brooks (1146556); Edith May Brooks (1146535); Living; Robert Lynnford Brooks (1146552); William Glenmore Brooks; Anne Brown; Olive Marion Bruce (1149673); Sydney Stewart Bruce (1154169); Sydney Stuart Bruce (1149667); Vere Edna Bruce (1148163); Betty Bryant; William Bernard Buatte; William Bernard Buatte; Living; Ronald Bunston (1159493); Living; Edith May Butler (1162971); Mabel Emma Butler (1159031); Elroy E Buyat; Margaret E Byers (1149243); Burnham Cain; Henry Cain; Lillian Audrey Cairnes; Living; Kathleen Lena Irene Lorraine Campbell (1139361); Living; Living; Living; Edwin Ernest Carver (1154152); Living; Sharon Carver (1154160); William James Carver (1149475); Annie Charleville; Mary Louise Sophia Charleville; Henry Samuel Cheston (1164311); Laurance Frederick Cheston (1164316); Living; Jeannette Chiary; Adele Chivers (1149244); Arthur George Chorley; George Chorley; Louise Gabriela Chouteau; Eugene L Clark (1143929); George H Clark (1144003); James Morrow Clark (1145264); Louis Edward Clark; Mary Clark (1152612); Mary Ellen Clark (1143885); Nellie Rosella Clark (1144326); Cora Evelyn Clarkson; Muriel Juliet Clarkson (1144506); Mary Alberta Clegg; Vera Mildred Clegg; Living; Anthony Thomas Coleman (1162419); Aurelia Mary Coleman (1162423); Francis Nerius Coleman; Martin Coleman (1162408); Rosine Theresa Coleman; Blanche Leah Colmer (1154994); Norma June Coltman (1150698); Ann Comber; Elizabeth Comber; Thomas Comber; Hector Cornelius Constantine (1160375); Eric Charles Conway (1139393); Living; Evelyn Charles Cooke; Henry James Cooke (1138635); Lily Rachel Cooke (1142133); Norma Marion Cooke; Elizabeth Coomber (1135967); Elizabeth Cooper (1155181); Versa Honor Cother; William Cother; William Cother; William Wesley Cother; Barthelemi Courtois; Barthelemi Courtois; Jacques Courtois; Joseph Andrew Courtois; Margaret Alberta Courtois; Maria Louisa Aspasia Courtois (1162185); Mary Minnie Courtois; Mary Teresa Courtois; Peter Israel Courtois; Stella Anne Courtois; Living; Karen Alta Criggall (1159068); Living; Joseph Ramsay Crooks; Paul Louis Crooks; William Crooks; Eric Laurence Culham; James Culham; James Beckett Culham; Walter George Culham; William Beckett Culham; Frances Irene Davey (1154494); Catherine Davies (1158990); Emma Jane Davies (1158966); Living; Private; Llewellyn Howell Davies; Sarah Ann Davies (1158960); Ronald Arthur Day (1154355); Clara Dean (1157643); Lucy Dean (1157647); Lucille E Denny (1162332); Nina Emma Denny; Oscar Adrian Denny (1162266); Ruth Mabel Denny (1140821); Living; Sharon Ann DeRosbil (1136183); Gladys Irene Dodd (1139777); Emily Doe (1138546); Harriet Naomi Doe (1137091); Mary Ann Elizabeth Doe (1138360); Rachel Doe (1138369); Ruth Doe (1135926); Thomas Doe (1138347); John Francis Drake (1161180); William Henry Drake (1161179); Harold Colmer Duckers (1155028); Emilie Adaline Duclos (1162477); Dorothy Nita Dudderidge; Marie Louise Elizabeth Barbé Dufour (1162156); Eugene Edward Dugan (1145481); Dorothy Peace Dunton (1159078); Martha Durling; Martha Benwell Durling; Thomas Durling; Thomas Durling; William Durling; Elizabeth Dykes (1144151); Altha Millicent Easson (1145208); Muriel Evelyn Easson; Mary Ede; Betty Edington (1163372); Norma June Edmonds; Calvin Wesley Edwards; Living; Maurice James Erickson; Mary Ellen Elizabeth Ervin (1144737); Rebecca Margaret Ervin; Margaret Irene Evans (1159477); Living; Living; Ian James Fernie; Living; Living; Living; William Andrew Forsty (1135970); Living; Living; William Arthur Forsyth (1159172); Rosella Jane Fuller; Verna Rosella Fuller (1140458); William E Fuller (1140392); Albert Fullex (1137912); Doris Beatrice Fullex (1140748); John Fullex (1135944); John Fullex; John Weller Fullex (1140673); Joseph Fullex (1135989); Marjorie Mary Fullex (1139431); Mary Fullex (1137332); Robert Fullex (1137344); Thomas Fullex (1137354); William Fullex (1140637); William Fullex (1140628); William Fullex (1137930); Living; Annie Gardner; Charles Gardner (1144063); Daniel Gardner (1148322); Edith Emma Gardner (1146247); Eliza Gardner (1146753); Elizabeth Gardner (1146862); Elizabeth Margaret Gardner; Emily Gardner (1143903); Fanny Gardner (1146214); George Gardner (1146154); Georgiana Augusta Gardner; Harvey Gardner (1143968); James Gardner; Jane Gardner (1148394); Rebecca Gardner; William Gardner (1144249); William Gardner (1144133); William Gardner (1146190); Elizabeth Mary Gilley (1152303); Harry Gillham (1147914); Peter Michael Gillham (1161181); Dorothy Marguerite Gillings (1140269); Philip Archibald Turner Gillings (1138867); Ruby Constance Gillings (1138875); Edward Leslie Glenister (1146696); Edward Thomas Glenister (1146710); Caroline Goble; Susanna Goddard (1135984); James Henry Frank Golton (1149263); Ellen Gorin (1155229); Carl Wesley Govreau; Charles Govreau; Everett Keith Govreau; Joseph Henri Govreau; Marie Govreau (1161768); Mary Dora Govreau; Ronald M Govreau; Eulalie Delilah Grenon; Marie Louise Grenon (1161823); Caroline Sarah Griffin (1150532); Frederick George Griffin (1150574); Henrietta Victoria Griffin (1150466); Ida Elizabeth Griffin (1150697); William Griffin (1150457); Living; Albert T Groombridge (1137710); George Groombridge (1137847); George Frederick Groombridge (1141811); Wallace Haines (1145213); Ida Mary Hall; Edna Fay Harness (1162343); Glenda Helen Harness (1162345); Elizabeth Ann Harrington (1149513); Harry Bruce Hatch (1149693); Francis Hatton (1152668); Francis Hatton (1152606); Hannah Hatton (1143988); Hannah Hatton; Hester Hatton (1152681); Mary Hatton (1152673); Sarah Hatton; William Hatton; Living; Living; Living; Florence Edith Haynes (1161154); Living; Frank Haysham; Mollie Beatrice Haysham (1154191); William George Haysham (1145610); Gabriel Wilhelm Hedman (1135865); Hugo Rudolph Waldimar Hedman (1135838); Inez Ethel Helena Hedman (1136283); Johanna Maria Hedman (1137666); Karl Johan Hedman (1136277); Karl Johan Johansson Hedman (1135909); Lorraine Bertha Hedman (1135825); Lorraine Bertha Hedman; Tyra Violetti Linnea Hedman (1136008); Alan Leslie Henley (1162972); Living; Living; Living; Edward Lee Hibbitts; Bertha Madge Decima Hill (1157122); William Cornelius Hill (1155806); Isak Hoijar; Ann Holder (1155185); Living; Violet Hopcraft; Donald Eugene Hughes; Alice Mary Hulin (1141325); Florence Fanny Hull (1148048); Ann Humphrey (1135991); Edla Marie Isakson (1135868); Irene Isakson; Elizabeth Jackson (1155095); Basile Janot dit Lachapelle; Living; Gerda Johnsen; Margit Linda Johnson (1139560); Living; Gordon Douglas Jolley; Walter Eugene Jones; Living; Lawrence Anthony Kalnoski (1159455); Kaisa Stiina Kanniainen (1135919); Elin Karpinen (1136036); Living; Johan Kempainen (1139581); Valpuri Kemppainen (1139583); Elsie Anne King (1158187); Lorene Mary King; Vera Mary King (1158189); Priita Sophia Koivisto (1135872); Living; Living; Living; Norman Kutzley (1145470); Sarah Jane Kutzley (1145469); Arabelle V Labadie (1162848); Robert J Labadie (1162809); Robert W Labadie (1162827); Anna M Labruyere; Living; Leo H Labruyere; William P Labruyere; Antoine Lachapelle; Basile Lachapelle (1161528); Marie Antoinette Salomé Lachapelle (1144011); Marie Louise Lachapelle; Michel Lachapelle (1159458); Juliette Lalonde (1145389); Helene Marguerite Lalumiere; Theodore Henry Lalumiere; Basile Lalumondiere; François Lalumondiere; George William Lalumondiere; Joseph Elie Lalumondiere; Julie Susanne Therese Lalumondiere; Lena Lalumondiere; Marie Eliza Lalumondiere; Marie Louise Lalumondiere; Mary Isabella Lalumondiere; Pierre Lalumondiere; Catherine Lalumondière dit Lafleur; François Lalumondière dit Lafleur; Joseph Lalumondière dit Lafleur; Louise Lalumondière dit Lafleur; Marie Anne Lalumondière dit Lafleur; Therese Lalumondière dit Lafleur; Living; Henrietta Lane (1150894); William Thomas Lane (1150583); Antoine Benjamin Laplante; Frederick John Laplante; John Philip Laplante; June Rose Laplante; Living; Edward William Latham (1159980); Kathleen Marie Lauck (1162871); Michael Joseph Lauck (1162865); Mae Laurent; Living; Margaret Patience Leary (1151982); Reginald Plimsaul Leary (1151966); Marie Louise LeCompte (1161532); Wayne Leger (1145472); Pauline Julia Leonard; Living; Aspania Mary Levrard; Mary Lewis (1159530); Jane Lloyd (1144156); Ronald George Longley (1140830); Living; Violet Evelyn Longley; Marion Ann Losee (1159131); Living; Edith Frances Macey; Marie Mall (1161529); Marie Louise Mall (1162690); Marie Catherine Mallet; Leonard David Mangin; Virginia M Mangin; Maja Greta Josefsdotter Mannfolk (1135910); Living; Eliza Manship; Elizabeth Manship; Elizabeth Louisa Manship (1151534); Margaret Manship (1151585); Sarah Jane Manship (1151541); Sarah Marsh (1144111); Irene Masters (1158902); Marjorie Masters (1158900); Phyllis May Masters; Living; Clarice Blundell Matthews (1138313); Kathleen Dorothy Lillian Matthews (1138328); Lorne Allan Matthews; Marlene Eunice Matthews; Carl Ruben Mattson; Greta Alina Mattson; Living; Ralph Mattson; Harold Kent Maxwell; Private; James Bernard McDermott (1159192); Marilyn McDermott (1159193); Maxene Patricia McDermott; Living; Robert Colquhoun McDonald (1155096); Katherine McNulty (1144101); Charles Ansel Mecey; Ida Mecey; James Mecey; Lawrence Eugene Mecey; Living; Living; Wesley Mecey; Living; Edna Jean Meisner; Living; Living; Larry Edward Meisner (1149444); Living; Living; Living; Fred Joseph Mesey; Russell Edward Mesey; Willard Mesey; Living; Edwin Henry Miller; Edwin Thomas Miller; Florence May Miller; Private; Patrick Neil Milum (1141326); Charlotte Caroline Missé (1161524); Franklin Missé; Frederick James Missé; Hortense Arsène Missé (1161549); Jean Louis Missé; Louis Joseph Missé; Marie Barbe Matilde Martha Missé; Marie Françoise Elisabeth Missé; Marie Françoise Gabrielle Missé (1161534); Marie Louise Missé; Marie Philomene Missé; Marie Susanne Missé (1162010); Martha Missé; Mary Palmyre Missé; Nicholas Missé; Philippe Missé; Raphael Missé (1161539); unidentified Missé; Jacques Missier (1161531); Keith Manley Mitchell (1136190); Gertrude Florence Moore (1139392); Living; Betsey Teressa Morrow (1143937); Dianne Jean Morrow (1148259); Living; Ellen Marie Morrow (1146051); Evelyn Frances Morrow (1146048); Gordon Frederick Morrow (1148255); James Morrow (1144096); James Albert Morrow (1145282); James W Morrow (1144019); Kate Rose Anna Morrow (1146027); Living; Patrick Morrow (1145970); Patrick Henry Morrow (1145287); Wallace Coleman Morrow; Living; Ann Mundy (1161782); Daphne Barbara Murray (1152479); Stephen Irving Murray (1152478); Gabriel Sylvester Myerson; Isabel E Myerson; Arthur Ronald Norley; Living; Living; Michael John O'Neill (1160518); Felix Bernard Ogé; Josephine Marie Ogé (1162221); Marie Elizabeth Ogé; Mary Eliza Ogé; Theodule Ogé; Living; Joseph Floyd Oshia; Living; Living; Ann Packer (1163380); Jane Packer (1163346); William Packer (1163370); Eliza Emma Palmer (1159674); Louise Papin; Living; John Penfold; Mary Penfold; Eloy Pepin; François Pepin; Jean Marie Pepin; Mary Perry (1144119); Helen Maria Person (1136032); Louise Perthuis; Marguerite Perthuis; Pierre Perthuis dit Lalime; Albert Phelps (1159831); Albert Edwin Phelps (1160171); Edwin Phelps (1159553); Eleanor Phelps (1159598); Eliza Phelps (1159613); Living; Alma Alice Pitman; Joseph John Politte; Lula Cynthia Politte; Marie Edith Politte; Mary Rosine Politte; Carol Mae Posey (1140624); Margaret Posey (1139562); Arthur Pratt; Helen Pratt; Henry Pratt; Auguste Sylvester Pratte; Bernard Pratte; Bernard Abadie Pratte; Marianne Pelagie Emilie Pratte; Sylvester A Pratte; unidentified Pratte; Virginia Lee Pratte; Jane Preston (1155251); Living; Living; Living; Marie Emelie Antoinette Ramos (1162697); Charles Reed (1161035); Charles Reed (1144253); Elizabeth Mary Reed (1161163); James Reed (1160991); Sarah Reed (1144140); Living; Elizabeth Rees (1144083); Job Rees (1158134); Morris Rees (1158384); Rowland Rees (1144153); Thomas Rees (1158095); Living; Emma Laura Reynolds (1140107); Rhoda Reynolds (1138487); Robert Reuben Reynolds (1138497); Arthur Robinson; Frank Robinson; John Robinson; Living; Living; Living; Wallace Clifford Rodgers (1144211); Grant Rodmell (1155097); Living; Edith Louisa Routliff (1159106); Elizabeth Routliff (1159110); Annie Maria Rowlands (1144708); Private; Arthur George Salter (1144486); Norah Elizabeth Salter (1144483); Robert C Salter; Ernest Chester Sansoucie; Living; Living; David Matthew Scarlett; George Edward Scarlett; Living; Alice Virginia Schuette (1163344); Living; Living; Irene Augusta Seyler (1145458); Connie Shoemaker; John Martin Shufflebotham (1160983); Edwin John Shufflebottom (1160975); Martha Kathleen Shufflebottom (1160980); Ann Siret; Florence Augusta Skinner; Living; Emma Winifred Smith; Euphemia Smith; Hannah Smith (1144254); John Kettle Smith; Louisa Annie Smith; Olive Eileen Smith (1158886); Living; Sydney Edward Smith (1158883); Living; Agnes Spence; Ellen Stackpole (1144024); Ann Stevens (1144067); Harry Stevens; James Thomas Stevens; Thomas Stevens; William Stevens; Joseph Tweedy Stoetzel; Living; Living; Amos Swain (1146804); Eliza Gardiner Swain (1148027); Fanny Swain (1146782); Helen Szalma (1135862); Charlotte Tarbox (1146651); Living; Elizabeth Taylor; Lucy Taylor; Mary Taylor (1152669); William Taylor; Katie Thompson (1139145); Linda Maye Thompson (1145471); Rebecca Thompson (1144000); Dorothy Jean Thornton; Mary Tincknell (1163452); Evelyn Irja Tolonen (1139707); Kalle Johannes Tolonen (1139660); Wilbert Andrew Tolonen (1139703); Anne Evelyn Torok (1135835); Janos Torok (1135858); John Torok (1135978); Vera Mary Torok (1135974); Living; Ernest Richard Townsend (1142130); George Townsend (1142095); Living; Elijah Treloggen Packer (1163389); Louisa Treloggen Packer (1163399); Charlotte Trigg (1164182); James Trigg (1164112); Phillis Marguerite Turner (1138850); Elizabeth Tutton (1144126); Ella S Valle (1162535); Fabian Vallé (1162429); Joseph Albert Valley; Joseph John Valley; Lawrence Valley; Elzie Elbert Vance; Murle Royal Vance; Sarah Varnham (1135994); James Voisey (1160650); Mary M Voisey; William Henry Voisey (1160666); Anna Walbeck; Living; Living; Howard Warden; Rita Mary Warden; Robert Warden; John Myerson Warren; Living; Sarah Emma Way; Henry Weatherley (1141294); Kathleen Margaret Weatherley (1141324); William Weatherley (1138049); Sylvia Kathleen Barbara Webb; Wilfred Henry Webb; Living; Douglas Montague Weller (1150344); Florence Winifred Weller (1150339); Living; Roy Kenneth Weller (1150346); Mary Welling; Private; Living; Bernice Evelyn Wenman; Lorne Morley Wenman (1144374); Arvo Westerback (1136175); Eleanor Rauha Westerback (1136166); Helmi Ann Sylvia Westerback (1136187); Living; Living; Taimi Minerva Westerback (1136170); Toivo Ilmarinen Westerback (1136159); Viola Kaino Westerback (1136182); Anna Maria White (1145161); Archibald White (1145110); Archibald Murray White (1150394); Audrey Fay White (1151927); Clifford White (1145131); Cora White (1148170); Eliza Ann White (1144835); George E White (1145193); Irene White; Isabella White (1144650); Mabel Irene White (1154455); Margaret Priscilla White (1145102); Rebecca Sophia White (1145167); Robert White (1144868); Sarah White (1143923); Thomas White (1144877); Thomas Henry White (1145155); William White (1143994); William White (1144886); Mary Whitehead (1138349); Living; Ida Williams; William Thomas Williams (1159142); Brenda Irene Wills (1154495); James Kenneth Wilson (1154155); Jane Windmill (1144036); Eliza Ada Wintle (1159702); Living; Robert John Wood (1159507); Living; Living; Living; Living; Jane Alice Worvell (1155957); Mary Ellen Worvell; Amy Elizabeth Wright (1147822); Susan Yates; Living; Gladys Lilian Ann Young (1164285)

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